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American Candy


Hours had passed since Lark had exploded at Nirvana. Now, sitting in the wheeled chair at the desk in the corner, the silver-haired girl felt numb. Actually, she felt something, and it was making her anxious. She looked around the room, taking in all of the destruction that came from the hands of the man sleeping in the bed just a few feet away. She wished that she could sleep as easily as he did. Sleep was always a beast for her, Lark admitted. Even with the medication that she had to take, it still didn’t come. Matty slept with exhaustion and alcohol. It was never that easy for her.

After Lark walked back into the room it was mere seconds before she had Matty pressed against the door. He of course willingly accepted her advance. Without even having to think, the two flowed effortlessly into exploring each other’s bodies. Matty was certainly becoming an expert at her’s. Not that she minded at all, he was good at what he did. The relationship was getting harder for Lark to maintain. She didn’t want to be honest, and he’d rather remain kind of detached. She wasn’t too sure what his motives were, she just knew that it wasn’t for her own good.

The pair had made their own havoc in the bathroom. He cut a line on the sink, and she downed a small bottle of tequila. There had been a lot of biting, clawing and recklessness. Now, coming down off of the sexual high, Lark felt anxious and numb. She wanted to feel more. She wanted to feel disgust. She wanted to feel regret. Lark wanted to have a guilty conscience. She had none of those things, and she couldn’t figure out why.

There she sat, contemplating if she wanted to leave or not. It wasn’t her hotel room, and her stuff wasn’t there. In fact, Lark herself was replaceable. She wasn’t stupid. She was well aware that Matty could have, and probably would, replace her with anyone. The girl started to braid her hair because of how anxious she was. When that didn’t work, she got up and started to pick up the room. It was better than sitting in the same spot; it was better than being numb.
Lark finished just an hour or so later. Before she could make a clear decision about what to do, she left. She didn’t put back on her shoes, or her over-shirt. She walked down the corridor in her tight black pants and a tank top. This was Lark feeling brave. Of course, she was less aware of herself and more aware of the things in her head. She walked straight toward a door, and knocked on it a few times until a familiar face answered.

“What are you doing out here?” Adam asked, turned around to look behind him before he slipped out of the hotel room.

“I’m not really sure,” She admitted honestly. “Can you sit with me?”

“Where?” He laughed looking around before looking back at Lark. “Are you okay?”

“No,” She replied in a dazed voice. “I’m not okay, not really anyway.”

Never in his life had Adam heard someone sound so much like Luna Lovegood. It would have made him chuckle if it wasn’t for the fact that she looked so incredibly lost. He looked around him for a minute before deciding to sit down on the ground. She didn’t need to be gestured, Lark just sat down on the ground and cradled her knees to her chest.

“What’s going on?”

“Nirvana hates me,”

“You did say that you hated her to.”

“I was just so mad. I don’t know how she could do that to me. I’s not like I’m with Matty. We’re not together, and I don’t think that we ever will be. But, Nirvana knows that I don’t sleep around.”

Adam nodded, knowing the background of Lark’s story. He wrapped an arm around the girl’s shoulder.

“She looked miserable,” Adam commented. “I know that what she did was wrong, but I think you need to talk to her instead of yell. She doesn’t deserve it, but you do.”

“Maybe,” Lark sighed. “Adam?”


“I want a real answer on this one...why Maize?”

Adam smiled softly.

“She may be annoying at times, but she gets me,” He shrugged. “We really just clicked and that was it.”


“Why Matty?”

“He’s a wildfire of destruction that one simply doesn’t get away from,” She answered.

The two stayed outside of the hall until early in the morning and they eventually fell asleep. Lark’s head rested on Adam’s shoulder, and he had his head propped against the part of the wall that stuck out. They were only asleep for a few hours before Maize walked out of the room to find Adam sitting down across from the hall. Her heart hurt when she saw Lark.

