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Picture Perfect


-----Kat's POV

Come on! I can't be late!" I say into the phone to my brother and then hang up. He insisted on taking Jules and Kyle to the Flyer's Skatezone in Voohrees- he thought it'd be nice to see me work in action. He needed to follow me to the Skate Zone since he was so terrible with directions and they weren't going to stay as long as I was. I just had to show up to take pictures for twitter, Instagram and some more photo's for my own practice- Kelly, one of my bosses, and I thought it would be good before the season went into full throttle. Last week, I finally got my photo ID and some Flyers jackets/sweatshirts that only the staff wear so I could be easily spotted as a worker and not just a fan- I am so ecstatic there's not a strict uniform. (outfit)

I make sure to grab my Flyer's half zip up sweater before running down to my car with Jules when my brother finally arrived- I wasn't going to put it on just yet since the summer heat was still present in the city. Thankfully a lot of the clothes for the job covers up the scar on my neck and arm. When we met up in the parking garage everyone was enthusiastic except for Kyle- I mean he wasn't totally bitter but I could tell he wasn't where he wanted to be, which dulls my mood but I try to push it aside. Isn't he happy for me? This is my dream job after all; the least he can do is put on a smile.

When we get there, I send them through the front doors while I go through the back hallways; it's a quicker and easier way to get to the players' benches. Butterflies take off in my stomach as I get closer to the players benches and I see some players circling the ice through the small windows of the push-through doors. The thought of Claude runs through my mind and my heart flutters wildly; this was the first time I was going to have to introduce myself to all of the players- this feels like the first day of high school all over again.

I push through the doors and the sound of skates gliding on the ice, pucks hitting the posts and boards, and yelling, laughing and talking between the players, fill the icy, crisp air. I stand in front of the doors captivated, watching the players skate back and forth.

"Hello! Can I help you?" a man says waking me from my daze.

"Hi! Yes, I'm the new photographer/Instagram account runner- I was just hired a couple weeks ago," I say excitedly- glad to meet assistant coach Laperriere.

"I thought I recognized you! Great to meet you," he says and sticks out his hand to shake mine, "I'm Ian Laperriere, the assistant coach, you can call me Ian. It's nice to meet you miss-" he says waiting for me to fill the pause with my name.

"Katina Reilly, you can call me Kat though if you want," I smile, "nice to meet you too Ian."

-----Claude's POV

"Come on, you can't be this rusty Schenner," I chirp before we start to skate a couple slow laps around the ice. Soon I hear some quiet chatter amongst the guys and see some smiles flashed my way. It's not until I look up towards the bench and my confusion is finally cleared. I see her talking with Chieff and Laperriere.

"Kat? What is she doing here?" I murmur to myself just before I skate into the boards and all of the guys start chirping and laughing at me. Mase skates over as I start to get up, "I guess you saw her?" he asks letting out a laugh as well and Chief blows his whistle motioning for us to come over before I can reply to Steve.

Some of the guys tap and shove me playfully on our way over to the bench. I take off a glove and run a hand through my disheveled waved hair in hopes of smoothing it out. Why was she here and talking to Chief for that matter?

"Alright guys, we've got a new member of the Flyers family here, Katina. Say "Hi Katina"" he says and motions at us and we all say "Hi Katina" in unison like children. "She is the new photographer for the team and runs a part of the social media for the organization. Listen up now," he adds and steps back, motioning for her to take the stage.

Her face flushes a light pink and I can't help but to think she looks adorable but I shake my head from those thoughts. "Hi guys, you can call me Kat if you want instead of Katina. I'll probably be around a lot taking pictures- so uhm- if I'm ever in your way just let me know," she says with a half laugh at the end trying not to sound as nervous as she really felt. Still dumbfounded that she was here and actually works for the organization, she introduced herself a little more to us giving us a tad bit of her back story. When she is done, she says thanks for your time and Chief steps in to take over practice.

-----Kat's POV

While the guys start their practice, I stand at the bench and start to take some pictures while I chat with the equipment manager Derek Settlemyre who is turning out to be one of the nicest guys- it's a huge relief that so many people here are making me feel so welcome and apart of the Flyers family. As they do some drills, they wait in line near the bench; I decide this is the perfect time to upload a picture to Instagram and I whip out my phone. Just as I take a couple of pictures some of the guys make faces and smile at the camera.

Suddenly I hear a familiar voice that has been running through my head for the past week, "you never told me you were the new photographer."

"You never asked Claude," I retort with a smile and put my phone back in my pocket. Once I make eye contact with him, his hazel eyes send a jolt of electricity through my body, but I try my best not to show it.

"Touché mon amie," he chimes, his French accent rolling off his tongue is almost hypnotizing. I give him a small smile and keep eye contact with him until I turn around to head towards the bleachers where Julie, Kyle and Dex are sitting on the opposite side of the rink.

"Hey guys! Like it so far?" I ask as I approach them.

"Yes!" Jules and Dex say in unison with big smiles on their faces.

"This is so cool sis, I can't believe you get do this," he smirks and ruffles up my hair playfully: his way of saying he was proud of me without getting too mushy.

The only person not saying anything is Kyle, who is currently playing candy crush on his phone rather than paying attention and talking with Dex and Jules which makes me sigh deeply. "Are you not having fun?" I ask as I sit down next to him.

"Nah, why do you say that?" he says then looks up from his phone and gives me a smile.

"Never mind," I reply and he's already absorbed back into his phone.

After a while of talking with the three of them, I decide I should get back to work and take more photos. "You guys should just get going, I'll probably be here for a while longer," I confess.

"If you insist, I've got to get to work anyways," Dex says getting up from his seat and Julie follows.

"I'll see you later at the apartment Kat!" Jules calls as she heads towards the exit.

Kyle gives me a kiss on the forehead and hug that barely lasts for a second, "see ya," he says with a small smirk and follows them through the exit. My stomach turns as soon as he leaves, "what kind of goodbye was that?" I murmur to myself. I try to brush it off as I head to the benches once again to get some good angels for some photos.

"Hey what are you doing for lunch?" I hear someone ask but I don't answer not expecting anyone to be talking to me.

Looking through my viewfinder, Jakub pops up in front of the field of view, "hey did you hear me?" he repeats and I put my camera down and look behind me, "me?" I ask and point myself.

"Yes, of course you," Sean says with a laugh.

"We would love to get to know you better," Steve chimes sweetly with a smile after taking a drink from his water bottle. I start to feel butterflies swarm my stomach as the four guys, along with Claude, stare at me waiting for my answer.

"Uhm sure, I guess I'll go," I say and the words spill out even though my mind was telling me to say no and come up with an excuse.

"Great! We know an awesome place in the city," Brayden says gladly.

"I'd- we'd love to show you around the city too sometime- well if you wanted," Claude stammers.

"No need for that I grew up in the city- I'm sure I could show you a few places," I say with a grin before I can even catch myself- hopefully that didn't come off as bitchy. The guys do a chorus of "ooo"'s and laugh at Claude's embarrassed facial expression.

"She got ya there G," Jakub laughs and shoves his shoulder lightly.

"The place is called Sabrina's Cafe, we'll meet at 11:30? That good?" Steve says after he stops laughing at Claude.

"Sounds good," I reply and Claude and I subconsciously keep each other's gaze for a few moments before they head into the locker rooms soon after.
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