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American Candy


"Are you sure that you're not really involved with her?" Lark asked as Matty pressed open-mouth kisses down her neck before latching onto her collar bone.

"Positive, Love." Matty sighed, pulling away only long enough to answer her. "It's nothing, okay?"

Lark said nothing more as the man continued to make her weak in the knees. Despite telling the singer that they weren't friends, Lark found herself loving their alone time. More often than not, this is how they would end up. They would end up with Matty gripping the girl tightly in his arms and her limbs wrapped around him. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that this wasn't okay. Her brain kept yelling at her to stop. She worried about Maize, and even though Matty said nothing was going on it seemed like there was.

"Shhhhhh!" Lark hushed Matty was he let out a rather loud moan. "Quiet, Matthew,"

"I love it when you call me that," he mumbled before kissing her rather hard. Normally, Lark would hate it, but she took a small pill from George. She was rather loose about it all. When they finished, the younger girl made sure to wash her hands, braid her hair and spray more perfume on herself. She didn't want the others to know. She couldn't let them found out.

"That was fun," She simply stated.

"When can we go again?" Matty asked, smirking at the girl through the mirror as he buttoned up his blood red shirt. Naturally he only uses three of the buttons so his chest was rather exposed. Matty loved Lark, he thought. He was pretty crazy about the girl and they always had an interesting time together. Although, more often than not she became withdrawn and distant when they were done. He wished that she would spend all of her time with him. Matty knew it wasn't going to happen, but he could hope.

"Honestly, I don't know," She sighed.

Matty hated when she sighed. That meant something bad, he's realized.

"I guess I can manage," He retorted, smirk still present.

Lark rolled her eyes and left without another word. That's why he loved the silver-haired lead singer. She didn't give him answer instantly or when he desired her to. It was nice, he decided. The lead singer messed with his curly hair a little bit before deciding to walk on out of the bathroom. What he didn't know was that George was standing outside waiting for him.

"Mate!" He laughed. "I've been waiting for a bloody half hour."

"I would apologize but I don't care,"

George rolled his eyes.

"So, you and Lark?"

Matty huffed.

"We're not a thing. She's just a fuck. Bloody fantastic if you know what I mean. She's flexible, G"

George wiped a fake tear from his eye.

"How romantic," he stated. "I thought you were with Maize?"

"Maize and I aren't dating, tosser," he laughed. "She's just a body to hold, alright?"

"Slut," George snickered but the two continued on toward the end of the building that the press conference was being held. Inside, the rest of The 1975 were already sitting down. The girls of Weekend Misery were leaning against the wall. They were to go second after all. Nirvana was blowing bubbles with her purple coloured gum. Neither George nor Matty realized it, but they were both staring at the same girl and thinking along the lines of the same thing. Though Matty loved Lark, and enjoyed Maize, he was rather fond of the girl with waist long black hair. If it were any of the girls he would have liked to be his next girlfriend, it probably would be Nirvana. She just fit with him. She was tall, maybe an inch or two shorter than he was. She had the curvy, almost model-like frame. She was just sexy, and Matty couldn't help but lust after her. He wanted her.

George, however, felt a little differently about her than Matty did. George wanted to just be around the girl, and well fuck her a few times too, but he wanted to be her friend. He meant it when he said that he could tell they would be best friends. Nirvana was just a tough one to crack. She always appeared emotionless or like she was up to something. He was sure that she was, and he wanted to be a part of it. He genuinely wanted to be around her.

On the other side, X noticed the two men staring in Nirvana's direction. How Maize never noticed how Matty looked at other women, X didn't know. Although, the drummer insisted that they were nothing more than good friends. Maize has never lied about something like that before, so X believed her. But X was not blind to what was going on. She didn't have the details but she figured that the drummer and lead singer had to have had sex by now. Matty looked like the type and Maize was no virgin. Despite her disposition, the girl somewhat got around. She wasn’t innocent.

Ross looked over at the girls and noticed instant tension. If they knew or not, something was going on and they were distancing themselves from each other. He didn’t care though, instead he tried to focus his attention on the girl with pastel pink hair. Ross was smitten. He didn’t care how fast it happened; it just did. He liked to spend time with her, and she was good company. They bonded quickly over being the bass players. They liked the same bands, and frankly, she was very pretty.

He knew that Matty’s infatuation with Lark would get worse. He wasn’t blind, and just knew that he was
still pining after the singer that shot him down. The band, well except for Hann, had heard all about his wild night with the girl and her refusal to be nice to him the following day. Lark was playing the cold shoulder, and Matty just ate it up. It made Ross want to roll his eyes. He didn’t understand why Matty fell in love so quickly. He didn’t understand why he seemed to fall in love with girls years younger than him either. It must have been a type that he required. Matty likes being challenged, which is probably why Maize doesn’t stand a chance.

“Ross,” Adam elbowed the man after they finished their interview. “You’re weirdly fucking quiet,”

Ross rolled his eyes.

“No, Matty just never fucking shuts up,”

“Love you too, Rossy-poo!” Matty yelled from in front of them where George was currently giving him a piggy-back ride through the venue.

“It’s true, wanker!” Ross yelled back, laughing before he turned back toward his best friend. “I was just getting a bit in my own head, ya know?”

“Yeah,” Adam sighed. “This tour is already the most fucking stressful thing,”

“I know,” Ross nodded in agreement. “Is something bothering you?

