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Picture Perfect

Beware of the Turtle with the Orange Mask

-----Kat's POV

"Are you serious right now?" I ask Jules as she holds up the two costumes each of us will be wearing tonight. She was off today, while I had to run over to the offices around noon for a meeting and work on a couple photos from last night's game. "I knew I should've gone with you," I add with an arched eyebrow. I looked from her face to the skimpy outfit she claimed was mine. "A sailor? A slutty sailor?" I say in disbelief and shake my head. I take the costume into my hands and run my thumb and index fingers down the cheap fabric of the tiny shirt.

"It was the only thing left in your size- besides I think it'd show your body off real well- you know for a special someone," she winks with a bright smile.

I scoff, "I can't even deal with you right now," I joke.

"Well I know if you came with me you'd pick out something like the Crypt Keeper or a Jedi and wear a huge black robe," she teases.

"There's nothing wrong with that," I remark, walking to the kitchen to grab a Snapple.

"Yes there is! You are slim and you should show it off," she replies stubbornly.

"Well I don't really have a choice now do I?" I chuckle as I open up my iced tea with a pop, "What's yours anyways?"

"Snow White!" she says happily and holds up her costume for me to see more clearly.

"I don't really remember Snow's dress being that short in the movie," I remark jokingly and Jules lets out a giggle.

"I think this one is from the x-rated version," Jules says, and we laugh harder.

I give my costume another look over, "Well, I guess I could pull this off- and have fun tonight," I say hesitantly, letting myself look forward to the party. Jules excitedly claps with a big smile on her face, ecstatic I was finally unwinding and open to the idea of actually having a good time.

"This is going to the best night!" Jules cheers in victory over my stubborn grumpy mood.


"Are you sure we're not too dressed up?" I ask warily as I eye myself in the mirror and attempt to pull down my already tight-ass navy blue short-shorts. The small top barely covered 5 inches below my chest and my shorts thankfully were high waisted, so it covered up to my belly, but still allowing a large part of my midriff showing. I couldn't help but to admit it- yes I looked good and yes, I couldn't wait to see what Claude's reaction would be when he saw me in this. (Kat's Costume)

"No! Brayden said they go all out- come on out I want to see!" Jules yells through the door.

"Are you in yours? I'm only showing you if you look as slutty as I do," I challenge.

"Yes! Now get your ass out here!"

I let out a huff, check my make-up, grab my phone from my dresser, and open up my bedroom door. "Holy shit Jules!" I practically shout when I see her in her costume, "you look hot as hell!" Her already amazing tan long legs were adorned with killer red heels, and the tight bodice of the dress and poofy skirt accentuates her curves. (Julie's Costume)

"You don't look half bad either chica!" she claps excitedly and motions to me to do a twirl for her. "We are going to knock them dead tonight," Jules grins ear to ear and it spreads to my face- her smile was too contagious.

After we grab out jackets, we make our way into the parking garage to get into Jules' car, my stomach is filled with nervous butterflies. I wasn't sure what was making me feel more anxious, the slutty costume or Claude. I wonder if he has a date- who am I kidding? Of course he does- he's Claude-fucking-Giroux. I shake my head and rub my temples with my index fingers.

"Kat, do me a favor; forget about Kyle, forget about Claude and let's have a good time tonight! To hell with boys! Say it!" she cheers as we drive on the parkway.

"To hell with boys," I grumble and roll my eyes.

"Excuse me, I didn't hear you," Jules protests.

"To hell with boys," I repeat with a little more life as she turns up the radio- our favorite song is playing- House Party.


"To hell with boys!" I shout with a big smile and laugh.

"Louder so Kyle and Claude can hear you!" she yells and rolls the windows down halfway.

"TO HELL WITH BOYS!" I yell with jubilance to the city, and especially to Claude Giroux. We crank up the volume and sing along loudly to the radio.

When we pull into the parking lot of the venue, there are only a few empty spaces left to fill in. The butterflies return to my stomach- I try to take a few deep breaths to calm myself but they didn't do the trick. All of the confidence I had in the car is drained away as we walk towards the entrance. We must look so ridiculous in these costumes- why did we think this was even a remotely good idea.

As if Jules can read my mind, just before she opens the door she turns to me, "stand up straight, look confident, we got this bitch in the bag," she says roughly with a smirk. I gulp, nod and adjust my shoulders so I'm no longer slouching. We got this bitch in the bag I repeat to myself; I trick myself into feeling courageous and stride into the venue confidently.

Loud upbeat music is playing as we start to see everyone already enjoying their drinks- even though the party had just started 5 minutes ago, it was already packed and lively. At the door, a woman, with a staff shirt, is handing out rather plain masquerade masks for everyone to wear.

