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Picture Perfect

Drunk and Drenched

-----Kat's POV

"Kat! What are you doing?" she yells as she grabs my phone and ends the call with Claude.

"Hey no fair! You get Laughts- I need a hockey player too- well," I giggle, "I had one but unfortunately it's against the rules for me," I shrug and laugh again drunkenly.

"Holy shit- so there is something between you and Claude, I knew it!" Tess screams and I retrn her comment with a loud shush. I sloppily put my finger over my mouth, "no one is supposed to know- only cute lil Bray and shy lil Sean know about it."

"Spill already!" she says yanking me to a corner where it was little quieter.

"So you really wanna know what happened between captain and I?" I ask with a drunken smile thinking about that night. She nods her head vigorously.

"Well, funny story," I grab the hem of my crop top and stretch it out of me, "it was the annual Halloween party and he was a teenage mutant ninja turtle- this one," I say as I point to Michelangelo on my shirt. "Long story short, we danced, we kissed, he took me to his apartment and well you can guess the rest."

"Are you serious?! What happened after?"

"Well naturally I got the hell outta there as fast as I could and got back to my apartment with no shoes doing the walk of shame. That week I was referred to as Cinderella by the team and I can't date Claude or anyone on the team cause I'll lose my job if I do," I inform her quite frankly, surprised my words didn't get twisted up in my mouth. "But I think you already knew the whole lose the job part right?" I ask aloud, scrunching my eyebrows in confusion.

"Someone needs to make a romance movie about you guys," she swoons over our 'forbidden' love story, "I can see it now, Beauty and the Hockey Player," she grins goofily and I burst out laughing.

"Too bad it'll never happen and he's totally over me by far," I roll my eyes and fight back a grimace. My heart twangs with pain- I wish I could actually not care about what he felt about me.

"Are you serious? You're totally fooling yourself Kat," she yells to be as a song begins to blare over the speakers.

"No I'm not I can't think about hi-"

"There you girls are," Laughts says with a big smile with a giant goalie standing behind him.

"Oh hey Scott," Tess whips around to face him eager as hell to have him ask her to dance.

"Are you guys having fun?" he asks the both of us but his eyes were glued to Tess's.

"Just ask her to dance already Laughts," I yell making the two of them blush, "the night is still young!" I giggle.

"And you're pretty far in already with the drink count," Steve retorts with a chuckle.

"Gotta do it while ya can during the season," I grin tipsily, I turn my gaze back to Tess and Laughts but they were already gone. "I didn't even see the love birds leave," I pout as I search for them in the crowd, looking past Steve the giant. "Perfect timing I just need to make a call real quick," I smirk and pull out my phone- Tess wasn't here to save me from myself. I press the call icon successfully after I accidentally push the face time button a few hundred times. Steve doesn't ask any questions and instead waits patiently next to me with his forearm on my shoulder as I place the phone to my ear.

"Hello? Kat?" I hear almost immediately.

"G-Baby, Roo, Captain!" the words spill from my lips happily. Steve gives me a weird look and wave a hand in his face in response.

"Did you call G?" Mase asks to make sure he heard me right.

"Yes! Now SHHH!" I yell at him drunkenly over the music.

"Kat?? Are you there? Do you need me to come get you?"

"Slow down there cappy! I'm here! So sweet you offered to come but no I'm not a damsel in disssssssssstress," I giggle wildly, " I called to ask you why aren't you hereeeeee?" I whine.

"I needed to relax," he fights back a laugh, "are you okay? How many drinks have you had?"

"Tooooo many to count- you need to stop being lame and get your butt down here!" I yell with a grin, hoping he'd change his mind about coming out tonight.

"Gimme that," I hear above me and Steve swipes the phone out of my loose, small hands with ease. I can barely even hear what Steve is saying with the music playing so loud but the conversation is quick and hangs up. I hold my hand out with a pout and wait for him to return my cell. He hands me my phone with a charming smile, "here you go- you can have this back now."

"I hope you know that was inCREDibly rude Stevie and I-"

"Come on," Steve says over the music, cutting me off "let's dance," he tugs on my hand and pulls me through a crowd like a balloon on a string. My frown quickly turns into a beaming grin as we file to the dance floor finding Tess, it had to be illegal to have this much fun. With my buzz at a harmonious high, I happily dance along to the beat of a song with Steve- he was always fun at post- game celebrations; some of the guys like Sean and Neuvy were too shy for their own good. After dancing for a while alongside Tess and her hockey prince charming, I wondered what mine was doing. Don't think about him, my mind screams at me as Steve twirls me around a couple times. I push Claude out of my head successfully for another few songs and get a couple more drinks in me with Mase who was pretty drunk by now.

"So Cinderella, want to keep dancing?" Steve asks with a big grin.

"Of cour-" the smile on my face disappears and I stop dead in my train of thought, "what did you just call me?"

"Nothing- are you drunk- you're definitely hearing things," Steve stammers and takes a swig of his beer.

"I may be drunk but I'm not crazy," I pull Steve aside where it was a tad quieter.

"Look he didn't tell me anything," he confesses, "I saw him give you a-"

"A pair of fucking high heels right?" I groan in frustration, "does anyone else know?"

He scrunches his face, trying to think, "I don't think so just Sean and Schenner right?"

"Well don't tell anyone," I warn him. He holds up his hands in surrender, "hey I'm an angel, remember?" he says with a devilish smirk and I can't help but to let out a laugh.

I pat my hand on his chest a few times, "100% angel Masey," I say sarcastically in a tipsy giggle, "so, why would he be jealous?"

