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American Candy


Images of the previous night swam around in her head; the endless cycle had not stopped. Family, screams, pain and pleasure. Her body was shaking as she continued to lay down on the floor. Anxiety, angry girls and angry words, flashes of lights and the bleakness of the black. Repeat; again and again. The pills, the look of empty promises. The guilt. The previous night was one for the record books. She just wasn't sure which book they would belong in; future or past…. Or perhaps both.

Lark woke up feeling completely discombobulated. She wasn't sure where she was or when she had fallen asleep. All that Lark knew was that the feelings were always the same; no matter what. Her heart clenched inside of her chest and her lungs began to breathe rapidly. Her arms were wrapped around her knees that were pulled to her chest. Lark tried her very best to hold herself together just until it passed. Her heart beat grew more erotic.

Her eyes flew open for a minute, just long enough for her to check her surroundings. It was light outside. That's one thing she could hold onto; she closed her eyes once more. Lark tried her best to count to twenty before she opened her eyes again. She only made it to five seconds, but that was a small victory. When her eyes opened once more, she looked towards the clock. It currently read half after 8 in the morning. That was two things down. She closed her eyes and made it all the way to fifteen before she opened them again. She could hear the steady rise and fall of Matty’s breathing from behind her; suddenly that was three.

Her chest was starting to loosen up; it didn't feel like it was going to crush her anymore. She found her five things, and it took some time, but Lark had slowly calmed herself down. Her breathing was heavy; her arms still secured around her. Lark was far from okay. Her eyes slowly opened and it was 9:45. Her therapist liked to tell her to clock how long they lasted and how each one felt different from the last. However, lately they all seemed to be the same. Sometimes she had to physically touch five things made out of wood or a deadly earthquake would happen. Sometimes she had to count by fives from one to one hundred and fifty without messing up or something would happen to Beau. Today, she had to identify five different things about the room she was in or the monster from her dream would come back to life. But she survived.

She was going to be okay, she knew that. She was aware of her reality and she was on a personal quest to rid herself of it forever. Lark slowly sat up and again that was no small thing. It was huge for Larkin Amelia Kyle. On most days, waking up had been an utter nightmare. Lark had to wonder if it was the drugs or the lack of the prescription that she was to be taking. She honestly couldn't remember the last time she actually took her medicine. It had to have been weeks, ever since she got back on the drugs.

Matty was still asleep on the floor when she was finally able to stand up. They had spend the night rolling around in the bed and then wherever else that they could. The floor was the last stop that neither felt the need to move from. Now with a crick in her neck and shooting pain in her back, Lark moved to the bed. She sat on the edge and willed herself to get back to sleep. Part of her wanted to wake the sleeping man on the floor, but her inside twisted at the thought of moving from her spot. Fear made her stay.

One day, Lark thought, this wasn't going to happen anymore. She wasn't sure which specific thing she meant it toward, but she thought it might have been general instead. Eventually the anxiety attacks would stop. Eventually the tour would be over. Eventually Weekend Misery would have to go back to Seattle and be with their families. Eventually Lark was going to leave Matty behind, and for some reason that really hurt her heart. The fondness that had grown in her heart toward Matthew took her by surprise; she wasn't sure how long it had been there.

“Lark?” His barely understandable morning voice spoke out. There was a long pause but no sign that he had moved. She waited and when nothing came, she finally spoke.

“I’m on the bed, love”

Matty slowly picked himself up off the uncomfortable carpet. It didn't take him long to notice that something was wrong with Lark. She was staring blankly at him, almost as if she couldn't even see him. Matt shivered as he walked closer and sat down beside the girl. He simply wrapped his arm around her shoulders, and she willingly leaned into his side. Lark wanted to feel safe, Matty realized. He knew that he had never felt that safe with anyone before in his life. Lark didn't make him feel safe; she made him feel out of control in a way. He got carried away with the gorgeous silver-haired girl.

“What do you need, love?” He asked instead.

“My small pink bag,” She took in a deep breathe. “Inside. There's three, just bring them.”