I grab a white mask and Julie gets a red one to "match her heels." Jules slides hers onto her face while I keep mine slung on my wrist. We make our way to the bar, scanning the room for familiar faces. It didn't take long for me to realize a lot of people invited brought their friends, who brought their friends- ultimately some puck bunnies were in the mix- which didn't bother me, the more the merrier, right? Except for if one of them is all over Claude, my subconscious chimes and my stomach churns fearfully.

"Kat!" Steve says over the music, Jules and I turn around, relieved.

"Finally someone I recognize," Jules laughs and then sees his date, "except- well you," she smiles nervously trying to save herself from a tad bit of embarrassment, "hi, I'm Julie," she sticks out her hand to the friendly faced girl who looked like our age. She and Steve are dressed as Danny Zuko and Sandy from Grease-, which I have to say, they look stellar.

"I'm Elle," she shakes hands with Jules and then mine.

"I'm Katina- I take the photos for the team," I introduce myself, using my other arm to cover up my midriff- feeling embarrassed to be meeting Steve's girlfriend for the first time wearing this slutty mess.

"OH! I've heard so much about you!" Elle grins excitedly and I see Steve give her a nudge, and her smile fades a bit. I give Steve a confused why-has-she-heard-so-much-about-me look, but Elle grabs my focus. "I love your costumes!" she says obviously trying to change the subject.

"You don't have to lie," Jules laughs, "but thanks anyways- you two look UH-MAZ-ING!"

Elle's face lights up, "I wasn't lying and thanks so much! Do you guys want to get something to drink?"

"Yes!" I say, practically jumping at the chance to get some alcohol in me. Elle and Jules laugh at my response and thankfully, we walk to the bar where Claude is nowhere to be seen. The three of us each order 3 shots of fireball, while Steve just orders another beer for himself. We throw back our shots quickly and I can feel the slight buzz from the vodka tingling in my chest building. I take a photo of Steve and Elle before I forget- that's why I'm even here.

Before too long, we spot Jakub, Wayne, Luke, Michael, and Raffl out of the sea of people out of the dance floor already having a great time. Elle and Jules begin to talk and I struggle to hear whatever they're saying. I cautiously look around to see if I can find his face in the crowd. Maybe he just won't be here tonight- that would be great.

Suddenly, Jules is wisked away into the sea of people followed by Steve and Elle; I squint my eyes to identify the tall mysterious figure but the dim lights don't offer any help. Her bright yellow skirt disappears quickly in the crowd. "Well, there goes my life line," I grumble to myself. I get a shot of whiskey from the bartender before turning back to the crowd.

A flash of bright orange/red catches my attention from the corner of my eye. I bite my lip and my stomach twists when I see it's him. He looks so good in his dumb Ninja Turtles costume- why the hell was he so attractive- even if a green turtle uni. I roll my eyes- I'm so ridiculous I think to myself and scoff.

I feel a strong tap on shoulder, which sends me jumping out of my skin. Startled, I turn around to see a Ninja Turtle standing in front of me. My heart stops, but it steadies as I notice this turtle has light blonde hair and a perfect white smile. "Brayden?"

I let out a sigh of relief once he lifts up his purple mask from his eyes, "It's Donatello tonight," he laughs, flashing another heart melting smile. I chuckle awkwardly, feeling like an idiot; I wonder how sad I must look sitting at the bar by myself.

He takes in what I'm wearing and I see his Adam's apple quiver, "Kat- you look- incredible."

"Thanks, I was worried it was too much clothing," I comment sarcastically.

"No- it's uh- just right," he stutters, keeping his eyes glued to mine, trying his best not to let his eyes wander down- I can't help but to giggle at his effort. He looks down at his feet and blushes- or that's what I'm guessing, but once again the dim lights aren't helping, "sorry," he clears his throat, "I uh- was wondering- did you want to dance?"

Just as he asks, my eyes find Claude in the crowd dancing with a girl in a tight dress posing as a slutty nurse. I feel the blood rush from my head to my feet in a split second; I feel my already light head start to spin even more.

"Katina?" Brayden says over the music louder.

My eyes focus from Claude to Brayden's nervous face anticipating my answer, "did you want to dance?" he repeats louder.

Am I allowed to even do that? I start to think of a reason to say no but the alcohol in my system insists that dancing with him would be a good idea- maybe even give Grioux a run for his money. "stand up straight, look confident, we got this bitch in the bag," Jules' words ring through my head as I glance at Claude once more grinding with 'Nurse Barbie.'

