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American Candy

You Don't Know Him

When George woke up next to Nirvana, he took a moment to really look at her. This was definitely not the best that she had ever looked. Even though this wasn’t the best, it was his favorite. This Nirvana, the one with smudged eyeliner, faded eyeshadow and the outline of her lipstick still present. He smiled at the girl that very much refused to acknowledge his presence most of the time. This version of the girl was harmless. George mused at how much she looked her age. Most of the time, she appeared older. However, there was no hiding now. She was sleeping, and nothing to change the fact that she looked like an exhausted eighteen-year old.

He reached over, softly pushing her hair off of her shoulder. He had a thing for collarbones, and her’s were no exception. In all actuality, Nirvana’s collar bones were his favorite. Slowly, George bent down and pressed his lips to her flesh softly. He hovered there, waiting for her to push him off. She didn’t, which made him smile before pressing small kisses from her collar bone all the way up to her neck, jaw and eventually lips. Finally, George pulled back. He lifted himself off of her hotel room bed, and slowly got dressed. She stayed fast asleep, and George felt something happen inside of him. He wasn’t sure of what to call it, but it really hurt.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” He sighed, walking out of the hotel room, and refusing to turn around. If George looked back at the girl he would have undressed and gotten back in bed with her. When he walked out of the room, he nearly ran into Lark. She was looking rough, George thought instantly. He didn’t say anything, and neither did she. The girl’s hair was a complete mess, and her clothes were wrinkled as if they had been laying in the floor for hours.

“What are you doing?” She asked, voice breaking.

“I’m going back to my room...where you just left…”

“And you just left mine…” The girl trailed off, studding George.

“How about we ditch and just go downstairs to eat?”

“I’d like that,” George sighed. “Not gonna change?”

Lark shrugged.

“I’d rather not wake Nirvana up,” She admitted. The two were silent as they walked toward the elevator. George motioned for Lark to walk on first, and that’s exactly what the girl did. They didn’t talk as they waited for the elevator to stop on lobby floor.

“She’s not into me, is she?” He asked as they slowly grabbed their food. “I mean….I don’t really expect her to be,”

“I’m not really sure, George,” Lark sighed, picking up her bagel. “I haven’t really been talking to her on this tour…”

“I’ve noticed,” He playfully rolled his eyes. “Have fun with Matty?”

Lark blushed for a moment before shaking her head.

“I don’t really remember it,” She admitted. “We took a pill or two.”

“He’s crazy about you,” George sighed. “I’m not too sure why. No one knows you, Lark. Even your friends don’t seem to really understand what’s going on with you right now.

She looked down before her hazel eyes met his.

"Like you said.... No one knows me,"

"We all have dirty secrets love,"

"Mine are more like nightmares, George." She informed him. “There’s just a lot th-”

“There’s my cupcake!” Matty stated loudly as he joined the pair. “And Larkin. How are you this morning?”

Lark rolled her eyes.

“He saw me leaving your room this morning,”

“Oh,” Matty shrugged, pulling up a chair and sitting in his backwards. “What are you crazy lot up too?”

“Eating?” George laughed, showing his American Muffin for effect. It was quite different than the ones he was used to back home. “What did you think we were doing?”

Matty smiled and shrugged before he pulled his growing hair into a bun.

“Anything good?”

“Yeah.” Lark shrugged. “The bagels aren’t bad.”

“Can I have a taste?” He asked, looking at Lark.

George watched the exchange as the girl rolled her eyes but handed over a part of it anyway. Matty ate the rest of her bagel happily before getting up to get them another one to share. Matty had it bad, George sighed. he needed no more convincing. That was the last clue, honestly. The fact that Lark willingly gave over her breakfast to the man she spent the night with and then that man went to go get them another? George felt smug. He had figured it all out before Lark did. She was oblivious. She didn’t recognize Matty’s affections. She didn’t know his soft side.

And that made George realize something else; Lark never intended to.


Maize looked at herself in the mirror for what she deemed too long. She couldn’t help herself though, she just wasn’t satisfied. She usually wasn’t one of those girls that obsessed with what they were going to wear, like Lark, or cared too much about their hair, like X. Maize was normally content with herself, which is what made this so awkward. Matty had asked to take her out to eat that night, and it made her heart flutter. Honestly, she was beyond lucky. She was counting her stars, and making sure it wasn’t a dream. This was real life and Matty wanted her. She wasn’t usually the one who got attention, that was saved for Nirvana. No, Matty wanted Maize and that made her feel like the champion.

She peered down at her dress one more time before agreeing that it was the perfect one. Maize was sure that the night was going to be absolutely perfect. It had to be, afterall it was with Matty. He had been the sweetest guy to her, bar a few public remarks that made her fume. He was the sweetest, and he wanted her. How much luckier could a girl get?

“Whoa, look who’s all dressed up,” X stated as she walked into the girl’s hotel room. “Are you going somewhere?”

“As a matter of fact, I am,” Maize beamed. “Matty’s taking me out, tonight,”

X chewed the inside of her lip to keep herself from telling Maize just exactly who she just saw Matty with ten minutes ago. Sure, the pink-haired girl was aware that Matty was messing around with some girls, but as far as she counted, that was three of them. She knew for certain that Matty had been with three of the girls in Weekend Misery. She knew that Nirvana knew that Matty was involved with Maize. They would have to be blind not to see that.

“Oh...I...have fun?” She sighed.

“What?” Maize snapped, turning around to look at her friend. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” X shook her head. “I just don’t think that you should be wasting your time with Matty.”

“That’s rude.” Maize stated. “You don’t even know him!”

X rolled her eyes before walking away.

“Neither do you, pumpkin,” X mocked before walking out of the door. She made her way down the hall and nearly ran into Adam and Matty walking toward the hotel room. X kept a straight face as she got closer and closer to the two Brits.

“What’s wrong?” Adam laughed. “You look like a pissed off doll,”

“Matthew Timothy Healy, I swear if you don’t fucking set Maize straight then I will do it myself. At first it was about her feelings, but now she’s just driving me up the fucking wall,”
Adam’s eyes grew as he turned to look at his friend. Of course Matty was laughing.

“Don’t worry, love. I will,” He winked.

“Ew.” X rolled her eyes before pushing past the two men. She didn’t know why, but it made her happy that Matty was hitting on her. Maybe that would help to prove Maize that he wasn’t in love with her. X didn’t want to hurt her friend, but lately she’s been getting an attitude before Matty gave her attention. X was done with it.

And maybe Matty should be to.
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