I swerved to the right as his metal arm came crashing down, it hit the cement with such force the ground crumbled under his fist. Quickly I rolled my body out from under his, but I didn't get far as his right hand gripped my hair and yanked me back. My back hit the car with such force it knocked the breathe from my chest, I blocked a knee to the stomach.

My hand collided with his chin as I tried to knock him off balance, it didn't do much good since his mask covered his face. His metal arm geared up, my eyes looked from it to him and I quickly kneed him in the gut. His grip faltered giving me time to escape.

I ran the best I could without looking back, cars raced past me and people ran in the distance. Deep in my mind I knew this was going to happen, I knew that HYDRA would send him after me if I screwed up. They would erase any and all memories that him and I had, replacing them with a blank slate, a slate that they can mold for him.

My body shook as I felt the bullet collide with the back if my shoulder, then with the back of my side. I was flung forward landed face first into a parked car and then rolled to the ground, my body was in pain but I could barley feel it. His boots tapped against the street as he got closer to me, but I didn't try to look at him. I knew that in a short few moments he would be in view.

Which he was.

He pointed the gun at me, I gave him a soft smile as I let out a blood filled cough. "Its okay." I spoke with the last bit of energy I had as my eyes closed, there was no bullet, no bang. Nothing. Just complete darkness.
♠ ♠ ♠