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American Candy


“I’ll see you later, yeah?” Matty asked, smirking down at the raven-haired girl as she caught her breath. He had already gotten dressed.

The girl looked up at him for a moment before rolling her eyes.

“No,” She stated. “Not tonight. Not until another three days, Matty. You know the rules I have,”

“Can’t blame a boy for trying,” He winked at the girl, leaning down and pressing his lips to hers in a messy fashion. He would have ruffled her hair, but they weren’t affectionate. They just happened to be sexually involved. Matty did wish for something more though. He wished for something, someone to love him just as much as he thought that he loved them. He knew that it would never be Nirvana. The girl was too strong-headed and seemed like she wanted nothing to do with him for the most part. He supposed this was okay; this was easy. It was painless in a sense. Neither of them got their feelings hurt, or felt too much. Matty knew how to block things out; he’d been doing a damn good job all these years. At least, he’d say he was but everyone close to him disagreed.

Matty left without waiting for Nirvana to reply. He knew that she wouldn’t, plus Weekend Misery was going onstage soon, and she had to properly get ready. Matty discretely made his way from the girl-band’s tour bus. No one saw him as he crossed the parking lot, and got back into the venue. As soon as he rounded the corner, he found Maize talking to Adam. Understanding how panicked Matty was, Adam attempted to distract Maize. He started to ask the girl questions and it gave the singer time to disappear. He counted himself lucky. He should have gotten caught.

“Matty?” X laughed. “What are you doing?”

Matty’s eyes grew very wide.

“Sh!” He hushed quickly. “Bloody hell, X.”

“Sorry?” She whispered back. “Why are we whispering?”

“Follow me,” He rolled his eyes as he turned the corner. They finally reached The 1975’s dressing room. “Where’s Ross?”

X shrugged, and Matty found that odd. The two bass players had been pretty inseparable since the beginning. They had really hit it off, he thought. X wondered why Matty was trying to figure it out, but she wrote it off as curiosity.

“I guess he’s in here,” X stated, sounding far off. “What about you? Why were you running from Maize?”

“I wasn’t...exactly running from her,” He supplied. “Well, I was, but I wasn’t trying to be all weird about it,”

“Because running away from someone isn’t totally awkward?” X raised an eyebrow.

The male rolled his eyes and lead the two of them through the door instead of answering her question. Inside, Ross was no where to be found, and George was sitting alone on the couch. Matty flopped down instantly, putting his head on his taller friend’s lap. X looked around the room, looking at George and Matty, as if asking for approval.

“X, it’s a bloody couch,” Matty laughed. “Just sit, yeah?”

“You alright?” George asked her, reaching over and gripping her hand. “Are you sure?”

X furrowed her brows.

“I haven’t….answered yet, George…”

“Oh, I assumed you were upset about Ross.”

“What about Ross?” Matty asked, suddenly sitting up quickly.

“Uh...well he disappeared about an hour ago with some girl to fuck.” George stated bluntly. At least he didn’t beat around the bush. He preferred that over hurting people more if he kept it a secret. “They’ve been gone a while.”

“Oh….cool,” X shrugged. She stayed staring at the two men before she pulled her pink hair until a small bun. “George do you have a joint?”

“Do I?” He laughed. “Yeah, I do...what’s in it for me?”

The girl thought a little bit before looking up at both men again.

“What do you want, George?” She asked honestly. Right that moment, X didn’t care about the honest answer.

George just smirked.

“If you weren’t so mental about Ross…” The male trailed off. “Hey...follow me, yeah?”
X was apprehensive as Matty and the drummer stood up slowly. She nodded her head and took the drummer’s hand that he was offering in her own. Matty looked back at the pair and winked at them. He lead the two way back into another room in the venue. The room was a supposed third dressing one, but they were the only two bands currently on the tour. Matty looked around and knocked a few times before checking the door. It was completely unlocked. He pushed it open and turned on the light to reveal a few couches, and tables. The room even had it’s own toilet.

“We can get pretty creative in here,” He stated. “Weed first or?”
X chewed on her bottom lip as she explored her options. The girl didn’t have intentions on following through, but she realized that she should’ve backed out already if she wasn’t going to. She looked between the two men and shrugged.

