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American Candy


Adam Hann simply did not like the girls of Weekend Misery. At first, he wanted to give them a shot. He knew that what Matty wanted for the band, it would happen. That’s why he both loved and hated him at times. This was one of the times that he rather hated the man. The girls were odd, that was his first impression. The one with pink hair reminded him a little bit too much of Gemma, Matty’s ex, and the silver-blonde one was oddly quiet. The raven-haired girl was dominating the group quite a lot like Matthew did, and the redhead looked around wide-eyed at everyone.

Hann didn’t have enough patience to deal with anymore teenagers. Gemma was great, at times, but he got annoyed quickly with her presence most of the time. He rolled his eyes to himself; this was going to be like that but three times over. He didn’t talk much, letting the bands discuss formal arrangements. Weekend Misery would have their own bus and hotel rooms, which was a given. They would have radio interviews, magazine photoshoots, and a dressing room for themselves. The girls had a strict no drinking policy, and that made Hann raise an eyebrow. He was certain that these girls were in for a rude wake-up call.

He really didn’t start paying attention to the conversation until Ross elbowed him. He looked up, and it seemed like everyone was paying attention to Charles, so he figured that he would turn his attention there as well. The older Englishman was talking still about chemistry and what it would look like to the public if the bands didn’t support each other.

“I’d like you to get to know each other on a personal level.” Charles stated. “Fun back stories and all of that. I’m sure that you’ll find something to bond over.”

What could a bunch of mid-twenty adults have in common with a much of barely-legal teenagers? Adam didn’t really know. The younger he’d really hung out with were early twenty-year olds. He wasn’t so sure that this was going to work out properly.

Ross felt differently. Despite the weird first impressions, he wanted to give the girl-band a chance. They looked like they were early in their careers, and he wanted to support that. He remembered what it was like trying to really get their band started. It had certainly been a ride. He wanted to give the girls, who looked slightly on edge, the benefit of the doubt. He wanted to support them, and he decided that he would be like a big brother to them as long as they would let him.

“Tell us about yourselves, then,” Ross gave an encouraging smile as Charles left. Their manager was only there to get legal papers signed and then he was off. He cared, but he wanted things to work and be organic between the two. Weekend Misery’s manager, TJ, also left them to be with the band. “Introduce yourselves, is what I meant.”

Matty smiled.

“I like that idea,” He stated, leaning against the palm of his hand.

“My name is Bexley,” The pink-haired girl stated at first. “Don’t call me Bexley, that’s what my mother calls me. I go by X,”

Ross smiled. The girl had a flare of feistiness. Adam crossed his arms in what looked like boredom. Matty smiled, genuinely big, and George just nodded for them to continue.

“I’m Nirvana.” The girl with the raven hair and maroon lips stated. She smiled and it was like the entire room stopped to look at her. “I don’t have nick-names. I hate them.”

Matty laughed.

“Me too, love,” He stated, causing the girl to smirk back in his direction.

In that moment, the other girls knew exactly what was going to happen, and the lads didn’t really catch on. They didn’t know because they didn’t know Nirvana. George wanted to do naughty things to the girl, and he figured she’d be down for it. Hann shook his head, understanding Matty’s brain, and Ross felt uncomfortable.

“My name is Maize,” Maize stated after seeing just how uncomfortable Lark was. “I play the drums.”

Adam thought she was kind of adorable.
Ross thought she was like a little sister
Matty wanted to cuddle her.

“Me too!” George held his hand out for a high-five. Maize blushed as she gave the older male a high five.

“I’m Larkin,” The girl said softly. Adam was taken back by how quiet the girl was. Matty was intrigued by the girl’s demour. She was the one that he expected to be the loudest, but she was not. George instantly thought she was cute, despite her age. “But I go by Lark, because I’m not a fan of my actual name,”

So this was it? George thought. This group of four girls looked like nothing more than shy school-girls. He knew they had good music, after all he was a fan, but he was still apprehensive. Matty wanted to get to know the girls as quickly as possible. He was excited to see what they were like in more open settings. He was concerned for a moment that things wouldn’t work out, but that idea quickly left him as she stared at the four. This was going to be a good tour indeed. Adam had no more reason to believe this would go well, it would be a disaster, He decided. Someone, or more than one, was going to end up with a broken heart. They would have to be writing for forever, because he figured that Matty would have something to do with it.

