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Picture Perfect

Slip-Ups and Slipping Out

-----Kat's POV

"mmmmm..." I let escape my mouth quietly as I wake from a calm dream. I keep my eyes shut, not letting the bright sunlight pouring through the window wake me up even more. I settle my head back into the fluffy comfy pillow, coddling me back to sleep. I pull the sheet over my bare shoulder- damn these are so soft.

My bed has never felt this comfy in the morning- wait. These sheets feel too expensive to be my own- and this pillow is definitely not my Big Lots one with the cheap tie-dye case adorning it. My eyes shoot open, and the memories of last night flood my mind in a second. "OH SHIT!" I half whisper as I sit up; the blanket falls from my torso revealing my bra-less chest. I gasp with another curse word and quickly bring the hem of the sheet to my neck. A body that I forgot was even there stirs calmly. With wide-eyes I look down at a sleeping Claude, "please don't wake up, please don't wake up," I murmur silently.

Once he settles completely, I slide out of the bed with ease and grab my underwear and bra from the floor from the floor, sliding it on faster than I have before. "Now to find my dress," I whisper, looking around the room. Suddenly, I remember that it was the first thing I lost when we got into his apartment. I catch a glimpse of myself in his mirror- I need to put a paper bag over my face. My make-up is smeared and faded; my scar looks so visible- even more incentive to get out of here as soon as heavenly possible.

I tiptoe to Claude's bedroom door, turning the doorknob so slowly, like defusing a bomb- "please don't make any noise," I beg. Just as I slide through the cracked open door, I hear a soft laugh, and see a Matt Read heading to the kitchen area. I nearly jump out of my skin and retreat back into the bedroom. I keep watch through the door- soon I see him carrying two cups of coffee towards, I'm guessing, his room? I never knew he roomed with Claude! Now I'm really stuck- I can't just prance out there in my underwear with him here.

I tiptoe to a set of drawers where I'm hoping Claude keeps his shirts. It opens with a deep hum- I look back to Claude- still fast asleep, phew. Thankfully, the drawer is full of t-shirts- I grab the first shirt, slip it on over top of me, and close the drawer soundlessly. I tiptoe back to the door, and fortunately don't see Matt out there. I suck in a breath, glide past Claude's door, and make a mad dash towards the front door. I grab my wallet, dress, and phone spilt messily on the floor before getting the hell out of there.

When the door latches behind me, I swiftly slip on the stretchy dress and pull it up to my hips- I know I probably look crazy but it's better than leaving without anything underneath this long sleeve shirt. I practically sprint to the elevator, keeping my head down- hoping no one else lives in this building. "9:45" my phone reads- crap, I'm sure Jules is already up. I hail a cab quickly once I get outside to the street, trying to ignore everyone's glances, and snickers- I'm sure my scar wasn't helping my case. Finally, with a few minutes to myself, I start to calm down, memories of last night keep my mind busy.

"Let's make this interesting then."
"If you win, Mr. Ego, we go back on the dance floor, kiss, grind, whatever, but if I win, you get me a cab, I leave, and we say goodnight."

I'm shaken from my daze when the taxi halts abruptly in front of my building. I pay the driver and exit the car with a goodbye and a 'have-a-nice-day.'

-----Claude's POV

The jarring sound of pots and pans in the distant kitchen wakes me up harshly, making me groan in discomfort. I lift one arm from my side and drape it across the figure laying next to me. Except, my arm falls flat on a pillow and no one is there, what? My eyes confirm that she isn't next to me- not even on the other side. Shit- she left already?

I wipe the sleep from my eyes as the memory of last night becomes clearer with every second. I hear a slight tapping on my door, and my heart jumps, maybe she didn't leave after all. "I thought you left, Ka-" I begin to say and the sight of Matt's face stops me like a check into the boards from revealing Katina and I's new secret.

"Sorry- not her G, pretty sure she already left- must be losing that suaveness," he chirps.

I lay back down with a groan and cover my face with a pillow filled with the scent of Kat's hair, "what did you want?"

"Just wanted to let you know Erin and I made breakfast- I said forget you but apparently Erin said that'd be rude not to ask if you wanted some," Reader answers.

"Thanks but not right now," I grumble and Matt closes the door behind him. Soon after I hear him and Erin laughing together- obviously having the picture perfect morning with her. Why can't I have that with Kat? Oh yeah - cause she'd lose her job and then hate me forever- in fact she probably already does.

-----Kat's POV

I close our front door behind me quietly and thank god Jules isn't waiting with a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. As I set down my wallet on the front table I hear a series of footsteps getting closer- oh no.

