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American Candy

The Girls

Lark stood in front of her full length mirror in her slightly upscale apartment. She wasn't happy with her outfit choice. She pondered for a moment about whether or not she wanted to wear the shorts that she currently had on. As indecisive as she was, it was difficult. With a muttered string of words; she pulled her shorts off and opted for black pants that went with her black shirt and blue-jean vest. She was okay now, her level of comfortability had gone way up.

When she finished her hair, simply un-combed waves and a black beanie, she walked out of her bedroom. She wasn't sure what to make of the meeting that would ensue. Her band was newly signed, and that was a lot of pressure on them. The groups manager was the older brother of Maize. She trusted him so they all did. TJ wouldn't hurt a fly and he was older than them, at 24. Still, Lark was a little apprehensive about it all.

X was sitting on Lark's couch when she walked out. The pink-haired girl looked very much at home. The girls, all four, had been best friends since they were around six. Lark smiled at one of her best friends.

"You haven't gotten new magazines yet," X sighed. "I was getting bored."

"I see that you let yourself in,"

X winked playfully at her friend before standing up and straightening out her dress.

"Like I said; I was bored." She replied. "Are you ready?"

Lark shrugged.

"I think so,"

"Good. We're meeting Nirvana, Maize and TJ in the lobby. They're waiting,"

"Fantastic," Lark muttered. Lark may have seemed apathetic, but she wasn't. She was just nervous. She didn't know how this all was going to end up. She was excited, but scared. What if it was some hoax made up to crush their dreams? She didn't think so, but the anxiety is real. Lark didn't want it to be a bad dream.

"You look like I kicked your puppy," Nirvana stated as soon as the two girls met up with the others. "Seriously, Lark. Chill the fuck out. It's all going to work out, okay?"

Suddenly, Lark remembered that she wasn't in this alone. That, and Nirvana would be right there. She found comfort in that, simply because the raven-haired girl could be scary sometimes. It's good, Lark sighed. Her thinking was starting to get a little crazy, and she wanted to reach for her safety net. Something told her that she didn't need to, and she listened. Lark had been getting better at following her gut with these things.

Nirvana softly nudged her friend before wrapping her arm around her shoulders. She knew that Lark got too inside her own head at times. Nirvana herself experienced this sometimes, and it wasn't fun. The dark-haired girl ushered the silver-blonde forward, and kept a steady hand on her shoulder. X and Maize kept at the lead as the four walked out of the building. They were walking since they were to meet Charles and the lads a block away.

"I wonder what they're going to think," Maize stated out loud. "I hope they like us,"

"Of course they fucking will! We're awesome," Nirvana stated with an eye-roll.

X just shook her head at the two of them.

"This should be good, though. We're getting to meet the band and talk about formal arrangements. That's all good."

"I wish we were doing something else," Lark sighed deeply. They simply didn't know what pressure did to her. She should have taken her medicine. "Where are we going?"

Maize looked down at the printed email that TJ currently had in his hand.

"To Sabrina's Eatery right down the street,"

Nirvana agreed with the choice; the eatery had some of the best pizza in Seattle. In all actuality it was her favorite place to eat, and was more than grateful they chose such a good spot. She looked over at her best friend for just a moment to check on her. Lark was okay; she was with X.

There was nothing more satisfying than doing something you love, Nirvana decided. She started playing guitar at eight years old and has never stopped. She loved doing what she got to do, and wouldn't trade it for the world. Even if she had something holding her back, and wouldn't give it up. That made her think of Lark; this wasn't easy on her. She knew that Larkin has and would always have trouble with following her dreams without things going bad. It was sad.

Nothing, ever, would come between Nirvana and music. It had always been that way. She didn't want anything else in this world except to play for people, and most importantly herself. She loved music. Nirvana, despite her best friends, didn't love much of anything. She treats most as if they were invisible and sees no real need to form new friendships. She's hoped for one relationship to the next. That was how she operated, and she was okay with it. She celebrated it.

The four girls and TJ found themselves in their usual booth. The manager, Wiley, had already started to bring out their usual drink orders. X was quick to warn her that there would be five other people joining the group as well. To their surprise, Wiley had them move to a different area with a different waitress. It seemed to be upsetting for the entire group.

X liked the change of seating. That happened to be the most exciting thing to happen to them all week, except for Charles calling. As a band, Weekend Misery have been taking a break and sleeping. It seemed that X was the only one who missed touring. That was, until she got the call just the previous day. As soon as she hung up the phone, they all started to jump all over the place as well as squeal. They were happy, extremely happy, that they were finally doing a UK tour.

She just wanted to get back out on the road. She missed the crazy life-style, the dirty clothes and sleepless nights. Those were the nights that X lived for. It felt like the last tour was way too fleeting, and they wanted more. X wanted someone else to give them a chance, and finally, that's what happened. Now if Lark could keep it together, that would be great.

Maize was apprehensive. She wanted to believe that this meeting was going to go great. However; something told her that this wouldn't go great. Something told her that this tour was going to be long and painful. Maize didn't want to be correct, and she wasn't trying to be pessimistic. She truly had a gut-wrenching feeling about this tour, and she was sure it was right.

At that moment, Charles Reed walked in with four men dressed in various black and white items following him. He motioned toward the girls and toward the lads.

"Weekend Misery, this is The 1975," he stated.

The rest went to hell from there.
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