The sound of a constant beep was what brought me back to reality, my throat was so dry that it felt like it would crack. My head was throbbing really bad and my body felt like dead weight, slowly I willed my eyes to opened. Closing them to the bright light.

"She's awake."

The sound of a mans voice caused me to panic, did Hydra find me? My eyes opened once more and I was greeted with a pair of brown eyes. He flashed a light in each eye and the proceeded to press buttons on a computer, I moved my head in his direction.

"Don't worry, you're safe." The man didn't look at me, but I looked at him. He was none other then Tony Stark himself, the man who had helped this city and world in more ways then one. "You've been out for two weeks." He muttered as he rolled over to me and took my blood pressure.

He glanced up at me and gave me a small smile, was it to reassure me? Was it to tell me that I was fine? I would never be safe from Bucky. His mission is to kill me and that's what hr will do.


He placed a hand up to stop me from soeaking, "I know everything about you, from where you were born to where you last job was and to who is trying to wipe you off the radar." He rolled away and grabbed a cup of fluids before rolling back, "Sit up and drink."
I sat in the large living room and stared out if the window, Tony had informed me about the incident in DC. He also explained to me about Bucky's disappearance after he saved Steve from the crash.

My eyes narrowed, they had never kept Bucky out of cryo for longer then three days, the fact that he was out and roaming with no one to control him or tell him what to do; would allow him to gain his memory back.

But he was still dangerous.

We sat in the small room waiting for orders, they had checked him for any problems and then had us sit. We had been sitting for three hours and I could tell he was getting annoyed.

"Hey handsome." I spoke to get his attention, usually these waiting were silent. But I couldn't bare it any longer.

His eyes gazed over to me, his mask covering his lower face. Eyes narrowed. "What?" Voice calm and yet relaxed.

I gave him a small smirk as I moved from my spot over to him, my hand slightly touching his. "We'll be out if here in no time big guy, they like to get us pumped before we go and kill people." I stared at the glass door "I find it really strange."

A sigh escaped his lips, but as I looked at him I could see the winter soldier in his eyes. Standing i moved to the other side, he was like an unstable child. He couldn't control himself half of the time, and it was long before I was ducking to one side.

He threw the nearest object at me, but I dodged it in time. Bucky was on his feet within seconds and I did my best to kick his feet from under him, how ever it ended up with me on the floor and him kicking me right in the ribs.

A hand touched my shoulder pulling me from my trance, I reached over, spun and twisted the arm around to the back if the person. My heart was racing as I did this, I was scared.

"Relax... Its Steve."

Once his voice hit my ears, everything seemed to stop or at least slow down. I had let him go and was now sitting on the couch once more. "I'm sorry, I'm still..." I looked over to him as he gave me a small smile, what was with everyone smiling at me.

"I understand, Bucky has one hell of a left hook on him. " He was trying to make a joke, so I gave off a soft chuckle.

"He does..." My voice veered off as i looked out of the window. 'He really does.'
♠ ♠ ♠
I am so sorry if this sucks, but I'm stressed. Really bad an trying to write to help myself. I can truly only write at night and during the mornings because I'm busy with my son...