Matty looked inside the pink bag and found three orange pill bottles with tightly sealed white lids. One for anxiety, one for depression and one for what he assumed was sleep. Out of curiosity, he turned them over and read all about the side effects. The more he read the more he wanted to flush the pills down the toilet. The side effects alone made him concerned if they were worth it or not. When he sat back down beside Lark, he carefully handed the three bottles over to her against his better judgement. She took one pill out of each bottle before dry swallowing only two. She took a moment to stare at the final pill in her hand.

“I don't even know why I take this one. It never works and just makes me nauseous.” She stated, opening up the bottle and putting it back in. “It's for sleep.”

“Then why are they prescribed to you?”

She sighed dreamily, and Matty usually knew that meant she wasn't completely focused. She looked up at him with determination in her face. She shrugged.

“I've been prescribed them since I was fourteen. They haven't worked, ever.”

“Yet you have them…..”

“Sometimes it's just easier to lie,” Lark answered. “I don't like being a lab rat.”

“Then stop.”

Lark wished it was that easy


Bexley Dieanna James woke up on the day of her birth feeling like she was on top of the world. She felt like she could do anything in the world, after all it was her twentieth birthday. She looked beside her at the empty bed and smiled. She felt like she did something right by waking up alone. X didn't need a man to keep her happy. She was perfectly happy on her own this morning. Ross would be waiting to meet her for breakfast soon, and she beamed.

X got up and dressed in her favorite crop top and high waisted skinny jeans. She put her Doc Martens on, and braided her bubblegum colored hair. As soon as she drew on her perfect winged eyeliner, she marched to the door of her hotel room that she had to herself last night. When she pulled the door open, she saw chocolates and balloons waiting patiently for her. Her smiled widened as she picked them up. Today was going to be a great day!

X confidently walked toward Ross’ room and knocked softly, in a loud kind of way, on his door. She rocked back and forth on her feet before the door opened and one sleepy-eyed Ross answered the door. He looked genuinely confused for a moment.

“You got me balloons?”

X furrowed her brows. His confused face mirrored her own.

“No, don't be vapid.” She rolled her eyes. “Breakfast?”

“Oh! I'm sorry, I honestly forgot.” X chewed on her bottom lip as Ross invited her in to wait while he changed into some actual clothes. He didn't talk to her while he got ready, but after brushing his teeth he did press a small kiss to her lips. “Okay now breakfast. And maybe you can tell me about the balloons while we eat?” He laughed.

“Sure!” She tried to remain upbeat and positive. The two went down to the breakfast bar where pretty much the rest of the group was currently staying. Nirvana looked like death, but she was leaning into George’s strong side now. Adam and Maize were talking animatedly over their coffees in hushed voices. Lark was perched on Matty’s lap with her whole body practically turned toward him. His arms were wrapped around her and one rubbed soothing circles on her back while the other cupped the back of her head. It had been a long time since Ross had seen anything quite so intimate from his best friend.

“Bexley, my love!” George exclaimed while Nirvana moved off of him so he could get to her pink-haired best friend. X laughed as George scooped her up and spun her around. “Happy birthday, love”

X beamed up at her best male friend in the entire world.

“Thank you, Sir George!”

“Did you receive the gifts?”

X’s face hurt from how hard she was smiling.

“You're the literal best!” She gushed. “Thank you so much. It meant the world.”

“I got your tiara as requested. It's on the table” George laughed and Nirvana rolled her eyes. X moved over to put on the most obnoxious rainbow colored crown with Ross trailing behind her. She sat down at the empty spot diagonal to George, and Ross pulled up one beside her. “How old are you again? Twelve?”

“Twenty, but good try Georgie,” She preened as she adjusted the crown on top of her head.

“Haldlfns budnenf”

“She said happy birthday,” Matty supplied when X looked at them weirdly. “And from me as well, love”

“Thanks Latty”

Nirvana snorted some of her coffee out of her nose while George gingerly patted her back. Adam started to laugh from the other end while Matty looked utterly confused. Maize rolled her eyes but she was giggling anyway as the confusion. Lark sighed heavily and Ross looked around the table at the people he called his friends.

