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American Candy


Matty woke up shaking. His hotel room was absolutely freezing and the blankets that he fell asleep with were pulled off of him. He felt delirious as he sat up as quickly as possible. The pounding in his head told him just how much he had drank last night. He must have mixed something before Lark came back to him. He moved his shoulders and stumbled to the bathroom. Matty didn’t know what to do with himself. He felt too many things and nothing all at once. Was he really falling in love or was he going numb? He didn’t know and he didn’t care.

Before Matty went back into the room he took a long look at himself. He was absolutely covered in bruises that were shaped like Lark’s mouth. He smirked at his reflection, enjoying his memories of the girl. She was completely different in private than she was in person. As they say; it’s the quiet ones that you have to look out for. Shaking his head, Matty walked back out to see just why he was forced so far to the edge of the bed. Lark and Nirvana were cuddled and wrapped tightly in all of the blanket’s on the bed. That was not how he expected to wake up with two women.

“Fuck me,” He groaned loudly. He grabbed his cigarettes and leather jacket before bolting from the room. He walked lazily down the hall and toward the elevator. A woman, who looked no older than thirty-five, stepped out. Matty, looking for anything to take his mind off of his current situation, smirked at the woman.

“Well hello there,” She winked. “Late night, kid?”

Matty rolled his eyes and leaned against the elevator door.

“A bit… nothing like a walk of shame, yeah?”

“Cheers,” She laughed, pushing her fire-red hair off of her shoulder. “Going somewhere?”

“Just to fuck off and moan about,” He smirked lazily. “Wanna join me?”

The woman rolled her eyes but stepped up to him and pushed him into the elevator.

“As long as I’m in charge.” She shrugged.

“Whatever makes you happy, love,” He shrugged like he didn’t care.

So the woman dropped to her knees and Matty let his head fall onto the glass wall.


“Are you okay, N?” Lark asked for the thousandth time.

“I swear if you ask me that again, I will kill you,” Nirvana rolled her eyes. “I’m just done.”

Lark crossed her arms over her chest as her best friend acted like she didn’t care.

“I’m sorry for being concerned!”

“Stop smothering me!” Nirvana nearly yelled. “Gees Lark, not everyone wants to talk about their feelings okay?!”

The silver-haired girl bit her lip to keep herself from yelling back. Nirvana waited, but Lark never said another word so she left. Nirvana couldn’t take anyone else’s shit; she had too much of her own to worry about. Without another word passing between the two, Nirvana left and went to her own hotel room. The raven-haired girl started to cry as soon as she shut the door behind her. Nirvana slid down to the floor, unable to make it to her bed at the moment. She kept telling herself that she was fine, but she knew that she wasn’t. She was falling apart; unsure of what else to do. It felt like hours had passed, but she eventually made it to her bed. She pulled the blanket over her head and ignored everything.

Hours passed and Nirvana never moved. It wasn’t until there was insistent knocking that Nirvana finally got up to answer the door. She shouldn’t have been so surprised to see George there. She didn’t greet him in a friendly way. It seemed like he didn’t care either. He didn’t say anything, just pushed past her and into the room.

George shrugged off most of his clothes, leaving only his tight black jeans on. Nirvana didn’t say a thing, but she crawled onto one side of the bed. George took the open invitation and slid in behind her. She didn’t cuddle to him, but he laid close enough to let her know that he was there. The water filled up her eyes and she tried not to let them spill over. It didn’t work. Neither did her sad attempt at shoving George’s arm from around her when he noticed. They didn’t speak; they were just existing. Nirvana’s heart couldn’t bare communication and that was okay with George. For the first time, George actually understood her.


“So you have a girl, curly?” The woman asked. Matty had started calling her Red, but only because he couldn’t remember her name. He just shrugged his shoulders and tugged on his jeans whilst she watched from her bed. He paused after he got them up his hips to take a long drag of his cigarette.

“Why do you ask?” He questioned, blowing out the smoke. “You got a man?”

Red rolled her eyes.

“My husband is away at his conference and I tagged along.”

Matty rolled his eyes. Bored trophy wives were way too easy.

“Good for you,” He zipped his trousers up.

“Hey, I’m just asking questions, love.” She admitted. “I was sure I saw your face on social media with some blonde, but you never know.”

“What do you mean?” He laughed.

Red smirked, pulling her body up with the thin sheet wrapped around her.

“Oh…. you are him, aren’t you?” She snickered. “Well you don’t have to pull me arm, I’ll show you,”

“Whatever,” He shook his head, tossing his leather jacket over his arm. “I’m going to be late.”

“There!” She announced, shoving her phone in his direction. Matty wanted to humor the woman, so he took the phone from her to view the photo. Matty honestly didn’t remember much of the night that the picture was taken. Obviously he was pissed, but he was also very much all over Lark. Matty was now intrigued so he kept scrolling until he saw a thirty second video. He pressed the play button and watched as his video self shoved his tongue down Lark’s throat and gropped her in public.
He also noticed that she got a little tense at the first of it before melting. God, it was sick but Matty had her in the palm of his hand. She was so wrapped around his pinky that it was unfair. At least, that’s what Matty thought.

“What about it?” Matty laughed. “She’s not my girlfriend, love.”

Red rolled her eyes and took her phone back from him.

“So was that who you were running from?”

“I don’t run, that’s a bit messy.” He stated. “Just taking a quick break, obviously.”

“Careful with those breaks, darling. Next thing you know, you’re married and then your life is over.” She sighed dramatically.

Matty chuckled a little bit.

“Thanks for the advice, Red.”

“No problem, curly. Don’t have too much fun, alright?”

