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Picture Perfect


-----Kat's POV

"Kat!" Jules yells as she approaches my bathroom door, "Kyle's calling again- thought you should know."

I roll my eyes and groan in frustration. I take a deep breath and hold my head under the bathwater filled with bubbles. "Thanks," I mumble after I lift my head above the water. I smear the excess water from my eyes with my soggy hands. I've been trying my best to ignore Kyle's numerous apologetic texts and voicemails for a few days now. I know he's probably genuinely sorry but I can't just go back to him.

"Kat?" Julie asks, tapping the door several times lightly, shaking me from my thoughts, "are you alright? You've been in the tub for a while- I'm afraid you'll look like a raisin when you get out," she half laughs.

"This sucks," I grumble loud enough so she can hear me through the door.

"You can't mope around forever Kattie," she chimes, calling me by my least favorite nickname. Her footsteps moving away from the door fill the silence between us.

Thankfully, the Flyers didn't have a game the last two nights and I called out of work the past two morning so I didn't have to go to their practices just to take a picture for Instagram (Kelly wants the Instagram account to be really active to gain and connect with fans). I just couldn't bring myself to get out of bed- I was too vulnerable to see Claude and I didn't want any of the guys seeing how close I resembled Frankenstein's Bride. Once Jeff, my closest friend at work, heard that I was "sick" with the sniffles, he offered to go to the practice and take a photo for me but I told him not to worry; I decided to post one of the many photos I have of them practicing on my phone already.

Suddenly, I realize I'm shivering and the water surrounding me has gotten incredibly cold. I slowly get out of the tub and wrap a fluffy maroon towel around my torso. I unplug the drain and the water swirls down the chrome pipe with a quiet whirling whisper. I ignore my reflection in the mirror and I brush the tangles out of my hair as I walk into my bedroom. I change into baggy sweatpants and an old college shirt before making my way out to the kitchen to make myself lunch.

I hear my phone vibrate, letting me know I had missed a few calls from Kyle while I was in the tub. I let out a defeated sigh, still no texts from him.

"I guess he still hasn't said anything to you?" Jules asks, hearing my sigh.

"No, Kyle has left hundreds of voicemails! He has sent thousands of texts- my phone has been blowing up for days now," I confess stressfully as I look through cabinets for a box of mac'n'cheese.

"No, not him- you know who I'm talking about," she replies with an arched eyebrow, "Kyle wasn't the 'he' I was referring to."

"Claude hasn't sent anything- no texts, no calls, no emails, no voicemails or a friggin' carrier pigeon for Christ's sake!" I shout and throw my hands up in the air; coincidentally, the macaroni box was in one of my hands, causing a loud rattling sound to erupt. "Maybe he realized I'm too easy of a challenge- he needs a girl that'll put up a better chase," I admit angrily.

"Or he realized he can't date you 'cause you work for the Flyers," she says offering a better excuse.

"I hardly think that's the case," I huff.

"Well think what you want but you have to see him tonight, regardless," she reminds me of the game tonight.

"Yeah, yeah I know," I remark, "Will you come with me though? Keep me from looking like a miserable mess?"

"I'd love to come, but I can't work miracles," she teases with a laugh.


-----Claude's POV

"Alright is that all?" I ask the several reporters holding their microphones to my face. They nod back and start to head over towards Mase. I sit down at my cubby and start to peel of the remaining left sweaty sock still clinging to my foot.

I look up when I see a familiar figure appear in my peripheral vision. My breath catches when I see her standing by the reporters and getting a picture of Mase. Where has she been? I dare to get on my feet and strike up a conversation with her, but the truth of situation stops me. We can't be together and she probably hates me for kissing her. I can't help but take in the way her jeans hug her body seamlessly. Even though the staff polo shirts were hardly anything special, it somehow looked amazing on her. (Kat's outfit)

"Don't stare too long, G, you might drool all over the floor," Schenner jabs my shoulder with elbow and snickers. I feel my face redden at his comment; he sits down next to me, throwing on a Flyers t-shirt.

"I think it's too late for that," Coots chirps as he sits down as well. I shake my head and try to ignore my feelings for Kat- if the guys new- they'd bust my balls about it for so long. I change the subject and the three of us start talking amongst each other until a small yet confident voice clears their throat, "excuse me?"