“What in the fuck is a Latty?"

“It's a ship name!"

Matty rolled his eyes.

“I know what a ship name is but why am I being called one?”

X’s eyes crinkled as she was filled with amusement. Only Matty, she thought. She knew that it could have went any way, but she was grateful for her friend who was whispering into his ear as everyone else laughed at the table.

“I call you and Lark the name Latty. It's just easier than saying two names and that way I can kill two birds with one stone. The fans love it anyway. I just call you guys that behind your backs.”

“Lark told me to tell you to fuck off…. And she loves you,” Matty rolled his eyes and tightened the grip he had on the girl that was on his lap.

X honestly didn’t even mind, but grabbed a piece of chocolate and chucked it at Matty’s head.

“It’s my birthday, leave me alone.” She stated happily. “What do we have planned for today?”

Ross felt immense embarrassment cross over his face. He actually hadn’t planned anything for his almost girlfriend, seeing as he didn’t know that it was her birthday. He looked between the animated conversation she was now having with George. George’s whole face lit up as he spoke to the bubblegum haired girl. His eyes then drifted to Nirvana and wondered if she was okay. Not for the first time, Ross genuinely wanted to hold her close to him. Without really thinking about it, he got up and offered his hand to the raven-haired girl.

Nirvana felt relieved when Ross whisked her away from all of the overly-happy people in the circular shaped breakfast table. She didn’t have to put on a fake smile anymore. Ross made Nirvana feel like she could breathe for the first time all week. He always made her feel that way, and she was starting to question why.

“Are you okay, today?” He asked softly. Nirvana shook her head once before she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. Ross, while shocked, wrapped his arms back around her rather quickly. They didn’t talk for a while but just stood there in each other’s arms.

“Thank you, Ross.” She sighed heavily. “You always seem to know what I need.”

Ross chuckled softly, pressing a small kiss to her forehead.

“I try, honestly.” He laughed.

“You’re a great friend,”

“But a bloody awful boyfriend. I actually had no idea that it was X’s birthday. Seriously, what a massive dick move? Even George knew that it was her birthday!”

Nirvana rolled her eyes dramatically.

“He’s obsessed with making her birthday perfect.”

“Why?” Ross asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Hell if I know,” She shrugged lazily. “He just is.”

Ross nodded his head, but he really didn’t reply. He let that sink in; His best friend cared more about his girlfriend than he did. He thought that might not have been completely true because he did honestly care for X. He just didn’t put the thought into her birthday. The longer that Nirvana and Ross stood there, the longer that Ross convinced himself that he cared enough about X to make her have the best birthday ever.

“Hey…” Adam said slowly as he walked into view. He looked between the two of them, coming to his own conclusion of the situation, before he spoke again. “George is looking for you both.”

“Here we are,” Nirvana stated. “We’ll be right back, okay?”

“Okay…” Adam nodded and gave them one more look before he actually left.

“We should do something fun tonight,” Nirvana stated. “We should stay in and watch scary movies.”

“Okay,” Ross smiled in agreement.

The smile on her face was worth it.

The pair gripped each other one more time before they headed back into the breakfast table. Lark was no longer on Matty’s lap and George had his arms around X. Maize and Adam were pouring more coffee for the entire table when Ross and Nirvana finally sat back down. As Adam surveyed the area again, he got an odd feeling in his stomach. He felt like this all was about to come crashing right back down. He didn’t want to be there to help pick up the pieces this time. Adam Hann wanted nothing more than to just be.

X sighed happily and leaned into George’s embrace. He chuckled slightly, but allowed the girl to stay snuggled close. He felt his heart fill with affection. He would be the first person to admit that he loved their relationship with each other. X really did just get him, and he wanted to make her happy. He felt responsible for the best birthday ever.

“I want cupcakes.” She stated finally, looking over at Lark and Matty. “Do either of you care to join us?”

Lark looked like shit.

“Sure, if you don’t mind waiting for us to get ready?” She replied instead.