“Fuck it,” She stated simply. “Weed,”

And well George was down for that, and he went down for something else. It was shaping up to be a wild night. X would be lying if she said that she didn’t get turned on when George made out with Matty right in front of her, and that set the course for the three of them. They were reckless, making a huge mess everywhere. Smoke swirled and overtook the room as did the smell of sweat. They were having the best time ever. When the time ran out, exhaustion settled in, and they realized that they had to get back to their green room.

“Well that was fun, love.” George spoke to X with a cigarette lightly hanging from his lips. “You’re a ride.”

X blushed.

“In more ways than one,” Matty winked, causing the pink-haired girl to go even redder. They didn’t know that was possible, but it proved it was. “C’mon,”

X nodded slowly and followed the shorter singer out of the room that they trashed. George followed slowly behind him, resting his hands on her shoulders. As soon as the trio entered the green room, Adam looked up at them from his guitar. His eyes grew wider, and he looked at a loss for words. His mouth slowly dropped open.

“Careful, mate,” George laughed. “You trying to catch bugs or something?”

Adam slowly shook his head no, and was about to say something with a mystery girl walked through
the green room. She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of male boxers.

“Oh….hi.” She stated slowly, Irish accent coming through. “I just came to get a bit for Ross and meself.” X chewed on her bottom lip before making a bolt for the door. As soon as she was gone, the mystery woman looked around at everyone else. “Did I do something? Is the lass coming back?”

George’s heart hurt for the short bass player. He didn’t want that to happen to the lovely girl. She didn’t deserve to be treated the way that Ross just treated her. Maybe it was the weed, but George decided to go after the girl. He walked down the halls, calling her name. He turned a corner and nearly ran straight into Nirvana.

“What are you doing?” She snapped.

“Sorry….” He trailed off. “Have you seen X?”

“She went to the bus...why?”

“No reason,” He shrugged. “Where have you been?”

Nirvana just shrugged.

“Around, I guess.”

“That’s cool,” George retorted, just half shrugging. “Well, I’m off.”

“Okay…” she trailed off as the tall blonde made his way through the venue. She wouldn’t admit it, but it really did urk her that George was running off to find her friend. She wanted his attention, but it looked as if George had clearly gotten attention from someone.

X was sitting down on the curb outside of the venue. The girl didn’t even make it to the bus. She was looking up at the sky and pretty much avoiding people. Seeing the girl that Ross was with made X realize just how young she was. Ross didn’t want her, of course he didn’t. She was a stupid kid that thought age was just a number. She had just clicked so well with him that she didn’t see the issue. Apparently Ross saw a huge one, so much so that he went out to find a different solution.

"Why are you so grim, love?" George asked, sitting down beside her. His long legs bent, and his arm around her shoulder. "Wasn't that fun?" He chuckled to himself lightly.

"I shouldn't have done that," X sighed. "I'm a foolish kid who made a very bad decision."

George furrowed his brows.

"What does that mean? I thought it was a bit of fun?"

X chewed on her bottom lip again. It was beginning to be an issue.

"That uh.... It was... The first," she trailed off, looking down. For the first time in a while, X felt ashamed of herself. She was ashamed of how she acted.
It took George a moment before he caught onto what the pink haired girl was saying. His eyes grew wide just like Adam's did.

"Christ," He huffed. "No, I'm so fucking sorry, X. I wouldn't have done it if I knew."

"Really?" She questioned, eyes searching his. "That does mean more to me than you know."

"So.... That bird in there..."

"Fuck her," X spat. "Ross can do whoever he pleases. I'm not bitter."

"Careful love. It's showing," He winked playfully. "You're alright, kid."

X rolled her eye at George.

"You're not so bad yourself, old man."

"If you ever need a distraction or a friend.... I'm here for you," George stated, extending his other arms as to offer a hug. To both of their surprise, X leaned into George's embrace and they stayed there for a little too long. It was nice, they thought.

