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Picture Perfect


-----Kat's POV

"Wait!" I blurt out and break off the kiss "you can't just do that! Are you crazy?!" I yell and shove back his shoulder. There was no denying the kiss was everything I've craved since the bus ride home, but if someone, specifically Kelly, saw us, I'd be fired on the spot. "You can't just go around kissing people! Especially people who work in the Flyers organization! We can't be seen like this together!" I shout with built up anger in my chest, but Claude was just staring intently at me, guilt written all over his face. I wait a few moments for him to come up with something snarky to say but no words leave his lips. I brush past him, hitting his chest as I walk by- I really needed to find Jules- and fast.

I only walk a few steps before I feel Claude's hand wrap around my arm lightly, "I'm sorry," I hear him yell, sincerity pouring from his voice. I turn to face him and the guilt in his eyes pulls on my heart, but I try to keep up my tough expression. "You can't just do whatever you want Claude I'm not your little-" I start to say, my hands on my hips, truly selling the idea I was completely over him.

"Katina," I barely hear his deep voice say over the music. He steps closer to me, filling my chest with butterflies- I honestly just wanted to taste his alcohol flavored lips once again. "Just dance with me- give us one night," he states directly.

"What?" I blink a couple times; did he really just say that? He grabs my hand but immediately drops it when I give him an intimidating look, what part of 'we can't be seen like this together' does he not get?

"I just want to dance with you," he admits, "it's just dancing- you had no problem with Brayden."

"I can't," I fight back, "Brayden is a different story- everyone in here knows your intentions aren't the best- dancing with you, hell anything with you, has way more involved than just that."

"And what are my intentions?" he says with a panty- melting grin.

"Oh I think you know Giroux- even if it's just dancing, Kelly will think there's something between us," I challenge, trying not to give in to his charm but the alcohol was making it impossible.

"Isn't there?" he retorts devilishly and my heart skips a beat.

I shake my head and cross my arms at my chest, "n-no there isn't," I try to say convincingly but my stuttering gives away my lie. Claude laughs softly at my attempt to push him away with an icy attitude he knew he was warming up.

"A few songs Kat- that's all I'm asking," he negotiates, "just keep your mask on."

"I can't," I shout, fed up, "besides everyone knows I'm a sailor- they've all seen me in my costume- it's no mystery at this point! Did you take too many hits into the boards lately?!"

Claude looks like he's about to give up but then his eyes light up, "wait right here," he blurts out and runs into the mass of people having a great time. For a couple seconds I stand there, with my arms crossed, seriously waiting for him to come back with whatever. What are you doing Kat? Waiting for Claude Giroux? My mind is screaming, telling me to leave while he wasn't there to stop me with his hypnotizing hazel eyes and charm. Suddenly, Jeff, pops up into my vision.

"Hey! Kat?! Nice- uh- costume!" he says cheerily.

I smile back easily, "Thanks! You too!" He was dressed as "Static Cling," with mismatched socks, and boxers; I couldn't help but giggle- and be a little bit embarrassed about how much I wasn't wearing.

"Did you want to dance?" he asks nervously, motioning back to the dance floor behind him with his thumb.

"I- uh- I think-" I begin to stutter.

"Hey you ready to go?" I'm cut off by an eager Claude, "the taxi for you is outside." He turns to Jeff and gives him the nicest smile, "oh-hey John? Right?" he sticks his arm out to shake his hand.

"Actually, it's uh Jeff," he says forcing a smile and turns back to me, "you're leaving? With Giroux?" he asks, giving me a curious look.

"NO" I blurt out panicky, worried he was suspecting something between Claude and I, "I'm leaving by myself- I am very tired and my feet are killing me," I lie convincingly.

"Oh that's a shame- I could walk you to the taxi- do you-" Jeff starts to say.

"I got this one big guy," Claude grins devilishly; Jeff looks back to Claude and smirks through his building annoyance with Claude.

"Well- I guess I'll see you on Tuesday then," Jeff smiles awkwardly- he leans closer to me and whispers to me over the music, "be careful with him." I just give him a nod before he heads to the bar.

"Thank god, I never thought that prick would leave," Claude sighs with a prideful smirk. I roll my eyes and scoff at his ego, "oh shut up, he's a nice guy."

"I forgot, nice guys are your type," he chimes, teasing me.

I elbow him in his side, "they aren't."

"No? So is that why you waited for me to come back?" he eggs on, knowing how to irritate me.