X nodded excitedly.

“Yes! Go! Hurryyyyyy,” The girl replied.

George chuckled and Lark slowly pulled Matty up to his feet. The pair stumbled a little bit, but they eventually got out of view from the rest of the group. Maize sighed heavily and rolled her eyes at the pair. Yes, Adam made her happy. Yes, she was rather bitter about what Matty did to her. And yes, Maize still wished that Lark and Matty weren’t always all over each other. It made her feel like crap. But she was happy.

“So, twenty, huh?” Adam asked the pink-haired girl.

“Yes,” She laughed happily. “I’m twenty!”

“I loved being twenty,” George pouted. “It was a bloody fantastic year.”

“I bet,” She rolled her eyes. “What do you have planned for me today, my dearest Sir George?”

“Well, first cupcakes for you,” He started. “Then we’ve got an art museum to go to, followed by a movie and then a trip to a few local bars.”

“You’re lucky that we’re off tonight,” Adam sighed. “George goes all out for birthday’s.”

“You were awful at planning Matty’s,” X accused, looking at George as much as she could. “And he’s your best friend,”

George rolled his eyes and shrugged.

“Bexley, my darling, please don’t contradict Hann. It’s rude,”

X pinched George’s side, but he didn’t even flinch.

The group laughed, but Maize eventually wandered back upstairs while Lark and Matty made it back down. They were dressed and presentable, but they all guessed that they had a quickie in the bathroom. That assumption was right, as the tell-tale signs of Lark’s hair. Other than that, the pair looked like they were ready to go just as much as everyone else. They were about to walk out when Nirvana and Ross showed back up. No one said anything, but it was clear that they were almost left behind without much thought.

They ubered to the nearest bakery, where George paid for all of X’s cupcakes. Looking at the smile on X’s face was enough to make his heart jump with glee. Though he was sure she had experienced a lot in this world, she never really let it take such a huge toll on her. He was inspired by her in every way.

Nirvana felt like she was being pushed out of their lives. She felt overwhelmed so she stuck to Ross’ side. He knew what she was feeling, even if she didn't know it herself. He got it. Ross thought that he knew what was going to become of all of them once they finished this leg of the tour and he wasn't ready for the aftermath. Honestly, who would be?

“Happy birthday, love!” George shouted, placing a huge kiss on the side of X’s cheek as she liked the frosting that was the same color as her hair off of her finger.

The Raven-haired girl fumed and carefully constructed her plan of attack. Nirvana felt out of control and she started to formulate a plan that would be both self destructive and devastating to everyone around her. She felt sick to her stomach. She knew that she could truly stop herself if she tried. She just didn't want to try.


“Slow down!” Adam laughed as he pulled the bottle from Lark’s grip. She pouted her lip out in an exaggerated manner, and made her eyes larger than normal. Adam’s smiled spread across his face as soon as he saw her pout. She was ridiculously adorable, he admitted. Though he was very drunk, Adam still had eyes that were functioning.

“You suck!” She laughed before grabbing the bottle back. She didn't think twice before tossing it back. Beside her, Matty played lazily with her thigh and just stared at the girl beside him. He had already drank an excessive amount and now wanted to just watch the girl he was sure he loved. He was enthralled by her adventurous spirit. He wanted to tell her. The alcohol made him stop before the words threatened to leave his tongue.

“Bathroom!” He choked out quickly before he got up to leave. Matty would have said the wrong thing if he stayed there any longer. He needed some fresh air and walked down the dingy hall for the toilets. He weaved around couples of various kinds and shoved himself in-between a few. He was already annoyed.

Adam pulled the bottle from Lark one more time after Matty got up. He gave her a stern look and she looked back blankly at him.

“Adam Hann, you are the worst.”

“I'm going to kiss you now,” he stated before he leaned over and pressed his lips lightly to hers. She kissed back just a little bit so Hann kissed harder. He wanted Lark to understand what he wanted. When he pulled back and looked at her, her face light up like a Christmas tree. He felt like he made the right drunken move, because of the way she was looking at him.