"I'd love to Bray," I answer and he responds with a pleased smirk. I slip on my white mask in a sad attempt to hide my identity a tad and he pulls me onto the dance floor with my hand in his. "Oh!" I pull my phone out of my bra, "I have to take pictures of people in their costumes- it's kind of my job," I say and Brayden laughs.

"Well," he takes the phone out of my hand and snaps a selfie of us, "there's one," he chimes. He pulls me through the crowd and helps me gather up players and their girlfriends for pictures. In a quick 10 minutes, he's helped me get a ton of pictures to turn in to Kelly.

"Thanks so much Brayden, that was really sweet of you," I say in his ear, the music is blaring where we are standing. The alcohol running through my system was making me dangerously flirtatious.

"No problem Kat- now it's time to hit the dance floor," he grins and I giggle at his cheesy phrasing. He grabs my hand and twirls me into him as the beat of the song Booty by J-Lo fills our ears. Even though I didn't have a "big booty," I had some liquid confidence keeping me from doubting how embarrassed I should look dancing. Brayden and I moved in rhythm to the song- I was undeniably having too much fun with him. He spun me around quickly, making me laugh. Sure I was worried about what people would think about me dancing with Brayden but really it was all innocent fun.

During a few songs, 7/11, Cheerleader, Talking Body Remix, we move around the floor, get some more shots, and a couple times, I found ourselves dancing next to Jules and her mystery guy.

"Having fun?" Julie yells over the music, arching an eyebrow at me.

"I guess you could say that," I shout, obviously underestimating. Before I can ask her who she's with, they make their way to the bar. I consider following them but Boneless comes on and Brayden holds me close to his chest, now face to face, grinding a little less naively. I wouldn't usually love this song but the vodka convinces me it's my favorite. As I move with Brayden, probably too sexually, I raise my arms up, and sling them around his neck; he puts his large hands on my ribs. As the beat drops, I turn around and put my back to him- he pulls me in tight and we continue to grind.

I almost stop when I see a pair of green eyes staring at me through their orange mask- which matches their hair. His mouth is hanging open, watching me dance against his Ninja Turtle partner. I look at the girl grinding on him, a 'sexy' witch- he's already changed out girls. His gaze only encourages me to keep grinding, way too sexually, with Brayden. Take it all in Claude Giroux, you can't have any of this, my mind says to me, persuading me to keep going. If only Jules was here to see the show I was putting on for him.

Brayden's hands roam my body, and by the looks of it, Claude was getting more pissed off by the second and the next time I looked up in his direction, he was nowhere to be seen. The victory over him left me grinning ear to ear; Kat: 1 Claude: 0.

Brayden's hands leave me for a swift moment but then return hungrily. Halfway through the song blaring through the speakers, he pulls me close and puts his lips on my ear, sending jolts to my heart. "Does your model boyfriend know what you're up to, Katina?" a velvety voice whispers, their familiar French accent is thick with lust. I turn around to see Claude and my heart stops, his arms still tightly wound around me. "Get off me," I shout over the music and it takes all of my will to peel his palms off my sides.

I nearly run to the bar, in hopes to either find Jules or lose Claude in the crowd. Unfortunately, Jules is nowhere to be seen and seconds later, I feel a strong hand on my arm, turning me to face him. The combination of Claude's hazel gaze and the alcohol swirling through my mind leaves me paralyzed.

"Where's your frat boy boyfriend?" he asks with a twisted grin.

"Why do you care?" I bark back at him, trying to put up a front as best I could.

"Because you were grinding on Schenner- does Kohl's boy know how bad you are? Or does he not mind you dancing with other guys?" Claude challenges, knowing just how to get me irritated quickly.

"We broke up," I confess, "alright? Just stop with the questions," I roll my eyes and order another shot of vodka from the bartender.

"Oh," he mutters and a smirk reappears on his lips.

"Why the hell are you smiling?" I shout frustratedly over the music and drink the freshly poured shot in front of me. I wait for Claude to say something but he stays silent. I shake my head, let out an annoyed grumble, and decide to look for Jules- I need to get home, I can't be around Claude like this. As I make my way to an emptier part of the club, I notice Claude is following me close behind. Fed up with his behavior I stop dead in my tracks, "what do you want?"

He keeps my gaze for a few seconds before pulling me close to his chest. My head swirls from the fast motion, but Claude holds my neck firm with his sturdy hand. I let myself relax as I stare in his eyes then at his mouth. He rests his forehead on mine, sending my heart into my throat. Anticipation builds in my chest as I feel his warm, intoxicating breath on my cheeks. Claude presses his lips against mine hungrily, making my entire body numb, not caring who could see us.
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