“No promises,” He winked before walking toward the door.

The last two hours of his life had been spent doing lines and fucking and chatting before fucking again. When he felt the high coming again, he offered to cut some more lines for the pair. Trophy wives really were way too easy to get ahold of. Matty didn’t mind, of course, he got laid and high out of it. He assumed that he should feel guilty, and he did somewhere in his body. He was just too concerned with losing his high that he didn’t care. He had a show tonight anyway.

“Hey,” Lark sighed when she nearly ran into his as he exited the elevator.

“Hi,” He replied coldly.

“Really? No, Matthew?” She sighed. “I came to fucking tell you that I was sorry for last night, but nevermind.”

Matty rolled his eyes.

“Don’t worry about it, love.”

“I won’t.” She snapped back before getting onto the elevator. Matty started walking away before the doors even closed. He had a song to write and a show to prep for. Lark could wait.

Lark stepped onto the ground floor only to be swarmed by fans that had found out where they were staying. They started throwing both threats and questions at her. Feeling overwhelmed, she shoved through the fans and toward the exit. They followed her, yelling and screaming until she turned around.

“Why do you care?! It’s not like he cares about anyone but himself? Really, you all have got to get a life. He’s not that great,” She stated before storming off as quickly as she could. Lark didn’t know where she was going, but she couldn’t be there anymore. Of course she was the one to get chewed out because Matty was so freaking perfect according to the fans. He wasn’t and Lark knew that. She knew what kind of person she was dealing with yet she couldn’t let him go. She was stuck.


“Matty, love your hair is everywhere,” One impressive Denise Welsh stated as she looked at her eldest son. As quickly as he could, he shoved himself up from the couch. Louis, Matty’s little brother, met him half-way and hugged him tightly.

“Hi mum,” He chuckled. "How in the bloody hell are you here?"

"To see you, of course. Don't be so ungrateful. The ride was long,"

“How was the tube?” He shook his head

“Boring, darling.” She winked. “Louis hated it.”

“I would have preferred to have driven.” He admitted. “Where’s G?”
Matty rolled his eyes.

“Who bloody knows these days.” He admitted before ushering his family to sit down. “I’m chuffed you’re here and all, but I thought you’d come to the Manchester show? What in the hell are you doing here?”

Denise rolled her eyes.

“A mate of yours sent tickets to us,” Louis laughed, sitting down beside his brother. “I think the name was Lark? What kind of fucking name is that?” He laughed.

“Louis, language,” Denise playfully stated, but she didn’t mean anything by it.

“Lark is...well”

“Is standing right behind you,” She laughed lightly. “You must be his family.”

Denise, while looking sort of surprised, just smiled at Lark.

“Denise Welsh, love,” She stated. “This is Louis.” Louis was too busy staring at Lark to realize that he was being spoken about.

“Who apparently can’t speak today,” Matty rolled his eyes. “Soundcheck go well?”

Lark shrugged and tugged at her long hair.

“It went,”

“I can make you feel better,” He smirked, unapologetically.

“Matthew,” She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Has he always been like this?”

“Yes,” Denise laughed. “He’s always been a bit of a rockstar, the little bugger.”

“Lark’s a girl?”

“Last time I checked,” Matty winked at his little brother.

“Sweet,” Louis laughed, looking over at the silver-haired girl. “Thank you for the tickets,”

“You’re welcome. He’s been moping around for weeks so maybe this was perfect.” Lark answered honestly. “George is looking for you,”

“okay,” Matty shrugged. “Tell him the love of his life is here,”

Lark furrowed her brows, but shrugged and walked off anyway.

“Matthew!” Denise laughed. “She’s gorgeous!”

“Proper brat sometimes,” He stated. “What about her?”

“I think she’s hot.” Louis answered smugly. “Can I get her number?”

George rounded the corner and laughed as Nirvana and Lark filed in behind him.

“Get in line, Little dude,” He stated. “Hey Denise,”

Nirvana rolled her eyes as George’s entire focus turned toward Matty’s mum. Lark went to go sit near Denise, but Matty pulled her down beside him in the process. He was her biggest fan at the moment. She nearly knocked her head against his, but ended up hitting her elbow on his tigh.

“Dammit, Lark!” Matty sighed.

“Don’t you ‘dammit, Lark’ me! You tugged me down, you neanderthal.” She mocked him. “It’s your own damn fault.”

Matty rolled his eyes but kept an arm around her. Lark was sick of his tug-of-war attitude. She never did know what he was thinking.

“Aren’t you lovely,” Denise laughed. “He needs a strong woman in my opinion. And Matthew, love, if you keep rolling your eyes then you’re going to have them stuck in the back of your head.”

“She’s right, Matt.” George stated, putting his shoes on the coffee table.

“Shoes off of the table, dear.” Denise chidded George.

He was smart enough to look sheepish. The group continued to laugh and joke until it was show time. After Misery Weekend finished their set, Lark stood beside Denise and Louis at the show. Reckless Little Hearts had the night off so they were all galavanting around the town. Nirvana disappeared to the bus and X stood next to the speaker by herself. Maize was nowhere to be seen either, and honestly Lark was glad.

Denise and Louis stayed until late in the morning before returning to their hotel room. Matty stayed behind to see them off while Lark went on up to her hotel room. She hadn’t planned on sharing with Matty this time. When the man knocked on her door, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. He pressed her against the wall, trying to express his gratitude the best way that he knew how. He turned his back to her just long enough for her to slip a pill between her lips and tip her head back.

Matty was filled with an odd affection

Lark was filled with anxiety and drugs.
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