“I missed you!” She proclaimed instead of snogging him again. It took Adam a few minutes to realize that she wasn't talking to him. She got up, stumbled a few times and then flung herself into Matty’s arms. Adam grumbled quietly and nursed the whiskey in his cup. He didn't want to remember it in the morning. Matty’s hand curled into the back of Lark’s longer black shirt. He pressed his lips hungrily into her neck, making sure she was clinging to him tighter with anticipation. Matty was not one to mess with. Judging by the look on Matty’s face as he glared at Adam, he knew that Matty saw everything. Adam felt sick. He hadn’t expected Matty to come back so soon after his disappearance.

Adam silently fumed and wondered where Maize had disappeared to.

Across the room at the bar sat Nirvana and Ross. They were mocking each other loudly as the bartender tried his best to make their drinks in peace. Ross playfully threw peanuts at the poor man and the girl beside him giggled lightly. Nirvana looked happier than she had in awhile. Ross knew that the alcohol was giving her a false sense of self-worth, but he liked the look on her face as she stared at him. He was about to say something when the drinks were finally placed in front of them.

“Fuck,” Nirvana muttered, grabbing the glass gratefully. “This has been the most painful day! I just wanted to spend the day with you and horror movies.”

Ross laughed loudly, tears almost rolling down his face.

“Me too,” He admitted. “Can we just… do that htink were”

“The what?!” She yelled, laughing.

“Words!” Ross laughed again, gulping down his beverage. “We need to leave! This isn’t us! We’re here to appease other people!”

“People that habnt been here allllll night!” Nirvana laughed.

“C’mon Ressy my baby boy! The night is wast-in away!”

Ross preened with affection before stumbling off of his barstool. He almost fell to the floor if the table hadn’t broken his fall. His hand was at an odd angle, but he was totally okay, he swore. He beamed brightly at Nirvana and offered his good hand toward her. She swatted his hand away and pulled herself much more gracefully off of the stool. She grabbed her drink, finishing it off in one gulp and stomped her way out of the bar. Ross followed her quickly.

The camera flashes were blinding but they made their way toward an Uber without too much of a hassle. In the back of the car, Nirvana slid easily onto Ross’ lap and her mouth found it’s way onto his neck. Ross was utterly hooked. He couldn't exactly think straight, but he knew that this was going to happen. He knew Nirvana had a plan before they even left the hotel earlier, and he just let it happen. He was consciously, and happily, following along with the destructive girl on him.

“You're beautiful, Nirvana,” He said softly.

“Shut up,” She rolled her brown eyes. “Kiss me,”

“You are. You're gorgeous!”


“Right, right properities”

“What?!” She laughed loudly.

Nirvana pressed her lips tightly to Ross’ neck. The uber driver attempted not to pay attention but honestly they were quite loud. He made several awkward pseudo-coughs to grab the address from them one more time. Nothing worked. The uber driver drove around the area several times before the pair pulled away from each other and decided to stumble out of the car. They were only a block from where they started.


Maize signed her name the best she could across the dotted line. She scrunched her nose and held the piece of paper closer to her nose to make sure it looked good enough to pass. It was; she decided. It looked like her name and not like she was sleepy at all; or drunk. It definitely didn’t look drunk. She definitely wasn't drunk or anything along that matter. Maize was envious of how George and X looked so completely sober. She was sure they were both on E, or whatever it was that they both took just over an hour ago from a guy who expressed just how good it would be.

John, the saxophone player, signed his name right after her and laughed. He was really cool and joined them for the majority of the day. He said they were insane when they all ran up upon this cozy building after looking for another bar. He also willingly came inside with them so it actually worked. Maize felt proud when she looked up at her two friends.

X looked radiant in her black crop top and white jeans. She haphazardly tossed on a blue tutu over her jeans that was intended for smaller children. The tutu was held in place by a few, larger safety pins. Her rainbow tiara was placed delicately on her head with a trail of white lace martial flowing behind it. George’s outfit was even better. He had borrowed a blue tie to match the tutu and it was oddly short, as it was also meant for a child. His colorful print, ‘90s style jacket clashed horribly, but he beamed. George was beaming brightly over at X as she stood right beside him. He pressed his lips to X’s forehead.

