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Picture Perfect

A Night to Remember


-----Kat's POV

The feeling of his lips on mine bring my mind to a euphoric state- I couldn't get enough of him. For once it felt like I was just a normal girl and he was just a regular guy- not the multi-millionaire Claude Giroux everyone else knew. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine he'd ever pick me out of a crowd of people. Even though I know I shouldn't have, I let my guard completely down and let all of my crazy strong feelings for him surface.

When the cab stops at the curb right in front of us, he detaches his lips from mine and holds the backdoor open for me to slide in and he follows right after, hovering close to my face as he tells the driver my address, then his. As soon as the driver nods with an, "alright," Claude returns his lips to mine. My mind swirls with lust- it almost makes me dizzy but I'm sure that's the alcohol working it's magic on my motor skills. He kisses me hard, hungrily, holding my face tight in his hand. He puts his other sturdy hand on the back of neck, making me feel completely surrounded by him. The scent of his hair, skin, and traces alcohol in his breath make my buzz heightened to the fullest.

"Make it one stop," I let out in one loud breath so the driver can hear me.

"Are you sure?" Claude asks me, keeping his lips close to mine. I give him a nod and he tells the driver that the only stop we'll be making is to Claude's address. The adrenaline from the risk I now decided to take, pumps through my veins thickly, making me want Claude's skin on mine even more; I've wanted this for too long. The shallow pit of my stomach is filled with butterflies as the cab stops and I climb out from the back street while Claude pays the quiet driver. I almost fall flat on my face, no thanks to the alcohol and 4-inch heels, as I step up onto the curb and out of the street. I can't help but to giggle at the almost-humiliating moment that could've taken place.

"You look amazing," I hear a silky dark voice say in my ear as strong arms wrap around me and the familiar that smells oh-so-good fills my nostrils; a goofy grin appears on my face- thank god he can't see it. I turn around and press my lips against his softly to say thank you.

"You know you did lose the bet, which means I should be at home right now," I tease in a whisper. It was refreshing to be out of the noisy venue and now on a quiet street only filled with the sounds of horns honking and cars passing in the distance. I could finally hear Claude's steady breathing, and a small laugh that escapes his smooth lips.

"What do you mean- we followed the bet," he grins confidently, "I got you a cab, you left the club- you never said alone- and now the only thing that's left to say is goodnight- and I'm sure as hell not saying that just yet."

I can't help but to laugh, "you're such a smartass Giroux."

"Well you're still around aren't you, Reilly?" Claude smirks devilishly and presses his lips softly against mine. It only takes a few seconds for the kiss to become more malignant. He runs a hand up my face, pushing the mask to the top of my forehead, resting his thumb on my cheek bone, a feeling I never knew could be so euphoric.

He leads me to the revolving door to the familiar extravagant lobby. "Some of the guys live here," he murmurs, and I give him a small nod- really I just kept staring at his lips- why weren't they attached to mine right now? We scan the room for recognizable faces as we wait for the elevator to descend to the ground floor. When the doors open with a ding, we see none other than Ryan White staring at his feet- thank god- and we both take in an alarmed sharp gasp. My reaction time, being shitty, I can't even move my arms to pull down my mask over my eyes. Thankfully, the hockey captain picked up my slack, instantly pulled down my mask in a flash, holding/hiding my face with his large hands while simultaneously dizzying me with another mind blowing kiss.

"Woah G!" Ryan snickers loudly as he passes by us, not expecting any conversation- thank god. As soon as Ryan is out of ear shot distance, we sadly end kissing and hop into the elevator; Claude slams the "close door" button more times than I can count. The sliding, stainless steel doors close after what feels like forever and the lobby is no longer in view. With Claude in one corner, and I in the other, the awkward silence between us is filled by cheesy elevator music. Suddenly I am ambushed by his hands, and lips- his hands roaming my body quickly and his mouth nipping at my neck, setting my senses on fire.

Once we hit the 19th floor the doors loudly ping and open up; Claude and I nearly run down the hallway to his door. He pulls me close to him and pins me against his front door. He hungrily presses his lips against mine, while he fumbles for his keys. Just before I'm tired of hearing the jingle of his keys, the door gives in to the key. He walks us into the large apartment, his large arms wrapped around me without breaking the heated kiss. Claude throws his keys in an unknown direction; they land on something with a large rattle. In the dark, he backs me up into a wall; I wrap my legs around him as lifts me up to his waist with ease. I can feel how hard he is through the green gym shorts he's wearing over the turtle onesie- why did he still look undeniably attractive as hell in this stupid costume? I'm convinced this man could wear a paper bag and still look as hot as he would in a navy blue Armani suit.

