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Picture Perfect


-----Kat's POV

As I get closer to the Skate Zone, my heart continues to soar to the top of my throat- I think I'm gonna throw up. I park my car quickly among the expensive black SUVs owned by the players and take a few deep breaths before hanging my camera on my shoulder and getting out of the car. Just breathe, I'm sure Kelly doesn't even know about Claude- who am I trying to kid? I'm probably going to get fired the second I step into her office.


"Hey Kelly!" my voice cracks.

"Hey Katina- sorry to call you so early after the party- I'm sure you had your fun," she replies- I can't tell if she's being sarcastic or sincere.

"Yeah! It was great," I laugh nervously.

"Great- I called to ask if you could stop by my office immediately after practice on Thursday? We have a couple huge things to talk about- I'd rather not do it over the phone," Kelly says blankly. A rock drops to the pit of my stomach making my mind spin- why can't she talk about it on the phone? Probably because it's not ethical to fire someone over the phone! my subconscious chimes bitterly.

"Katina? You still there?" she asks knocking me out of the fight going on in my head.

"Y-y-yes! I'll be there!"

"Okay, great, see you then," Kelly answers and then hangs up rather quickly.

I pull open the front entrance door and it feels like my very first day all over again- except of course only more terrifying. I'm not sure what's making me more nervous, seeing Claude or Kelly- what did I get myself into? Claude's probably done with me- he got me to sleep with him- just another conquest to keep him entertained when he's not on the ice. But then again, I'm the idiot that never answered when he called yesterday morning. As I get closer to the rink, I hear the sound of whistles and yelling, letting me know that drills had already started.

I keep my eyes glued facing forward to avoid risking the chance of connecting gazes with Claude- him and his amazing hazel eyes. As the door latches loudly behind me, I see several heads look my way in my peripherals. I feel like everyone's eyes are on me, burning holes in my fleece- did they know? Did Sean tell everyone about Claude and I's secret night? Or was it Matt that caught a glimpse of me when I was leaving the apartment? I shake my head to expel all negative thoughts from my mind- I'm sure I'm just being paranoid.

"Katina!" I hear my name crisply and my head snaps in the voice's direction; I let out a sigh- thank god it's only Jeff. He waves me over and I give him a nod and a smile as I walk over. He's standing by Coatesy and a camera crew, helping them set up for a segment.

"Hey Jeff," I smile, trying to hide my nerves.

"How'd you enjoy the party? Shame that you had to leave so early," he comments.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah- I uh- was so tired," I try to sell my lie- thankfully he buys it.

Coatesy waves over a skater from the ice as I take some photos while making small talk with Jeff. It's refreshing how nice he is- not manipulative, or so hot and cold- Jeff is just Jeff. All of the sudden I hear Coatesy start the interview, "So we're here with none other than Captain Claude Giroux!" I nearly drop my camera from my face at the sound of his name, thankfully the strap saves it from tumbling to the ground. Explicit memories of Tuesday night flood my mind as I glance at his face adorned with overgrown scruff, and wild helmet hair.

"So tell me Claude, I know everyone was out the other night at the Halloween party, and you didn't have any practices yesterday- how is it getting back on the ice?" Coatesy asks then puts the microphone in front of Claude's perfect mouth. I bite my bottom lip thinking about where his have been on me. "Well it feels really-" Claude pauses- locks his eyes with mine and gives me a cocky smirk, "great," he finishes and looks back to Coatesy. I let out an aggravated huff and Jeff gives me a confused look. Of course to him nothing happened but really it was Claude's way of telling me he had reverted into his usual cocky self.

In a panic, I move to the other side of the rink and try to look like he didn't get under my skin. Why did I ever think Claude was a decent guy?

-----Claude's POV

After the interview with Coatesy, I skate back onto the ice and join my line in shooting drills. "So G, take that girl home from the party?" Wayne asks with a grin from the line to the right of me. I glance around for Kat and see her close by before answering- hopefully she doesn't hear this.