Maize would be the first person to admit how unreasonable she had been. When she started to sleep with Matty it was like something had taken over her brian. Honestly, she was glad that she got out when she did. She didn’t want to be the cause of an even bigger mess. Maize officially wanted to stay out of Matty’s life. She was sure it had a lot to do with the male who was sitting on the ground, looking incredibly uncomfortable.

She reached down and slowly woke Lark up. The girl stirred and looked unsure of Maize’s welcoming smile. The auburn haired girl didn’t blame the lead singer for being weary. She would have been cautious around herself as well if she had been the other girl.


Lark nodded slowly and gripped her head.

“Yeah...I can’t stay mad at you anyway.”

“It’s hard when we’ve been friends since kindergarten, huh?” She laughed a little.

The silver-haired girl nodded.

“Yeah...but I swear if you ever do it again, I will hurt you!”

“As expected,” Maize laughed. “Why are you out here?”

“I couldn’t sleep,” Lark shrugged.

“But Matty?”

“He hates to cuddle.”

“I guess it’s a good thing that you do as well,” Maize laughed. “What happened?”

“Just my brain being my...well brain.” She admitted, looking right at her friend. “Be good to Adam, okay? And stop being a clingy brat. He’s not going to leave,”

Maize looked a little shocked.

“I’m not that bad.”

“It’s beginning to be like Jordan Tyler all over again,” Lark stated firmly, making Maize laugh as she remembered her high school boyfriend.


“Speaking of, Adam’s not Jordan.” She stated firmly. “He’s a good egg, and I think you should be more open to him. Don’t try to be all over the dude,”

The girl nodded slowly.

“How do you know that he won’t leave?” She finally asked.

“Because he said that you get him. That’s usually boy code for falling in love.” Lark replied honestly. “I’m going to go find my luggage and stuff while you wake him up.”

Maize nodded as Lark left to go search for her bags, and then she turned toward the man sitting on the ground. Slowly, she woke Adam up, and he smiled when he saw her. He wasn’t guarded or playfully rolling his eyes. He was genuinely smiling, and honestly that meant the world to her.


The break coming up is exactly what all of the bands needed. While Reckless Little Hearts and The 1975 flew home to England, Weekend Misery all went their separate ways. Lark flew to Arizona to spend some time with some of her friends and family. Of course she went to see Beau as well. Nirvana went to Florida to meet her grandparents for the week or so. X went back to Seattle with Maize and TJ. They did need to unwind, but the two still had some tracks to wrap up for their third album.

“What’s in Arizona that so important?” Matty asked for the thousandth time.

“For the last time, Matthew, it’s family.”

“Okay…” He trailed off, giving it a rest. “I’m going to be so bloody bored when I get home.”

“But you get to see your family as well,” Lark pointed out. “I’m sure that your brother misses you,”

“You’re right,” He shrugged. “I guess I’ll see you when we get back?”

“Yupp,” She nodded, giving him a quick side-hug before bolting. He wanted to go after her, but he just shrugged. He wasn’t going to be all romantic in front of people. He had an image to uphold.

X and George had no prolonged goodbye, but she did squeeze him extra hard when he hugged her. The dynamic duo became quite the best friends over the past few months. It was going to be very different being without each other for a while. It would take some getting used to.

Nirvana admitted that she missed Lark. She hated what happened, and even regretted it to a certain extent. She never wanted to hurt her best friend like she did. She wanted to fix everything and make it how it was before all of this. Nirvana just couldn’t currently find a way to do that. It was racking her brain. She needed to fix it when they got back or before. She couldn’t decide which one.

Adam and Maize did have a long goodbye. They weren’t snogging or saying gooey things to one another, but they did hug and he kissed her forehead. She had calmed down, and realized that she didn’t need huge romantic gestures. Maize just needed someone who could care about her the way that she cared about them. She needed to give up control and let it just happen. So that’s what she did.
The short holiday was exactly what they were going to need.