Inside the venue, Adam was still staring toward Matty as Maize entered the room. She was bubbly and smiley like she always was. She walked over to Matty and gripped him in a small hug before moving to Adam. She was about to walk back over to Matty when Nirvana and Lark entered the dressing room. Maize wanted to roll her eyes. She could never get alone time with the singer anymore, but it was pissing her off.

“Adam, we need professional advice.” Lark huffed, placing her hands on her hips. Matty raised an eyebrow. This was a side of Lark that he hadn’t seen sober.

“Okay?” He questioned, looking confused.

“Okay.” Nirvana sighed. “Should female guitarist wear any form of heel while they’re on stage?”

Adam laughed, looking between the two.

“You’re joking right?” He questioned, but neither of them answered him. “Christ, this is for real?”

“We just want your honest opinion, Hann.” Lark stated, flipping her silvery hair off of her shoulder.

Nirvana rolled her eyes playfully at her best friend.

“Uh….no?” He replied uncomfortably. “That is...unless you feel comfortable?”

“Knew it,”


The girls agreed, high fiving each other before taking out their phones.

“What was that about?” Matty asked curiously, walking over toward the pair.

“We were discussing if platforms were a great idea while playing a set,” Nirvana explained. “We said no,”

Lark sighed dramatically.

“But our friends highly disagreed. So we decided to get into a small debate to see who was right. They brought their boyfriends into it, and everything.”

“So you asked, Adam?” Maize laughed. “Why?”

“Because he’s a guitar player, M.” Nirvana stated, giving her friend a slightly snarky look. “Who else would we ask?”

“You could have asked me,” Matty supplied.

“No.” The silver-haired girl stated flatly. “Absolutely not,”

“I’m afraid that I’m with Larkin on this one,” Nirvana stated.

Maize rolled her eyes at the two girls before she walked toward the snack table. She grabbed an apple to eat before the show. She wanted to ask where Bexley was, but she decided against it. She just assumed that the girl was on the bus because she certainly wasn’t in their dressing room. She noticed that George and Ross were missing as well, but again, Maize would rather not get an honest answer. Honestly, anything as possible in this tour.

As if hearing her thoughts, X and George made their way back into The 1975’s dressing room. They were leaning into each other, and looking rather cozy. X only reached George’s shoulder, and it was rather cute. Maize thought that they looked adorable together. Well until she noticed the not-so nice glare that Nirvana was sending them. She found it odd, as Nirvana doesn’t like anyone really. She never got attached, and she always had been one step ahead. Maybe, Maize realized, that she never saw this one coming.

George and X were laughing to themselves as the rest of the group talked. However, they all stopped once Ross walked into the room. He wasn’t wearing the same clothes from earlier and Adam assumed that he lead the girl out of the back entrance. He stopped as soon as he saw how close George was to X. He wasn’t okay with that, at all. Sure, he couldn’t justify his actions, but he thought that the girl liked him. Sure, she was a bit of a tease, but he thought they had connected.

“We...we better get ready,” Lark stated, noticing the obvious tension. “I...we’ve got a set to do,”

“Yeah,” Nirvana nodded in agreement as they headed toward the door.

“Good luck,” Adam called after them, but he didn’t get a response.

Matty was about to say something, but Maize pressed her lips to his quickly. Matty, being the romantic that he is, caressed her cheeks softly before letting her go.

“Have a good show, love.” He said as he watched the girl walk out of the room.
X knew that something was going on between the two of them, and that made her feel worse. She felt like she had to tell Maize, but there was something inside of her that made her stop herself. George was laughing about something that Adam just said and it shook her out of her thoughts long enough to realize that she was the only girl left.

“I guess I better go now, huh?” X asked mostly to herself.

George knocked his hip with her’s.

“Just find me after the show, yeah?”

“Yeah,” X smiled up at the tall drummer. He was smirking down at her, and before she knew how to respond, he was pressing a hard kiss to her mouth. She let it, even moved her lips with his for a moment before pulling back. X was blushing as she waved toward the other members.

She left quickly, but not before seeing the look on Ross’ face.
That would be the look that haunted her dreams.
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Oh what tangled webs they've weaved already....

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