Just as I'm about to answer, Reader chimes in, "yeah! Cinderella even left her shoes behind before skipping out of the apartment while G was still asleep!"

"Cinderella didn't stick around? That's weird," Brayden adds to the conversation from next to Reader.

"That's what I said, he's even keeping the shoes to give back to her," Reader reveals and I shoot him a glare- why was he telling everyone this?

"Ooo is Cinderella more than just a one night stand G?" Wayne asks as he skates back into line, hearing the last part of our conversation.

I let out a convincing scoff, "definitely not- think I'd have to get hit in the head a couple of times with a puck to begin to even think about taking her out. Just want to give her back her shoes so she doesn't come back to the apartment thinking she has a chance. I'm just glad I didn't have to shove her out in the morning- saved me the trouble of doing it," I lie through my teeth. I ignore what the guys have to say next and find Kat still taking photos with her camera in front of her face- I really hope she didn't hear that. It's my turn next; I take the puck up the ice alongside Coots- he's barely looking at me. I pass it to him and he quickly passes it back, trying to test Mase's skills; I shoot the puck but Mase catches it with a laugh and a "try harder next time!"

Coots skates closely next to me, "watch what you say about her when she's so close by," he mutters softly but with intimidation. What the fuck? How does he know? Before I can say anything back, he skates to the opposite line without looking back.

As the final whistle blares signaling the end of practice, I hold back Coots until almost everyone is off the ice. "Hey what the hell was that? How do you-" I begin to say.

"I was with Jules the morning after okay? Kat showed up and she had on your practice shirt you always wear to the gym," Sean answers, "I honestly wish I didn't know because it's none of my business but you really shouldn't be saying those things while she's standing right there- whether you mean it or not."

I just nod my head, "just don't tell any of the other guys- this isn't something that can spread around."

"Of course, G," he responds and files into the locker room where he knows I won't ask him any more questions about it.

-----Kat's POV

Cinderella? Really? That's the best they could think of? She left only one shoe while running from Prince Charming because she was afraid he'd find out who she really was. I left both shoes while running away from hardly what I'd call a prince because I realized how dumb I was thinking sleeping with him would even be a remotely good idea. I dab the few tears from my eyes with the cardboard-like paper towel. Well at least if I do get fired I know how Claude really feels about me now and I can just move on from this whole mess all together.

I fan my eyes with my hands in an attempt to dry them and make it look like I'm not a heart broken teen crying in a high school bathroom. I push open the bathroom door and head up the stairs to Kelly's office where my fate awaits me. "Good-bye dream job, it was fun while it lasted," I murmur to myself just before I knock on her door.

"Come in!" Kelly chimes.

"Good morning!" I say a little too enthusiastically.

"Good morning- have a seat! We have a lot to talk about Katina," she replies and I gulp down a knot in my throat as I sit down. Here we go Kat, look ashamed when she says how disappointed she is I broke the contract and ultimately fires you- but don't forget to beg on your knees with your tail between your legs, my subconscious remarks.

"I am so," Kelly begins to say and I prepare myself for the worst, "happy with your work!" She claps her hands together, "I looked through all of the photos you took at the party- they look amazing and they'll look great in the Flyers Wives Charity book we'll be handing out to fans this year at the carnival!"

I let out a huge sigh and start to laugh- I can't believe I'm not getting fired! She gives me a strange look, "Thank you so much! Sorry I 'm laughing- I uh just remembered something from the party- the guys are too funny," I say with a grin.

"Yeah they're great aren't they? I'm so glad you're getting along with them so well," she smiles, "well, anyways other than that, I wanted to talk to you about maybe taking on an intern from a nearby college- we're trying to get kids for all of the different branches and I know you're new and all but you're doing such an amazing job. Please, think about it, Katina," she says sincerely.

"Yes! I'll definitely think about it- I'll let you know as soon as possible!" I practically cheer. Kelly ends our meeting soon after informing me more about the intern program they're starting this year and about the upcoming away games I need to go on. Once I leave her office, I instantly feel all of the stress melt off my shoulders. With some pep in my step, I make my way to my car, why can't I always feel this good?