We all look up surprised to see who's in front of us," Jules?" I ask with a smile, "what's up?" Jules was dressed to kill- she looks like a bombshell standing in front of us- Schenner and Coots' mouths are hanging open in awe. (Julie's outfit)

"Nothing much," she grins back, "I was hoping to get a few things from you boys I can put in my article tomorrow? If that's not too much?"

"No problem at all," Coots replies, and Schenner and I give her a nod yes. After we answer a few questions each, Jules starts to leave but Schenner stops her, "hey, so there's a Halloween Party tomorrow night- you should definitely come with Kat."

"Yeah it'd be great if you came along- it'll be a lot of fun," Coots says, obviously interested in Jules.

"Halloween Party? Kat never said anything about it," she thinks aloud. My heart drops to the pit of my stomach- I really hope she doesn't want to go because of me.

"Wait really? She should've gotten event reminders all this week," Schenner remarks matter-of-factly, "I can't get mine to stop."

"Hey Kat?" Jules calls over to Kat and she turns around reluctantly. Julie beckons her over with a hand motion and Kat and I make awkward eye contact as she walks over hesitantly; I look down immediately, sparks shoot down my spine.

-----Kat's POV

I take a gulp as I move towards Claude, Jules, Coots and Schenner; 'don't let him know you're practically dying inside Kat' I think to myself. I adjust my camera strap crossing my torso out of nervousness. "Yeah?" I respond to Jules, my voice cracking a bit.

"You never mentioned the Halloween party tomorrow night," she accuses with an arched eyebrow. Shit - why'd they have to bring that up? My plan was to show up for 10 minutes, in regular clothing, and leave when I had some photos taken to post on social media sites like Instagram and our new Snapchat account- which amazingly, I was running both- again, Kelly's great plan to connect with fans.

"I- uh- wasn't planning on going all night..." I stutter.

"What? You have to go Kat," Brayden practically shouts, "it's going to be so much fun- plus we all want you there- especially Cl-" he begins to add but Claude elbows him in the stomach before he can continue, causing Brayden to let out a couple coughs. I look to Claude to get a clue on how he felt about the situation but still he was avoiding all eye contact with me. He runs a hand through his ginger locks I so desperately wanted to tug on and keeps his gaze on Jules.

"I don't even have a costume to wear," I tell the truth.

"Well, we're going to have to get them because we're going," she chimes, "and don't even think about saying no because it's not an option. Brayden, Sean, thanks for the invite," Jules adds with a smile. I groan internally- now that Julie knew about the party there was no way we weren't going.

"Even if she doesn't come Julie, you should still show up- I'd love to talk more," Sean flirts and Jules swoons. I roll my eyes and yank on her arm.

"Let's go Juliet- I'm tired and we're leaving now," I grumble and I hear a few laughs behind me as I drag her to my office down the hall from the locker room.

"Bye! See you tomorrow night!" she nearly sings as we walk out the door and it latches behind us with a loud click. "Kat- get over this grumpy mood- you look like the squinty miserable emoji with the bar lines as eyes basically all the time. We're going to the party and you're going to enjoy it."

"Fine- I'll go to the party but I doubt I'll have a good time," I protest as we walk into my shared office with Jeff.

"I'm just tired of you moping. Kyle's a jerk- get over him- like you said he didn't give you sparks or anything so be glad it's over with," she comments as I slip on my black Northface jacket over my staff polo shirt-, which is hideous if you ask me.

"You can't expect me to be over it after a couple days Jules," I comment bitterly.

"Listen," she says stopping me from packing up my camera, "I just want you to be happy- I hate seeing you like this Katina. You need some fun to help you unwind ok? This party will be good for you. If you really want to leave after an hour of being there, then we'll leave," she offers and saunters towards the exit. I quickly stuff the remaining lens of my camera into my bag and hurry after her- Jules' strides are twice as big as mine- especially with her high heels on.

"Really? Promise?" I challenge her.

"Yep," she says popping the 'p.'

"I have a feeling you're lying," I half laugh.

"You'll see- but anyways, what's the deal with Sean?"

"He's single, has two adopted kittens, and as you already know is missing his two front teeth, and loves messing with me when I'm taking pictures," I list.

"Well he's really nice- and cute," she beams.

"Yeah if caveman is your type, Jules," I laugh.

"You know I love when he grows out his beard in the middle of the season," she sticks her tongue out at me playfully.

Just before turning on my car, I stop in my tracks, "what the hell are we going to do for costumes? We have a half a day."

"I have some good ideas," Julie snickers and I shake my head and laugh; this can't be good.
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