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Picture Perfect

Mixed Signals

-----Kat's POV

"Play any movie I don't mind what we watch," I say to Kyle as he files through Netflix and I take a seat on the couch next to him, wrapping his arm lovingly around me.

"Okay sweetheart," he says with a smile, puts on a movie, grabs the bowl of popcorn from the coffee table, and puts it on his lap.

During the movie I can't help but be distracted. Thoughts about his tousled ginger hair, the way his clothes seem to fit him so perfectly, and his crooked smile that seems to make my heart jump effortlessly flood my mind. What is wrong with me? I have Kyle- a nice guy that loves me. He's sweet, he's practical, he's nice- damn I said that one already. Why am I even thinking about Claude? I'm not on his radar, hell I'm not in the same spectrum he's in. He's not even practical in the least bit and it's silly I'm even thinking about him in this way.

He's a millionaire party boy, with a rough and mysterious side which is not my type- or at least that's what I keep telling myself. I thought we clicked so well- it wasn't hard at all to talk to him but maybe I was wrong. It doesn't help that for the past three days I've been waiting for his name to pop up on my phone and of course it hasn't. What did I expect? I need to get my head out of the goddamn clouds first of all.

"Kat?" Kyle says shaking me from my troublesome thoughts, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine- just stressed about work next week- the preseason is ending and it's the home opener," I lie, only telling half the truth.

"Don't worry you'll be fine," he chimes and kisses me on the forehead before focusing back on the movie. However all I can focus on is the lack feelings I have with Kyle. Aren't I supposed to feel sparks? Feel butterflies whenever I see his smile like I do with Claude? No, no I won't compare him to Claude- I need to stop doing that.


During the warm-ups for the home opener, I gladly take my place on the bench, snap some pictures on my camera and post one to Instagram. Once I see Claude stride confidently onto the ice my heart does a back flip and I try so hard to deny it's happiness. Most of the guys that see me skate by and wave just as I am taking the picture which in turn produced some great/funny pictures.

"Hey Kat," Claude says as he skates by and I try to keep myself from acknowledging the butterflies that take flight in my chest.

"Hey Claude," I say as I take pictures and remind myself about Kyle.

The rest of the night goes by relatively quickly and I snap some amazing pictures of goals, assists and saves made by Steve. After the game I head into the locker room for some pictures to upload to Instagram which doesn't take me long at all.

"Hey Kat! Wanna come out with us tonight?" Zac asks from across the room and gives me one of his devilishly handsome smiles.

"No I'm good," I say as I attempt to leave the locker room.

"Are you sure? It's gonna be fun!" Brayden comments.

I look to Claude who is now staring at me, anticipating my answer while I wait for him to say something like "you should come!" but of course I just get a blank stare and not a warm smile like I was expecting. I look away from him and to Brayden, "Uhm- no I have to check out these photos and then turn them in tomorrow morning," I lie and try not to let my disappointment seep through to my voice. I'm not sure what made me walk out of the locker room faster- my secret embarrassment from thinking Claude would've jumped at the chance to ask me to come or everyone looking at me.

-----Claude's POV

"Dude what the hell is up with you?" Brayden asks as soon as Kat leaves the room.

"What are you talking about?" I ask trying to play dumb.

"With Kat! We can tell you like her- just go for it."

"Listen, I have hockey to pay attention to and I don't need a girlfriend right now- especially something serious I don't have time for it. Plus, she works for the company- I'm pretty sure this will run so much smoother if we just don't get together. Remember Melissa? Wayne and her dated and when they broke up so much shit went up in flames she was fired. I can't do that to Kat and it's just not worth it," I say honestly.

"Alright G, you don't have to bite my head off," Schenner remarks as he walks back to his cubby.

"Wanna talk about it?" Mase says as he sits down.

"Not really."

"Too bad. I think it's good you're thinking of her well-being but that doesn't mean you gotta be a dick to her when she's around- just be friends with her," Mase tells me and gets up to leave me alone to my thoughts.

Truth is, I haven't been able to get her out of my head; her hair, smile, laugh- everything. I just can't put her job in jeopardy- it's not fair to her at all. Besides with the season coming into full swing it'll be easier without a girlfriend, right? Maybe one-night stands are all I can do right now in the relationship department. I put my face in my hands and weigh my responsibilities; friends with Kat, I hope it's as easy as it sounds.