He thrusts up against me pinning me tighter against the wall, causing a moan to escape my mouth and travel into his. I bite his lip harshly as he intertwines his sturdy fingers into my curled hair. He tugs on it when I slide my tongue into his mouth, wanting me to keep pushing further and further. As he thrusts once again, I grip onto his hair, loving this wild ride he was taking me on. What's-his-name would never do anything like this- I can't believe I already forgot his name.

Claude brings me back into reality when he softly sets me down and gropes at the bottom of the tight dress on my thighs. He sticks his fingertips under the hemof the dress and my heart shoots into my throat, "just take it off," spills darkly out of my mouth before I can catch myself. Claude rips the dress over my head and quickly connects our lips again. My skin finally feels free, and for one in my life I feel sexy standing in my heels, bra, and panties. I pull at the waistline of his shorts and immediately takes them off his legs and flings them across the room.

Without hesitation, Claude somehow peels off the tight turtle onesie quickly and returns his strong hands to my ribs. I can't help but glance down at his sculpted arms, shoulders and torso- I would drool but Claude's already picking me up and carrying me to another part of the house. Before I know it, I am being slowly laid down on the bed. His bedroom is dimly lit my the city lights streaming into his glass French doors leading out to a balcony. Claude takes a step back to look at me, leaving my arms and torso cold; his gawking eyes making me a tad bit nervous- can he see my scar?

"What?" I ask, worried what he was about to say.

"You look so fucking hot- Kat tell me you know you look this amazing," he responds with a grin and crawls on top of me. Butterflies swarm my stomach as I feel the tightness of his boxers push softly against my center. His breathing becomes shallow as he picks up the pace, kissing me in between breaths.

"Are you sur-"

I cut him off abruptly, "yes I'm sure- I'm so fucking sure. I've never wanted anything more in my life," I let out in a moan as he brings himself even closer to me. I probably shouldn't have told him how much I wanted him- his ego doesn't need any more boosting. A small, but cocky laugh escapes his lips as he moves from my lips to my neck. As he kisses down, stopping at my chest, I swear my heart freezes from anticipation. He begins to suck on my nipple lightly while one hand slides up the inside of my thigh. He waits a couple of long seconds before sliding two fingers into my center. Claude positions himself over top of me and brushes his lips against mine while he pumps harder. I reach for his boxers, slip my right hand over the hem, and stroke his length, earning a moan out of Claude.

-----Claude's POV

Kat's lips, and hands on me, make my heart thud hard in my chest- I can't believe what's-his-name let her get away. I tug her panties off her legs completely before she wraps her legs around my abdomen. I reach into the nightstand next to my bed and grab a condom; just as I am about to tear it, Kat takes it from my hands and opens it swiftly. "I don't think I can wait much longer," she whispers into my ear before gnawing on my lip.

"Me neither," I let out in a breath of pleasure. Why was she so good at turning me on?

Kat rolls the condom onto my length while anticipation builds in my chest like a Tetris game on the hardest level. I lean my forehead against hers as I line up my hips up with hers; when I push into her, I let out a deep breath I forgot I was holding and she digs her nails into my back out of pleasure. I attack her lips with mine as I pump in and out steadily- my heart feels like it's about to explode.

"You feel so fucking good," Kat hisses as I pin her hands against the headboard. After a few quick seconds, she pushes me onto my back softly, so my head is at the foot of the bed, and mounts me.

"Fuck Katina," I curse as her hips gyrate smoothly. I hold onto them as she continues to bring me to a euphoric state. Once I feel myself getting closer to climaxing, I give her a subtle warning. She rides me wildly, saying dirty things I never would've imagined coming out of her mouth. I bring her lips back to mine and slide my tongue on the bottom of her lip and into her mouth as we kiss. A few moans escape her mouth, and we both can't hold back any longer.

-----Kat's POV

Claude leaves the bed quickly, heading to-I'm guessing- the bathroom to clean up. I stare up at the blank ceiling and bury my face into the pillow I flop my head on- Claude's scent is so strong- so good. With fatigue rushing over me fast, I close my eyes and indulge in the soft cotton pillowcases and sheets- I have to remember to get these for my bed. The combination of what just happened and the alcohol whirling around in my system makes my head swirl with elation. What's- his-name was never even close to being that good. This is the best time to ditch this place Kat what are you doing laying here? Get the fuck dressed, wake up, and get your ass out of here my mind screams at me saving me from dozing off.

My eyes shoot open and I listen for Claude's footsteps and slowly start to get out of the bed as quietly as I can. Suddenly the door opens with a creek and I plunge quickly back into the sheets before Claude sees my failed attempt to leave. He settles into bed next to me sleepily and lays flush against my back. Okay just a few minutes, he'll be asleep and I can get out of here. When Claude lays an arm around my waist as he yawns into my hair, I can't help but to admit to myself how much I loved it.

My eyes burn with exhaustion so I close them to rest them while I wait for Claude's breathing to steady more- this bed was too comfy and warm to leave just yet. There's no harm in indulging in this for a little while longer- right?
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