"Ha! You? My type? Please, I'm leaving," I protest, fed up with his pride.

"Kat- wait! I'm sorry- I'll shut up," he promises. He waves over to a girl who has been standing on the sidelines this entire time. She gives me a smile as she walks over to us, a R2D2 dress is clung to her body. Completely bewildered, I look to Claude for an answer, "okay what the fu-"

"This is Heather," he cuts me off before I curse like the sailor I am, "she is going to trade costumes with you."

What? I look to Heather in disbelief; she gives me a lazy shrug and holds up a thin wad of money, "he gave me 30 bucks."

"This is your idea? Just to dance with me?" I ask in disbelief.

Abruptly Claude gets closer to me, puts his hand in the small of my back, and brings his lips to my ear, "just give us one night, Kat, please. Please, one night with you. No one will know who you are, please. I know somewhere you feel the same way Kat- I know you feel it too," he pleads. My heart flutters wildly feeling his breath touch my ear lightly. I search my mind for any reason to say no and get the hell out of the place but it's silent; being dangerously close to him only heightens my buzz from the alcohol- shit. I wish I could find the tiniest bit of stubbornness to walk out on him but I want this night with him too much. It's just one night of dancing- that's all- it's harmless.

"Oh what the hell," I grumble while I try to fight back a smile, and in the dim lighting, I clearly see a victorious grin on Claude's face. Heather follows me close behind to the polished bathroom with a teal and tan theme. Heather and I check all 5 bathroom stalls to make sure they're not occupied.

"All clear over here," Heather chimes.

"Same," I chirp back. It's not until I turn around that I see how similar our hair colors, and styles are- even our body shape is a little too similar to not be noticeably unsettling. I turn away quick and head into the stall behind me and she does the same.

I start to undo my shirt, unpin the sailor hat from my hair when Heather breaks the silence, "I know it's none of my business but why are you doing this?" I hear her pull the dress from over top of her head. She lays the dress on the small stall wall that separates us, which hits me in the face. I brush the ruffled hair from my face and hand her the shirt and hat from my costume.

"Well- it's kind of hard to explain," I hesitate to clue her in on the situation, but I figure this girl is undressing and switching costumes with me- she deserves some details, "I work for the Flyers and you can't date any of the players and I know if anyone saw me dancing with Claude they'd think the absolute extreme. My boss would freak and then I'd be questioned and her trust in me would go to shit," I state frustratedly.

"Wow," she says after a quiet second, "that sucks. All cause of dancing?"

"Yep," I pop the 'p' with a sigh. I struggle out of the tiny shorts and flop them on top of the stall wall.

"So you like him that much though, to go through all this trouble?" she laughs light-heartedly as she pulls down parts of my costume from the metal barrier.

My heart skips a beat at the truth of her statement, "I guess- but I mean nothing can happen- we can't date. But honestly I like the idea of this turning into a "one harmless night out of reality" thing- get whatever it is out of our systems type thing," I confess as I slip on the snug R2D2 dress. I have no idea why I was telling her so much but it felt good to say it out loud- she seems so easy to talk to. "Thanks for doing this by the way," I add as I fix the creases in the dress; we both walk out of the stall at the same time.

"Hey- it's no problem; I'm always up for helpin' a sister out. And just so you know, I'm not judging you at all here," Heather takes off her masquerade mask revealing her cute face, "live your life how you want- take some risks- it's healthy," she chimes and we trade masks.

"Thanks," I grin, "I hope I see you around the city."

"Same here girl," Heather winks with a smirk and walks out of the bathroom slaying in my sailor outfit. I can't believe I met the coolest girl in the bathroom of a club, I think to myself and laugh softly- I was half expecting her to be a bimbo thinking Claude wanted to sleep with her. Just before I head towards the door, I feel anxiety creeping up on me- I need another shot. I walk over to the sink, run some cold water on my fingers and gently pat my face. The cool water under my eyes helps me think clearer. I notice some of my concealer hiding my scar is fading, making the scar a bit more apparent. I almost let my nerves get the best of me but then I remember how dim the lights are in the club- thank you god.

"Let loose for once, and stop fighting being with him," I whisper to myself as I look in the mirror, "Bitch, get the fuck back out there." The mini pep talk gets me out the door and to a grinning Claude.

"You better hope this works," I state clearly over the music.

"Relax," he chimes and hands me a much-needed shot of whiskey.

