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Picture Perfect

No Control

-----Kat's POV

Getting onto the bus, I shove my suitcase and camera bag into the overhead bin and find a seat near the front, where most of the guys were sitting. It was 5am so no one was really even talking to each other- just the sound of snoring and people getting on the bus filled the air. I put my backpack on the seat next to me, pull out my phone, headphones and shuffle my music playlist. I lean my head against the cold window and sigh deeply. My plan is to sleep the entire 3 hour ride- my huge tie dye blue sweatshirt (that I stole from my older brother Dex) and leggings were so comfy that falling asleep should be no problem at all. (Kat's outfit)

The road trip started out fun and light hearted in Boston but came to a screeching halt last night when they lost a game to the New York Rangers 4-2- which is another reason why no one is really talking on the bus. I search for Claude behind me quickly but stop myself before I see him, stop Kat- you're acting ridiculous. I close my eyes and lean my head back against the window. I zone everything out, just focus on my music, and I thankfully fall asleep swiftly.

"Hey," I hear a comforting voice say and feel a couple stern pokes on my shoulder. My eyes flutter open, I unstick my face from the cold window, and groan. I turn my head, which cracks my stiff neck and my heavy eyes land on a sleepy grinning Claude- why did he have to look so cute in the morning? (Claude's outfit)

His gray sweatshirt is loose around his torso and is drenched in his scent- I can't help but to pleasurably inhale it which sends butterflies to my stomach. Claude surprisingly didn't have a hat on today so his ginger curls and waves are sprawled about every which way. His once 5 o'clock shadow in the beginning of the week was now noticeably thicker- I start to wonder when he's going to finally shave it and the thought of it against my cheek makes my face flush a shade of red- I hope he doesn't notice.

"Hey," I murmur with a small smile. I look down to check my watch to see if I slept for very long, "10 minutes?! I slept 10 minutes? Claude why'd you have to wake me up? Can't you bother someone else?" I whine and go to rest my head back on the window- I make a mental note to pack a pillow for the next road trip.

"I'm sorry but I'm bored and everyone else is asleep," he laughs softly. Claude pulls at my arm, lifting my head from the window.

"Fine," I sigh and shift in my seat so I'm facing him and the side of my head is resting on the back of my seat, "what do want to talk about?"

"How are you?" Claude asks with a small smile, "we-uh-haven't talked in a while," he adds awkwardly and breaks eye contact with me. The feeling of being in his arms flash through my mind and I feel my face get red.

"I'm okay, bummed that the road trip had to end like that but I got some great pictures," I admit.

"You're going to have to show me when we get back," he turns himself more to face me, "you never showed me your pictures before."

"Well, remind me when we get back then," I grin and try to ignore the happiness welling up inside me thinking about hanging out with him again when we get back to Philly. We talk for a little while longer and I fight to stay awake in my seat.

"Let's watch a movie," Claude nearly whispers in my ear, coaxing me to sleep. I hadn't realized how much I've slouched closer to him.

I nod slowly, "pick anything you want," I mumble. Once he puts on the movie, he gives me the left ear bud as he puts in the right one. I try to pay attention to the movie and keep my eyes open but it's not much longer till I fall asleep 10 minutes into the movie.


The sudden jarring sound and movement of a loud bang and the bus hitting an enormous pothole shakes me awake. Claude and I fly up from our seat a couple of inches and his tablet resting on the small retractable table in front of us topples over. When we're sent into the air, I let out a gasp, shut my eyes tight, and wrap my arm around Claude's torso out of fear. He wraps one strong arm around me and brings me closer to him to steady me.

My eyes flicker open and I find myself snuggled into him with my face in his neck. I feel his slowed, warm breathing on my neck as I try to make myself move out of his grasp, but once again, I'm paralyzed by his touch. My heart beat slows to a minimum as I inch off his shoulder and pause when I meet his golden hued gaze. Claude slowly moves his arm from my side and places it lightly on the base of my neck.

My eyes fixate on his lips, and I can feel his stare on mine. I lick my pink bottom lip involuntarily as he pulls his lip in between his teeth softly. He places his fingers on the start of my jaw line underneath my ear and pulls me towards him lightly and slowly. I let him pull me to his lips without a fight; I can't deny how much I've wanted this.

When his lips are pressed softly against mine, shocks are sent throughout my entire body. I entangle my fingers in his curls- a feeling I've missed so much. Parts of his hair are wirey and soft, an abundance of textures for my fingers to play in. Our lips part slightly, our noses still resting next to each other. My mind is clouded, and spinning. I take in a breath through my nose and smell the traces of sweet mint in his warm breath. Claude pulls me into him tighter and kisses me once again, swiping his tongue on the bottom of my lip, setting my body on fire. Before I can return the action, he sadly pulls away his face, taking the warmth with him, leaving me feeling cold, small, and embarrassed.

"I--I- uh- I'm sorry," he mumbles, grabs his back and heads to the back of the bus.

I sink into my seat deeply as my face grows redder by the second. I slowly reach up and touch my still-numb lips. I look around frantically to see if anyone saw, but thankfully, no one was in the seats behind us or across from us. "I really hope no one saw that," I murmur and look around to find sleeping hockey players in their seats, completely oblivious to what just happened between Claude and I.

I try to take a few deep breaths to calm myself down but my heart is still fluttering wildly- why does Claude do this to me? I replay the situation in my head a few times over in my head before I try pushing it out of my mind. My stomach starts to twist and turn with guilt- Kyle. "Shit, fuck, shit, shit!" I curse under my breath.

I put my ear buds in, blare music into my eardrums, and continue to curse in my head. Why did this have to happen? Why did Claude have to strut into my life, big ego and all, and do this to me? The worst part is, is that this is probably a sick little game he loves to play with every girl he meets. No matter how hard I try, I can't help but to think about Claude- stupid Claude. And the stupid kiss and his stupid lips! When the bus finally pulls up to Wells Fargo and releases me from the awkward tensioned air, I practically leap off the bus with all my bags and into my car as soon as the driver puts the bus in park.

I punch my steering wheel, unleashing all of my frustration in one burst. What the hell am I supposed to do now?
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