“You are now officially Mr and Mrs. George Daniels.” The clueless reverend stated as he looked at the four adults in front of him. John had just finished his signature on the legally binding document. “You guys look so happy! I don't usually see this happy of a couple come through here.”

“We’re the happiest!!” X stated. “Best birthday present ever, Georgie!”

“You two,” John shook his head. “Are undeniably perfect together!” He lied instead of saying what he was going to say. Whatever it was that he really thought, it didn't matter much anyway. George and X were going to do what they'd wanted to do regardless of what he thought.

“Now remember you have to wait sixty days before divorcing, if this was a mistake. I doubt it with you two though,” the man winked.

Maize laughed as they all thanked him and moved to the changing rooms to take off the excess items.

Perfect indeed.


“You kissed me last night.” Lark deadpanned as she nearly slammed a plate of toast and jam down on the table in front of Adam. His eyebrows rose so high she was surprised that they didn't disappear into his hairline.


“You didn't have to do that.” Lark’s angry jaw clenched shut. “Well?!” She demanded.

“I… I guess I'm sorry.”

“You're lucky that Matty didn't see.”

Adam sighed heavily.

“Oh he saw,”

Lark’s facial expression changed once again.

“Adam Hann, you utter twat! You're supposed to be the good one!” She yelled before getting up and leaving the breakfast on the table. She rushed past a very confused looking Ross. Lark has no words for the rough looking bass player. She just kept pushing herself until she was outside of the hotel building and focusing on her breathing. She pulled out her phone and quickly dialed the one person she felt she could trust still.

“Hello?” A sweet little girl of the age of 7 answered.

“Elena, love can you put your father on? It's Larkin.”

“Sure!” She giggled. “Daddy!!” She yelled loudly before whispering something that Lark couldn't make out.

“Hey you,”

“Hi….” Lark sighed heavily. “This is too hard,” her voice broke.

“What do you mean?”

Lark took shaky breaths as she recounted the whirlwind that her life had been like over the last three months. She spilled her guts out about her weird, dangerous feelings that she had for Matty. She told him about how she felt like she was letting Beau and her family down. She broke down about not being a “normal” person and how her whole reality will never be the same. She told John about how she missed his comforting embrace but for all the wrong reasons, because she couldn't handle being alone sometimes. She told him about Adam and how Nirvana and her were so up and down with their friendship. She was falling apart.

“Adam screwed everything up,”

“I don't think he's the issue, Lark. The issue is you, love. You feel like you're not permitted to-”

Not you too!”

“You're allowed to have fun, you're not allowed to screw up your life. Have you stopped to think about what this is actually doing to you and Beau?”

“Look I know that-”

“No more.” He huffed on the other side of the line. “You can't make decisions like this anymore. You just can't.”

“I don't deserve Beau,”

“No, you don't.” He stated. “None of us deserve the special people in our lives, but we get them. You have to talk to him, Lark. You know he misses you and wishes you called more.”

Lark was silent for a while.

“I know, I need to tell him how much he means to me more.”

“He knows you love him, he just doesn't understand why you have to stay away from him for so long. It hurts,”

She sighed heavily and whipped the tears from her eyes.

“I have to stop being so selfish,”

“Yes.” He sighed heavily. “Listen, you've got two weeks. We are all excited to see you and the band.”

“Thanks.” She mumbled as Elena started complaining about something in her room and John had to go.
Lark was left with the silence and the resolve to be better; do better. She had too. She hadn't been herself for a very long time and it was about time that the real Larkin Kyle came back.


“WHAT did I do last night?!” X screeched so loudly that it woke up everyone in the hotel room. They weren't in the hotel that they were booked to stay in, but one on the other side of the city. Maize looked up at her from the couch; apparently they got a suite with just one bed. The room was decorated with red hearts everywhere and roses. They had no idea where they were.