“Baby, you gotta pull your head out of the clouds and understand that this George character seems to really care,” Nirvana’s grandmother, Gigi stated. She hated to be called grandma, so Nirvana called her by her actual name.

“Gigi, you don’t get it,” She sighed. “I can’t just understand him. He’s weird!”

“You never will as long as you keep doing what you’ve been doing.”

“What does that mean?” Nirvana sighed in frustration.

“It means get off of the self-centered express and hop on him.”

Nirvana cracked up.

“Gigi, I can’t that okay?”

“Why? Does his penis not work?”


Gigi gave her a warning look.

“Now what did I saw about you calling me that. It makes me feel really old,”

“Sorry,” The raven-haired girl apologized. “I’m just confused, that’s all.”

“What’s so confusing about a boy who’s willing to give you sex and love?” She asked honestly. “Those are hard to find. I got lucky with your G.”

“But you guys grew up differently,” She argued. G was what her grandpa had preferred to be called.

“The rules still apply, baby girl.” Gigi stated in return. “Now, what does this George look like and where can I get one?”

Nirvana rolled her eyes but reluctantly showed Gigi what George looked like. Gigi made Nirvana promise her that if she didn’t bring him home that she would have to move in with her and take her to the male strip club every night. Nirvana shrugged and agreed to Gigi’s demands, because there wasn’t much that she wouldn’t do for her grandmother. The woman was crazy, but she was the best person that Nirvana knew. She gave the best advice.

After Gigi and G went to bed, Nirvana decided to call Lark. She knew that there was a slim chance that she would pick up, but she wanted to try anyway. She answered after a few rings, and Nirvana felt better.

“Hello?” Came a male voice.

She sighed.

“Where’s Lark?”

“Hey Nirvana!” The male shouted. “How are you, gorgeous?”

“I’m fine, John.” Nirvana replied shortly. “Can you please put Lark on?”

John sighed heavily.

“She doesn’t want to talk.”

“Are you guys at a party?” Nirvana asked. She didn’t need a reply when she heard a crash and a laugh in the background. “Where is she?”

“She’s sitting right here.”

“Can I talk to her?”

John pulled the phone away from his face to ask the girl beside him the question. Lark looked up at him with very unsure eyes but she nodded anyway. Nirvana tried her best to be patient on the other side, and Lark took a deep breath. She grabbed her phone and slowly made her way toward the outside deck. John followed closely behind her and waited on the other side of the door.


“Hi!” Nirvana nearly yelled before she remembered where she was. “Why are you at the party?”

“Because,” Lark defended herself, wrapping her black cardigan around her tighter. “John’s bandmates really wanted to throw one because I came here,”

“Why are you there, Lark?” Nirvana asked softly. She knew that it was hard for her friend.

“I missed him,” Lark said honestly. “John’s….well he’s always been the best.”

“I know,” Nirvana nodded slowly. “How is he and Elena?”

“Good,” Lark responded. “My parents and Beau will be here in a few days.”

“That’s good,” Nirvana replied. She was realizing that it was harder to be normal than she thought.

“Where is Beau staying?”

“With me,” Lark laughed. “Where else would he be?”

“I’m not sure,” Nirvana laughed. “So the band’s good?”

“Yeah,” Lark nodded before realizing that her friend couldn’t see her. “They’re doing some shows here in Arizona, and John wants me to come,”

“Are you going to?”

“I don’t see why not…” She trailed off.

“I can give you two pretty good reasons,” Nirvana stated. “Well five actually.”

The silver-haired girl rolled her eyes.

“Okay, name them."

“Beau for one,” She stated. “Two, because you and John just don’t work well. Three, because you can’t keep playing games like this, and four, Matty.”

“I’m not playing games,” Lark defended herself. “and I haven’t heard from Matty this entire time,”
Nirvana chewed on her bottom lip.

“There are people involved that have feelings, Lark. We don’t need a repeat of last year, okay?”