“Are you locals?” Ross asked the girl politely. He was the nice one of the band, but they all were pretty great people to get along with.

“Yes,” Nirvana laughed. “We were all born and bred into the Seattle music scene. X’s family owns a local coffee shop, Lark was born into music as her father owns a record store, Maize’s dad was a drummer in a band, and my parents were producers back in the day.” She explained.

“Hey, hate to change the subject, but we should all go out,” Matty stated. “Or back to the hotel,”

“I don’t think so,” Lark sighed, looking far off. “ a bad idea,”

Matty’s face fell.


“Forgive her,” X rolled her eyes. “She’s being a bit melodramatic,”

But she wasn’t, Lark defended herself. It didn’t do any good as the words wouldn’t get past her lips. Her ability to deal with people at the moment was beyond possible. She just couldn’t handle it.

“Let’s go then?” George questioned, raising an eyebrow. “You can show us all of the hot spots,”

“Our pleasure, really,” Maize smiled. “Are we ready?”

No, Lark’s mind screamed.
“I guess,” She sighed instead.

Nirvana gave her best friend a questioning look before shrugging any questions off. Lark was old enough to take care of herself. She’d been doing pretty for the past year, so she should be good.
“Let’s go then!” Matty stated loudly, standing up first. George laughed at his best friend before pulling him to sit back down.

“Forgive my mate, he’s just excited,” George smiled, eyes crinkling.

“Are we sure we want to do this?” Ross questioned as he actually did rise out of his seat. The girls took his lead and finally the rest of the band stood up to follow.

“Sure,” Adam shrugged. “What’s the worst that can happen anyway?”

“Nothing,” Maize laughed. “We know Seattle like the back of our hands.”

“Good,” Matty laughed, tossing his arm over X’s shoulders. “Let’s go!”


Nirvana felt so alive. She wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but something had happened. She was partly convinced that it was the paper with a cartoon character on it that the tall one gave her. George was his name? She wasn’t too sure at the moment. All that she could remember was going to some dodgy club with the lads of The 1975, and now she was dancing around with X and George, completely losing her mind. She felt free, more free than she had ever felt before.

George was the one who was apprehensive about giving it to her in the first place. She saw him take it, asked about it, and then in turn asked for one. George didn’t exactly want to give her one, but he did because she pouted when she asked for it. So there they were, dancing around in a dingy, old club with crappy rave music.

George laughed loudly, spinning both girls. He was having fun, honestly. They were a laugh, and going a little mental if he was honest. He enjoyed their company currently. He was happy that at least he knew the girls were easy to mesh with. Sure, drugs were involved, but that didn’t matter much to George. He was happy to share the freeing feeling, even it really was a prison. X was laughing uncontrollably as she fell down onto the ground, having taken something that George supplied her with. Instead of a small dissolvable paper, it was gel capsule. Nirvana laughed at her friend, pulling her hair into a high ponytail before she attempted to offer a hand to her friend. She was losing it, and the walls were moving.

X slapped toward both Nirvana and George’s hands before she turned to crawl back to the booth. Inside of the booth, Adam was pouting but nursing on a drink of his own. Ross was clapping and singing along to a song with Maize. She just giggled, having some alcohol despite their strict tour rules. She was already leaning into Adam’s side with her arm around Ross’s shoulders. X plopped down right beside Ross. She was feeling the trip majorly. Everyone around her moved way too quickly, and she couldn’t slow down.

“You alright there?” Ross yelled over the music. He stopped singing long enough to check on her.

“I’m fine!” She yelled back. “I’m fucking great!”

“Brilliant!” Matty yelled back across from the table. Lark was sitting beside him, smiling unlike she was earlier. The girl had loosened up a lot. “This is bloody mental!”