-----Kat's POV

Next morning's practice feels more light hearted since they won last night's game. When I make my way to the bench to snap a couple photos and work with the Flyers TV staff I hear some Brayden talking to Zac about last night and I try not eavesdrop but it's impossible. I hear them talking about G and his time with a "incredibly hot blonde" and my heart falls to the pit of my chest. Claude skates up to them and they continue talking about last night.

"Why am I acting like this- this is so dumb," I murmur to myself.

"What was that Kat?" Zac asks, hearing me talking to myself and the three of them skate closer to me waiting for an answer.

"I said 'I hope Claude got laid so he can start playing better and focus," I say hoping to get a rise out of Claude. Brayden and Zac say "oooooo!" and just as I think they are about to skate away Claude opens his mouth.

"Maybe I'm not the one who really needs it, eh?" Claude half laughs and my heart flutters wildly as he gives me a wink and a panty-melting crooked smile as he skates away backwards. I just smile and shake my head and mouth "good one," to him. I sigh in relief, after him not texting me back and last night I thought he completely dropped me.

After practice, as I am about to leave, I hear a familiar voice call my name and I can't help but to smile.

"What do you need Claude?" I ask as I readjust my camera around my shoulder.

"I was wondering if you'd like to get some coffee?" he asks which totally catches me off guard.

"Coffee?" I repeat in disbelief.

"Unless you want to get breakfast or lunch- it doesn't matter."

'I shouldn't go- I really shouldn't go- remember Kyle? Your incredibly nice boyfriend? He would probably love to go for some coffee- say no Kat' I think to myself. "I'd love to get some coffee," I say before I can catch myself. Shit.

"Awesome, I'll meet you out front in 5 minutes? You can follow me there in your car."

"Great!" I say and make my way out of the building. It's just coffee with a friend no big deal- it's just Claude. Claude with the ability to make my heart flutter every time he looks my way, smiles, or smiles- yep just Claude.


When we take our seats outside at a cafe, Claude already has me laughing and I try to ignore the happiness I feel with him. Our friendship is growing surprisingly fast considering we only met a couple weeks ago. We get our drinks quickly and talk easily with each other finding myself drowned in our conversation. My phone starts to buzz against the hard granite table; I ignore it at first still listening to Claude's story.

"Aren't you going to answer that?" he asks.

"Uhm- no, I don't want to be rude," I confess, "I'll call him back later."


"Boyfriend," I correct him.

"Oh.. boyfriend," he says then pauses which makes me nervous, "You should bring him to a game."

I scoff, "he doesn't even like hockey that'd be a waste. I brought him to one of the practices last week and he was on his phone the entire time."

"That guy?" he asks with disbelief and I'm taken aback by his comment.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, no offense but it looks like you plucked him off of a Kohl's poster in the Men's formal section," he says after taking a swig of his coffee and I can't help but to chuckle at his observation- Kyle is always in a polo, a sweater, or a button up shirt with his favorite Sperry's. The fact that he loves to go to Kohl's to get his close really isn't helping his case. "I'm right aren't I?"

I roll my eyes and give him a lighthearted glare, "He just likes to dress nicely- it's better than what you like to walk around in," I remark and try to ignore my thoughts of how good he looks in his simple black v-neck and old dark blue jeans.

"I bet he irons all of his clothes before he wears them- every single one," he comments as I take a drink out of my mug.

I try to think of something to say but it was all true. In college, he made sure to iron his clothes the morning before he'd wear them- even if they weren't wrinkly at all.

"Right again?" he says with a devilish smirk which gives me butterflies but I push it aside the best I can and roll my eyes at him once again. "He looks like a real adventurous and exciting guy," he teases.

"He's a nice guy- stop giving him shit," I say with a soft laugh.

"Yeah, nice -must be pretty boring," Claude retorts with another shit eating grin and my heart twinges at my true feelings for Kyle but I hide it with a smile and take a sip of my coffee. I used to be so sure of Kyle- until I started my new job- until I met Claude.

"I- uh- I have to go," I lie and start to gather my things. I don't know whether it was my questionable feelings for Kyle or my emerging ones for Claude that was making my anxiety climb higher by the second.

"Really?" Claude asks with disappointment making me feel guilty.

"Yeah uh- I forgot my brother was coming over to visit. I'll see you next week," I say in a rush and make my way to my car before he can fire more questions at me. As I start my car I try my best to shove my idiotic romantic attraction feeling for Claude out of my head and think about Kyle and the memories I have with him. Maybe more time with Kyle and distance from Claude is all I need.
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