"Katina," I hear yelled from across the parking lot- the French accent, thick and familiar; I swear it makes my heart stop beating. Oh yeah, that's why. I turn to see Claude walking over to me; his dark blue jeans and sweatshirt look so good on him. His hair is controlled by a gray beanie tugged loosely onto his head.

"Hey," he says sheepishly.

"Uh- hi," I answer; the awkward tension between us is strangling me. I want to ask him if what he said on the ice about me was truly how he felt but there aren't any words coming from my mouth.

"About the other night- it was a mistake," he admits, "you've got your job to worry about and I've got-"

"Hockey to focus on- I get it," I finish for him -is this what he tells all the girls he fucks? I guess I was just a one night stand to him- another conquest- the rejected Cinderella. I turn to leave before I start lashing out on him in front of tired Flyers making their ways to their cars.

"Wait- Katina," Claude begs, the sadness in his voice makes me think there's more to his speech. He goes to tug on my arm to bring me to him but he retrieves his hand quickly.

"Yes?" I reply, hoping to god he's about to apologize for what he said on the ice about me.

"Your shoes," he begins, "you forgot them at my apartment- let me give them back to you."

-----Sean's POV

"I thought today's practice was pretty good but next week's game is going to be tough- we've gotta beat the devils this time," Schenner says.

"I agree- you gonna get cut by a skate and win the game in overtime for us again Schenner?" Mase laughs.

Brayden of course replies with a cocky "of course but hopefully without getting cut this time though."

Just as I'm about to shoot Brayden's confidence down, I spot Kat and G talking in the parking lot by his car. I wonder if he's being a douche to her face this time. I feel a rough shove on my shoulder, "Coots what's with you? What are you staring at?" Mase asks curiously and sees that I'm watching Kat and G- shit.

"What's going on with them? She looks pissed," Schenner comments.

Suddenly I see Claude pull out a pair of blue stilettos out of the back seat and hands them to Kat. What the hell were you thinking G? Why would you do that now?

"What the fuck- why's he giving her a pair of shoes?" Mase asks completely confused- he obviously didn't hear Reader sell out Giroux on the mysterious one-night stand girl.

"Wait- is Kat? Is she Cindere-" Brayden starts to ask but I punch him in the shoulder so he stops his sentence. He mouths to me, "what the hell?" and I just give him a glare back- thankfully, Steve doesn't notice our altercation.

"Kat is what?" Steve looks to Brayden for an answer.

"Uh-uh what? What are you talking about? Why's she getting shoes from Claude let's direct our attention that way," Brayden stutters and I can't help but to shake my head at his attempt to throw Steve off.

"You okay Brayden? Get hit in the head too much lately or something?" Steve laughs.

"Yeah, must be too many checks into the boards Schenner," I comment and we continue on our way to Steve's car; I sigh in relief as soon as Steve stops asking Brayden about what he was going to say about Kat- thank god he didn't reveal anything. G's lucky it was only us who saw him and not Simmer or Reader- then we'd really have a problem on our hands.

-----Kat's POV

"Uh, here you go," Claude hands me the infamous blue heels from a bag in his passenger seat.

"Thanks- uh sorry I left them," I comment awkwardly- trying not to let the disappointment I was feeling seep into my voice.

"No problem, so I guess I'll see-" he begins to say.

"Yeah- uh see you later Claude," I spit out and turn away before I let him see right through my act. I power walk back to my car, get in the driver's seat, and throw the stupid heels into the back seat; they land with a harsh thump.

When Prince Charming gave Cinderella back her "glass slipper" they fell deeply in love, got married, she became a princess and they lived happily ever after in an enormous castle somewhere in Europe. Instead, when my not-so-charming guy gave me my "cheap Target slippers," we didn't fall in love at all: no sparks, no fireworks. All I got was disappointment, a broken heart, and an awkward silence. The only thing I have are these stupid heels and a bitter aftertaste from the most amazing night I had with my fake prince in his castle-like apartment somewhere in Philadelphia.
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