I stared out at the blue sky above me, every star was as bright as the one next to it; but I felt dull on the inside. Bucky was out in this world alone, lost and probably confused. There was no way to track him or even find him for that matter, I had secretly checked every location he could have possibly went to as a safe zone. But every one of them was empty with no signs of life even being there, on top of that with me still alive HYDRA was bound to start looking for me.

I was an asset with a lot of information, I knew the ins and outs of their operations and every single place they hid. I could blow the whole operation in a single blink of an eye, but I wasn't concerned about that. It wasn't my mission, Bucky was my mission. Finding him and making sure he was okay, was my mission.

My eyes went over to the door on the roof top, Steve had walked up to make sure I was okay. It was surprising that they hadn't killed me yet or placed me in prison, I was assuming its because HYDRA tried to kill me. My eyes went back to the sky as Steve took a seat next to me, handing me a plate of food.

"No luck?" He asked and I shook my head while taking a bite of my burrito.

"He will find me, but if I stay here he won't come around." I knew where I had to go, i had to leave and go out into the country side. He would find me in a matter of a few days to a few months. Sighing I looked down at my food, it was a really good burrito.

"So where are you going to go?" He looked over to me and I peered into his blue eyes.

"If I tell you, I'd have to kill you." Laughing I stood and made my way back into stark towers, Steve hot on my heels.