“I don't know, but I think we had fun.” Maize stated. “You look awful, so you win!”

X rolled her eyes.

“Yes, it must have been spectacular.” She rolled her eyes. “I dropped something red on my favorite white jeans!”
John W entered the suite with cups of coffee that were from the hotel’s breakfast bar. He didn't say anything, just put the coffee in their hands. George was in the shower and John sat his coffee on the table.

“You lot were sloshed,”

“I've gathered that much,” X rolled her eyes. “Why is there red everywhere,”

John snickered.

“Probably because this is the honeymoon suite,”

“Oh shit,” she laughed

Maize giggled and rolled her eyes.

“No wonder why everything is so tacky in here!” She stated. “I thought they just couldn't decorate…”

X rolled her eyes at her friend before facing John again.

“Can you tell me what happened last night?”

“Well….” He trailed off. “I'm not sure if you're ready for that conversation just yet. Let's wait for the hubby,”
X’s eyebrows furrowed. She brought her hand up to pulled her pink hair into a messy bun. Maize started open-mouth at X.

“What is that on your hand? Did you steal that?” She freaked.

“Uh……” X shrugged.

“No you didn't.” John smirked. “Nice, isn't it? You picked it out.”

“It must have cost my entire life’s savings!”

“Hardly. The jeweler gave it to you for a quarter of the price because of George.”

“George?...” X muttered. He barely remembered him at all the precious night. She thought about something to do with a blue tutu, but she honestly wasn't sure. She looked over at Maize for questioning, but the drummer looked even more confused than she did. Nothing was making sense.

“Mate, can you bloody tell me why I'm wearing…” George questioned, coming into the room with a pair of blue skinny’s hanging low on his slender hips. “X? Bexley?”
X’s eyes grew wider as she fixed her eyes on the silver band that wrapped perfectly around George’s ring finger. She got up slowly, walking toward him.

“No. Nope” She stated. “Nope no way. Nothing happened. Nothing.” She said repeatedly as everyone stared at her. John’s lazy smirk found permanent residence on his face. He nodded his head toward a red and yellow-cream colored cake that perched on the counter. It was accompanied by a vase full of red rose. “I'm dreaming right now. This is

X couldn't believe her eyes even when she read the partial cake.

Congrats to The Daniels

There were fingerprints dragged through the red icing that speciously matched the same shade that was on her pants.

“What?” George laughed, joining her and looking at the cake. X could feel his shock mixed with her anxiety. He reached over to the roses and plucked the card from the holder. “The Rosemount Staff extends their sincere congratulations…on your…. m-marriage…..” He paused looking up as Maize gasped.

“What?!” She shrieked.

“Congratulations on your marriage. We look forward to serving Mr and Mrs. George Daniels and company for the duration of your stay….” George continued and looked up at X. “We uh…”

“I got it!” She freaked out. “Oh my fuck, this isn't happening. This isn't happening.”

George looked over at John.

“Mate, this is a joke right?”

“The copy of the papers is placed in the bedroom. It's legal, as it turns out. I've been looking all morning about how to get out of it. You just have to wait it out 60 to 90 days. You're married now, for better or worse,”

“What?!” X yelled.

George’s face couldn't hide his feelings. He looked sick to his stomach as he looked over at his wife. His wife that was also his best mate’s girlfriend. His wife that was best friends with the girl he thought he loved.

“How did we even come to this conclusion?” He asked instead of yelling.

“Well, that is unclear as you called me to meet you at the chapel.”

“And you listened!!” X bellowed. “WHY?!”

“Because you guys weren't drunk.” He huffed. “I couldn't tell if you were on something or not. Maize was drunk, but you guys weren't. Frankly I had nothing better to do so I just showed up because you said that you needed me. I was a witness.”

“Perfect,” George muttered as he looked down at his hand. “At least it's a decent piece of jewelry. I could have ended up with gold imagine,”

X felt the tears coming down her face before she could stop them. In an instant, George was there to wipe them away. He muttered soothing words to her. He may be accidentally married to her but she was first and foremost his best girl friend.
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