----Claude's POV

As Kat walks through the bathroom door, I can barely notice that it's her. Her face is almost all covered up by the white elegant mask- and holy hell did her body looked amazing in that tight dress. I try to put my eyes back into my head before she can notice. I give her a shot of whiskey to hopefully relax her- hell I drank two in the time it took her to change.

I pull her through the crowd of people and no one seems to be giving Kat strange looks- they must think she's just another girl- good. I find us a crowded spot near the middle where no one is paying attention to whose around them. As a new song starts to pump through the speakers, I pull Kat to me with ease and a shit ton of butterflies take flight in my stomach; it feels so good to have her so close- and she was safe from being identified.

As she loosens up, she clings closely to my chest and we move in rhythm to the fast-paced song. Every move she makes against me sets a fire off in my chest. I turn her around so her back is against me and she continues to dance sensually, which only makes me groan in pleasure- she's definitely not holding back.

My hands roam her body for a while but they ultimately stop when on lands on her thigh and the other on her rib cage. Kat backs up even closer to me, putting her hands around my neck and then turn around to face me. I press my hands into her back trying to get her even closer to me but it's impossible, there is no more spare space between the two of us. A flash of light catches the green flecks in her eyes as she looks up at me- my throat burns with frenzy. I move my hand up from the small of her back to her neck; I press my lips against hers hungrily without hesitation. I haven't stopped thinking about biting and kissing her lips since the pool party when it almost happened for the first time.

She brushes her tongue against my bottom lip lightly, only making me want more lighting my heart ablaze. Before it gets even more intense, I pull my face a few inches away- I keep forgetting there are so many people around us. She gives me a shy grin and takes her bottom lip under her front teeth as she presses up against me- there's no way she can't feel how hard I am right now.

As few songs go by, our dancing only gets slower and more intense no matter what song is blaring through the speakers. I don't realize how crazy into it we are until I feel a tap on my shoulder that sends me whirling back into reality.

"Hey G!" Simmonds yells over the music with a huge smile, "nice girl you've got there- not afraid of keeping it PG, eh?" he laughs.

I give him a laugh and a nod as Kat tilts her head down and away, afraid he'll recognize that it's her. "I'll give you the dirty details later," I grin devilishly, trying to fit the "party boy" persona I've created for myself. I feel Kat elbow my side and thankfully, Simmer is already turned away so he doesn't see me wince in pain.

"I was lying, calm down," I chime light heartedly in her ear; she looks up at me and gives me a playful sneer. I pull her tight against me and she starts grinding on me more intensely with every minute that passes. Kat pulls me to the bar, and orders us several shots, "let's see who can finish them faster," she grins. We line up the glasses in front of us, five shots each, "Oh, you're going down," I retort, smirking.

"Let's make this interesting then," she says with a spark of interest.

"Alright," I agree, compelled as to what we could make this little challenge into. "If I win-" I start to say but she cuts me off.

"If you win, Mr. Ego, we go back on the dance floor, kiss, grind, whatever, but if I win, you get me a cab, I leave, and we say goodnight," she smirks confidently.

I raise an eyebrow at her, she must be bluffing- right? "Deal," I state and we shake on the deal. There's no way she's beating me. She counts down to one to start the challenge. Right when she yells go I try to down the shots as fast as I can, flipping the shot glass upside down with every gulp of vodka. As I finish the fifth one, slamming down the glass on the bar counter with a loud clang. However, all I see is Kat smirking victoriously beside me, "well Giroux looks like I won, I had a great time- if you could call a cab for me that would be great," she says like the smart-ass she is.

She starts to make her way to towards the door, but I grab her arm lightly and turn her to face me. I place my hands on the sides of her face, and crash my lips onto her hungrily once again. We begin to intertwine ourselves in each other, forgetting the surplus of people around us. My hunger for her only grows with every lip-biting kiss; my chest burning with lust and my head filled with indecent thoughts- all including me ripping the tight dress of her body. She tugs on my curls wanting my hands to roam further down her hips. Kat lets one hand slowly run down my neck, then chest and to the waistline of my shorts, a bit taut from my excitement. She pulls at the stretchy waistline to tease me, and it certainly works. Suddenly she lets her hand drop even further, grazing the tightest part of my shorts, making my heart leap into my throat and I gasp softly.

She breaks apart our kiss, and gives me a sauntering look that completely does me in; I can't help but to begin kissing her again. Within moments, I pull her to the exit and she stays close behind. Once we get outside to the cool autumn night air, I hail a cab passing by; it comes to a screeching halt.
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