“I know!” Maize yelled, laughing. “This is amazing!”

Adam laughed, shaking his head.
“We’re so screwed.”

“Buzz kill!” Ross yelled, throwing a chip in his general direction. “Let loose Hann!”

“Hann?” Lark laughed. “Is that what they call you?”

“My last name!” He yelled back across the table. “Alright, alright stop Ross!” he laughed.

“Then go dance!” He yelled.

“I’m not going alone!”

“George and Ni are over there. Shhhhh don’t tell her, can’t tell her I used a ame” X stated, grabbing Ross’s drink to finish it off. “Lark! You’re smiling!”

“I know!” She laughed, yelling back.

X leaned her head on her hand.
“That’s different,”

“It was Matthew,” She replied, earning an eyebrow raise from Hann.

Adam was perfectly aware of how many illegal drugs were being currently passed around. He was also aware of Matty's distaste of the use of his full name.


“Fuck off, Hann! We’re having a sick time!” He yelled before looking over at Lark. “Follow me?”
The silver-blonde nodded before attempting to get out of the booth. She didn’t realize that her beanie was now hanging in the belt loops of the lead singer that she was following. Her hair had been loosely braided and she didn’t remember doing it.

“Where are we?” She shouted.

“Shhh, love,” Matty hushed her softly.

“Okay,” Lark whispered.

“You trust me?”

“Sure,” Lark smiled goofily, and Matty was convinced he loved those eyes already. “What?”
Matty winked before digging into his pocket. His shirt had already been fully unbuttoned, and he felt great. He pulled out a rather pink, chalky looking pill. It had a butterfly stamped onto it.

“Here you go, love,”

“What is it?” Lark asked, admiring the sweetheart-like tablet.

“It’s American Candy, Larkin,” Matty replied lowly. His voice seeped with seduction, whether Matty meant to or not. “Open up…” In a haze, Lark slowly opened her mouth. He carefully set the small pill on her tongue. “Swallow it,”

Lark smiled as soon as she did, opening up her mouth to show him that she did.

“There,” She stated almost proudly. “I swallowed,”

“That you did,” He laughed. “Having fun yet?”

Lark nodded her head slowly, a smirk forming on her lips.
“Yeah,” She replied. “I feel it,”

“They work fast,” he laughed, digging into his pocket for a small tin altoid box. Obviously he didn’t carry altoids in there, but cocaine instead. He brought the box to his lips as a dubstep song started to speed up. He dipped his tongue a bit, just enough to get his tongue coated. He waited for it to dissolve before dipping it again. He shut the box, tangling his hand in Lark’s messy hair. He bent down a bit, and as the bass dropped, pressing his lips to her’s. Quickly, his tongue darked into her mouth, tangling with her own and letting the cocaine affect them both. He didn’t stop until well after the powder had dissolved. When he pulled away, the hazel-eyed girl’s eyes were blown wide. That look was the one that Matty lived for. He lived to see that look on people’s faces. It was addicting.

“I feel good,” She whispered with a small smile gracing her face.

“Let’s go to the bathroom.” He suggested, slowly gripping her hand, and well, Lark just followed him.

Nirvana and George were having the time of their lives. They were now sitting in another part of the packed club, smoking weed like it was going out of style. He was sharing with her, something he didn’t do very often, but he figured they were going to be best friends. He wanted to share with his best friends. It wasn’t nice to withhold the goodies from them.

“I like you,” George stated. “You’re so fucking rad. Like you’re just.. fucking cool!” he shouted.

“Fuck yeah I am.” Nirvana laughed. “I’m the best,”

“Confident as fuck,”

The girl nodded, grabbing the join from his lips and putting it between her own.
“I know who I am and what I like,”

“I dig it,” He yelled, laying his hand on her thigh. “Wanna go somewhere private?”

“Why take all of the fun out of it?” She smirked, moving so that she was slowly sliding under the table. George watched in awe as the girl got on her knees in front of him. “Just don’t get too loud...or do. No one can hear anyway.” She winked, going straight for the button of his jeans.