"Kat don't be ridiculous- you know why," he rolls his eyes at me.

"As far as I know he just wants to be buddies, pals, amigos- which sucks but imagine if we started dating- it'd be a fucking mess, right?" I say before I can catch myself; the alcohol flowing through my system was telling my brain it was okay to say everything out loud. "I mean I'd lose my job, he's a prick, it would just get so messy."

"It has the potential to get messy- doesn't mean it will Kat," Steve corrects me.

"Let's not talk about the captain that's too lame to come out and party," I say quickly, avoiding the truth of what Mase said, "let's forget about him!"

Mase just gives me a smile and a nod in agreement; I turn to go back to the dance floor when I slam into hard figure that could've been mistaken as a brick wall. I almost fall over but the hockey player behind me keeps me from breaking my ass (once again). "Shayne!" I practically scream out of excitement when I see it's him in front of me. He had become one of my favorite rookies quickly- along with practically every other Flyers fan.

"You look like you're having fun Kat," he slurs with a bright smile, "I think I saw your boy in the crowd of people."

My heart instantly flutters and humps in my throat, "Giroux's here?" I ask, my eyes searching the crowd with hope.

"No, no," he corrects me, his face riddled with confusion, "Parker..."

Shit shit shit shit- think of something Kat, my drunken subconscious yells at me, "Oh yeah of course Parker! I thought you meant someone on the team," I try to sell my lie convincingly with a fake smile, and lucky for me Shayne was drunk so he believed it with no questions asked.

"I'll let you get to it then, have fun guys" he smiles and walks past Steve and with a nod.

"Your boy, eh? Thought you guys were just friends," Steve asks with a smart- ass smirk.

"Yeah boy- like home boy," I swat at his shoulder playfully and try to ignore the grin dancing on his face.

"Home boy? Haven't heard anyone say that since 2004 Kat," he laughs.

I just shake my head at him and roll my eyes, "just shut up and dance with me," I yank his arm and he follows without a fight. I keep an eye out for Parker while we danced- not that I was trying to avoid him it's just I didn't want him to see me this drunk already and we've only been on one date. "Kat!" I hear behind me and Steve stops dancing. Shit I spoke too soon.

"Parker! I didn't know you were here," I lie through my smile.

"Yeah some of the guys told me about it. You look great," he says as he glances at my outfit.

If he wasn't so easy on the eyes and didn't look so damn good it'd be easier to avoid him right now. With his already 'sex god' status when I'm sober, looking at him through liquor hazed eyes made him look more irresistible. "Thanks, you look hot," I let out by accident and I feel my face flush a dark shade of red.

Steve leans down to my ear, "I'll let you two go- I won't interrupt you two but I can't say the same for the other guys," he says loud enough so only I can hear him.

Parker's brawny arms reach out to me, "want to dance?" he flashes a perfect white smile. I reply with a smirk and begin to grind with him to the upbeat song blaring over the speakers. We move along to the rhythm nicely- dare I say it, the physical trainer knew how to dance like a god too- what was this boy not good at? It was refreshing to genuinely like Parker and not worry about work rules keeping us from potentially dating. Despite my undeniable infatuation with Claude, Parker might be the one to get me over it. Hm, Jules would be proud of me. Within the next few songs filled with sweat and Parkers hands traveling my body, somebody interrupts our rhythm.

"Mind if I cut in?" a familiar voice says over the music.

"Brayden," I say under my breath.

He gives me a smile and turns to Parker, giving him a stern look, pressuring him to walk away leaving the two of us.

Parker steps back and exchanges an uncomfortable smile with Brayden, "yeah sure, I'll see you later Kat." I give him a small nod with a smile and he turns away.

"What was that all about?" I ask Bray once the defeated physical trainer disappears behind the crowd.

"He was starting to look a little too comfortable with you," he comments firmly.

I roll my eyes involuntarily, "Bray why do insist on cock blocking me?"

His eyes widen at my choice of words, "listen, Parker just isn't...."

"Right for me? What is it?" I question, cutting him off.

Brayden doesn't answer, trying to chose his words carefully, "just know that we're looking out for you Kat."

"Nope- not good enough of an answer," I shout over the bass blaring- what was he not telling me? I turn away from Brayden and head towards a table some of the guys are occupying. My bubbly drunken attitude had now soured, "Coots what aren't you telling me about Parker," I ask as soon as I reach him. He keeps quiet, taken aback by my attitude, "in fact- all of you aren't telling me something." I scan their faces and they stay stubbornly quiet.

"T-there's nothing to tell- you're just drunk Kat," Delly insists but I wave him off. Something was up and they obviously weren't going to tell me. For once, the guys had made me feel like an outsider- I was totally clueless to something that was worth keeping a secret.

"I get you guys are trying to "protect me"" I throw up sarcastic air quotes, "but I'm not some dumb girl that can't handle herself- I did it fine before you guys and I can do it without you. Have fun with your night."

Being the drunken bi-polar mess that I was, I turned away and practically ran for the door of the club hoping no one would follow me. Buckets of rain fall from the sky as I step out onto the sidewalk.

"Great great great," I murmur to myself angrily. The rain felt cool on my skin but now I was drenched and drunk.

I hail a taxi quickly, and jump in before I hear someone say my name. I tell the driver the name of the hotel and see Sean waving for me to stop but we pull away from the curb before he reaches the cab door. I knew I was making a mountain out of a mole hill but the alcohol had thrown all of my judgment out the window. And maybe there was a part of me that just wanted to see Claude.
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