Adam shook his head. Truthfully, no. Nothing was currently bothering him. He was just asking Ross, considering the man had rarely talked. He looked like he was off in some other world, and wasn’t coming back down anytime soon. Adam felt like it was his personal duty to tend to his friend. If he didn’t do it, nobody would and then Ross would be completely lost.

“Not really,” Adam finally answered. “I’m content, I think?”

“So there’s nothing at all bothering you?”

“Nope,” Adam shrugged.

Ross left it at that and moved toward the girl bass player walking just a few steps in front of him.

“Hey, X...wait up!”


“This isn’t my idea of fun,” Ross laughed, being pressed tightly in the tour bus closet.

X wiggled her eyebrows.

“Where in the hell is your sense of adventure, MacDonald?”

“Apparently I left it in my early twenties,” He replied, rolling his eyes. “But you wouldn’t know about that would you?”

“Oh so now we’re throwing out age jokes, are we Gramps?” X countered.

“X why are we here?” Ross sighed heavily, leaning his head away from hers. “You’ve stuck us in a bloody closet,”

The girl rolled her eyes and slowly lifted her eyes. She left her fingertips drag across his skin, and the older male shuddered underneath her touch. A small smirk placed itself on her lips. X would be lying if she said that she was experienced. They girls in Weekend Misery formed too early for her to really get involved with anyone. Out of all the girls, X used to be the most focused. The girl managed their shows, kept up with their social media, and went to get her GED while Lark and Maize were in high school. Nirvana was somewhere else, but that’s another story for another day. X simply didn’t have time, and this was new territory. She was holding her own though.

“Why are we here?” She smirked, pressing a ghost of a kiss on Ross’ chest before making her way up his neck. Suddenly, the twenty-five-year old was trying to focus. Suddenly, he understood why Matty got involved with Gemma, and now apparently Maize. It was thrilling. There was something about their, barely legal, age gap that exciting Ross. She was young, attractive and currently pressed against him in the small space.

“C’mere,” Ross whispered, moving to grip the back of her neck, and bring her lips up to meet his. The second he did, Ross was ready for more. He knew in that moment that X would become his new addiction, if he let her. He was going to have to deeply think about it, as he’s a man. He has things to take care of that a ninteen-year old cant. As the kiss continued to get more heated, Ross let his arms roam. He didn’t have much room, but he had enough to place his hands on her skin that was peeking from under her shirt. Just the movement called X to shiver and grip the front of his vest.

Seconds after Ross got his hands to the front of her jeans, as he felt that was where they were headed, X pulled away. She pulled away and looked up at him with wide eyes.

“I...I’m so sorry, Ross.” X stated before she moved as quickly as she could out of the small space. Ross was left standing there with a confused expression. His bulge in the front of his pants was both proof of how excited he was and how long it had been since he had gotten laid. He thought for a split second that maybe a groupie would do. However, he tossed that idea out of the window when he knew that X would find out. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Afterall, she was just a teenager.

“Fuck!” George nearly yelled, pulling out and floping beside Nirvana. “You’re just a bloody teenager, and you can do that already. Shit.”

Nirvana smirked, gripping the small sheet inside of his bunk.

“That’s not the only thing I can do,”

George smirked, sitting up, and ruffling her hair.

“Roll one yeah?”

The dark haired girl just rolled her eyes but turned to roll a joint anyway. She wouldn’t have minded one, especially after sex with the drummer. She was lucky that he was so willing to have sex and share weed. You couldn’t have them like that anymore, she was convinced.

“Here,” She stated after taking the first puff.

“Thanks,” He replied, taking it from here.

The bunk fell silent, and they just stared at the end of the bunk.

“Are Maize and Matty a thing?” She asked.

“No,” George laughed. “Matty hasn’t done an actual relationship in a long time. He’s avoiding them really,”

George opted out of telling the girl that Matty and Lark were fucking very casually and apparently on a regular basis. He figured that it would ruin things for his best friend, and honestly a distracted Matty was best. If Matty was distracted, George could get closer to Nirvana, Matty could avoid heartbreak and they would still have a lot of sick new material to work with.

“Cool,” She shrugged, taking the blunt from George. “You’re cool, I think,”

George smirked over at her.


“You’re welcome,” Nirvana whispered before kissing a long kiss on his shoulder blade. “Are you ready to go again?”

“Woman,” He laughed. “Well, child.”

“You’re the one fucking one.” She stated blankly.

“Don’t put it like that!” George nearly yelled, laughing. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” She shrugged, appearing emotionless.

George understood why men loved Nirvana. He had ran into Weekend Misery fan sites and she was the one that people lusted after. George figured that he’d call himself lucky to spend whatever amount of time with her he had left. She was going to leave him, he knew that much. He just wished that he knew when. He wished he knew how long that the interactions are going to continue before she decides to stop. He hopped all tour, but then again, it was highly unlikely. Until then, he’d just spend the rest of his time in and around her.

There we have the final introductions, and the scene has been set.
The two bands have come together, they’ve finally met.

Heartbreaking secrets, and terrible lies
No wonder why they’ll get caught in a web like flies.

One stirs up trouble
One likes attention
One wants to have sex
One just wants someone to listen.

Maybe the lads are just as mangled,
Keep following them as their lives get even more tangled.
♠ ♠ ♠
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