She passed the blunt back up to him, and he took a long drag. As he blew out of the smoke, he felt her deep throat him, and George was sure this was heaven. It felt bloody brilliant. If they weren’t in public, he’d be more into it. But because they were, he just smirked lazily and watched the girl go down on him.

“Why are you making that face?” Ross yelled with a laugh.

“Huh?” George said, trying to act natural about it all.

“You look like you just had sex,” He laughed.

“Must have been the LSD.” He stated. “Looney Toons, bro”

Ross rolled his eyes.
“Have you seen Matty?”

“No,” He yelled back, almost moaning out loud because the girl underneath the table was working magic with her mouth. “Check the back. You know how he is,”

“Yeah… that’s what I’m worried about. He took Lark,”

George rolled his eyes.
“It will be okay.”

“Where’s Nirvana?” Ross asked.

George smirked and looked down at the girl who was staring up at him. He gave her a quick wink before he looked back up at Ross.
“Guess,” He mouthed and Ross’s eyes widened. He couldn’t have gotten out of there quicker.

Ross shook his head, trying to get the realization out of his head. He walked into the toilet, wrinkling his nose as the smell. Ross went to pee and washed his hands. He almost walked out of the door, but he heard some moans followed by a rather loud thump. Ross walked toward the sound, very much scared about what he would find. He was just curious. The handicap stall was slightly opened, as if shut in a rush. Slowly, Ross pushed open the door only to see Matty’s arse with Lark’s bare legs wrapped around his skinny waist. The two didn’t even realize that someone had walked in, and as quickly as he could, Ross left the toilet. He did not need to see the two singer fucking. Frankly, he wanted to puke.
Ross moved as quickly as he could back to the booth to round up the others.

“There you are,” X stated, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Where’d you go, Ress?”

He laughed to himself as she called him a nick-name before pulling the pink-haired girl off of him.
“I think it’s time to go,”

“Already?” Maize pouted. “What about the others?”

“They’ll find their own way back,” Adam sighed, gripping the auburn haired girl. He lightly pulled her out of the booth and toward where Nirvana and George currently where. The girl sat with a smirk on her face as George looked completely satisfied. “We’re leaving!”

“We don’t want to,” Nirvana yelled back. “Go on without us!”

“Okay…” Ross trailed off. “Just grab Matty and Lark before you come back okay?”

“Don’t worry about it, okay!” George yelled, lighting up another blunt. “We will all get back safe."

Adam and Ross nodded, dragging the other two girls with them as they left the dingy club. They hailed a cab and got back to their hotel in good time. They all passed on inside of the hotel suite. Ross was the last one to fall asleep, and he heard the other stumble in. As soon as they were there, he was okay to sleep. He was sure they were all there. He was more than okay knowing that everyone was safe. He slept, not well, but he slept. He felt better once he woke up, and started making breakfast. George got up soon after, joining his friend in the kitchen to make everyone a big bunch.

Slowly, X and Adam were the next to wake up. She called the coffee shop her parents owned for coffee. It happened to be a block away, so she left to go pick it up. Adam was grateful for the pink-haired girl at that moment. Soon after X got back, Matty and Nirvana woke up. They all exchanged pleasantries, and gathered around the kitchen table in their suite. Maize was the last one to wake up.

“Hey,” She croaked, walking into the kitchen.

“Coffee?” X questioned, handing the girl a cup before she could respond. Maize smiled gratefully. “How did everyone sleep,”

“Good, I guess.” Nirvana asked. “Lark’s being a lazy ass I guess. She hasn’t gotten up.”

Maize looked confused.
“She wasn’t in there,” She stated. “Lark wasn’t asleep,”

“What?” Matty laughed. “She came in last night...I think.”

Ross’s eyes grew wide.
“Shit….shit shit!”

“Where in the hell is Lark?” Nirvana questioned before springing into action.
It seems that they’ve lost their lead singer and no one knew where she was.
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