“John and I have moved on,” She stated. “He’s seeing other people, I’m seeing other people. It’s good, honestly.”

“I’m sorry,” Nirvana said instead. “I’m sorry that I seduced Matty. God, I hate that word, but… I am. I’m sorry for hurting you, Lark.”

“....I forgave you the second I said that I hated you,” The girl admitted. “I miss you and I’m sorry to. I love you, Ni.”

“I love you too. Have fun, kid. Don’t get into too much trouble.”

“I won’t,” Lark replied before hanging up.

John was still standing there when she turned around. He was behind the glass door and had his elbow propped against the door frame. In his other hand he held a cup that probably carried whiskey. Lark said she wouldn’t get into trouble, but trouble was staring at her in the face and she couldn’t resist. Lark hardly ever did.


X called George the second that she saw the video. It was hard to avoid, especially the band account being flooded with mentions of Lark and John. X had been laying down some bass when the video went viral. People were freaking out because Lark went onstage with The Maine to sing a song from their new album. She sang with John on the song that he wrote about her. That was the issue.

“George!” X yelled after he had picked up.

“Uh...yes?” He laughed. “What are you up too?”

“Well I was enjoying my time in the recording studio until I saw a video,”

George sighed.

“Look, Matty wasn’t sure that people would even catch on. I know he’s going to regret it, but he’s just uncontrollable.”


“The video apparently?”


“Matty...the video with him and….wait...what video are you going on and on about, love?”

X sighed and ran her hand through her hair. She let an aggravated groan.

“Go to youtube. Make sure Matty doesn’t see,” She instructed.

The male furrowed his brows as he looked at his best mate beside him.


“It’s not awful, but it’s...just..type in Diet Coke Society featuring Lark Kyle….” X sighed. “Call me back as soon as you finish it, okay?”

“Okay…” He trailed off before ending the call with X.

“What in the bloody hell was that about?” Matty laughed. “What are you looking up, mate?

“X told me to watch this.” George shrugged as he waited for the video to load. It was one from someone up front, so they got pretty good quality. George was confused as to why this video was important. It started off by the tall lead singer saying how much they’re having, and how Arizona is the best state. It didn’t seem like they were just saying it either, it was like they really meant it.

The tall man called Lark out on stage. She had her own mic, and he wrapped his free arm around her shoulders. He gave a small introduction to the song and how she had been the one to say these things to him. She laughed reached up as far as she could to give the male a kiss on the cheek. It looked like he winked at the girl before they started the song.

When the song finished, the male lead walked the girl off of the stage, but from the camera’s view it looked like he had kissed her before he went back on. George had to rewind it a few times before he admitted that yes, that was Lark being kissed by another male.

Matty snorted beside him.

“Who in the bloody hell is that plonker?” He stated. “And why is Lark there?”

George shrugged.

“Honestly, I’m not too sure. I need to call X back,”

“Well hurry it up, then.” Matty stated, lighting his cigarette and taking a long drag from it. George hurried to call X back, but the girl didn’t answer the first time. He tried a few more times, and finally she did.

“Did you watch it!?” She nearly yelled.

“Yes, I watched it.” George sighed. “Okay, so she went to a concert and the lad kissed her. What’s the huge deal?”

“The huge deal is that he’s the real reason why she went to Arizona!” X screeched. “This is so bad, George! They can’t get back together right now. It’s just this huge recipe for disaster. Matty and Lark are already in too deep,”

George pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Guess it’s a good thing that Matty’s shagging his ex now isn’t it?”

“George!” Matty yelled, punching him in the arm.

“What?!” X yelled. “As soon as we get back, I’m killing ALL of you,”

The tall man quickly said his goodbye’s to the pink-haired girl. When he turned around, Matty was gone. George knew exactly where he was going, and it made him shake his head. He turned back toward the screen and played the video over again.

They’re screwed already and George hadn’t even talked to Nirvana.
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