"You, have a lot of explaining to do," Jules says with a grin, "just where were you last night?"

I stutter, trying to find the words to say, where to even start the story, but nothing comes out. Suddenly, I see a curious Sean Couturier emerge from the hallway behind Julie, knocking the wind out of me.

"OH HO HO! Me?," I snicker, "Hey Sean! Good to see you bright and early coming out of Jules' room," I smirk and look at her red face. Sean gives me a sweet smile and a hey. I focus back on Julie, "looks like you have some explaining to do too." She lets go of her tough attitude and begins to giggle with me at our situation.

"I'm just going to grab some coffee, then I'll leave you two to yourselves," Sean says in the kitchen with a tired smirk and an eyebrow raise. Jules and I say thanks simultaneously as he hands us full cups of coffee of our own and then retreats back to Jules' room.

"Wow, what a gentleman," I grin as I take a sip of the calming brew.

Jules looks back to see her bedroom door shut, "I know right!" she practically squeals, "he's the sweetest guy-but enough about me," she says with a raised eyebrow and a smile, "I would ask you where you've been but I think I can tell by the shirt."

"What?!" I look down in a panic, "SHIT!" Of course the shirt that I picked out said "Flyers Hockey" on the front with the number 28 printed on the sleeves. "Do you think Sean noticed?! He can't tell anyone- if he does I'll-"

"Calm down! I doubt he saw, and if he did I'll tell him not to say anything, okay? I'll ask him later- you'll be fine," Jules says subsiding my mental breakdown- I cannot lose this job. I take a couple huge gulps of my coffee before informing Jules on my not-so-innocent night with Claude-friggin-Giroux.

"Yes! Finally!" she practically yells, "you needed to break that tension," she adds grinning.

"Well you might be happy about it but I for one am not," she retort.

"What do you mean?!" Jules asks, "it was good right?"

"well- yeah-"

"And you like him?" she says cutting me off.

"Yes- what's your point?"

"I don't see how it's all that bad if you enjoyed it and you two are crazy for each other," Julie states stubbornly.

"Well, I'm sure Kelly won't see it that way," I retort, "if she finds out this ever happened, I'm dead- I'm fired. I'm so stupid thinking that sleeping with him was somehow a good idea in the first place. That risk wasn't worth potentially losing my job! Not to mention about this weird fucked up relationship with Claude now!"

"Calm down! You just need to let it sink in- stop thinking this was a terrible decision," she shouts over top of my building panic attack.

-----Claude's POV

"Pick up, pick up, pick up," I mutter as the phone rings. Come on Kat, please. I pace around the bed as there's still no answer. The voice-mail woman might as well just tell me "you've ruined your relationship with the girl- she's not going to pick up- don't bother leaving a message at the tone, just hang up now." Just as I'm about to announce the speech I've practicing in my head for the past half hour, Reader barges in. I hit the end button and toss my phone onto the still-not-made-bed.

"What is it now?" I ask annoyed.

"Woah what's with you? Mad one-night-stand girl left you before you could reject her and push her outta here?" he teases.

I roll my eyes, "something like that."

"By the way, Cinderella left both of her shoes- should I just give them to Erin or something?"

"No! I mean- uh nah- maybe she'll ask for them back."

"So Cinderella's got your number? Not just a one night thing? Interesting," he chuckles, "well I'm going to the gym if you want to head over there with me."

"Yeah sure, just give me a few minutes," I answer and he closes the door behind him. I really should go over to her apartment, return her shoes, and talk to her but I have a feeling that if she's not answering my calls, there's no way she'd want to see me in person.

-----Kat's POV

"You mean you didn't actually sleep with him?" I ask totally surprised.

"Nope, we actually left the party pretty early and walked around the city. We ended up just coming back here, getting some much needed Chinese food, and drank some beers. Don't get me wrong, we were close to it but we decided not to rush into anything."

"I'm so confused- does this mean you two dating now or something?"

"I guess- but I think we're trying just friends first," Jules smiles, obviously swooning over Sean.

"With that look in your eyes, I doubt it'll be just friends for long," I snicker and she blushes.

My phone starts to buzz on the wooden coffee table making a loud rumbling sound. "Is it Claude again?" Jules asks.

"I have no clue," I sigh, get up to retrieve my phone, and my heart stops flat in my chest.

"Kat? Who is it?" she asks curious, noticing my probably pale face.

"I-i-it's my boss, Kelly," I stutter, my mouth going dry. Did she figure out my R2D2 disguise? This is not good.
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