My car pulled up the long dirt driveway at a slow speed, it bounced around with the pot holes and bumps but it was nothing my car couldn't handle.I had left in the middle of the night, not informing anyone of my were abouts or my plan. They weren't my friends, they would take me down at any given moment.

I parked my car and stepped out, taking in my surrounds; there were trees, some bushes and a small stream to the left of the small house. It was secluded, enough to where if he wanted to find me, he would. If he wanted to kill me, he could easily do it.

Slamming the door shut, I flinched. My shoulder still hurt from the bullet wound but it was pretty much healed, huffing I pushed the hair from my face and made my way inside.

Placing my bag on the floor I shut the door behind me, not even a creak came out of it. Something I would have to fix, the main floor had a living room and kitchen all as one; a small fire place on the wall and a deer head on a mantle in the corner. A shiver went down my spine, those things always creeped me out.

I would have to start a fire soon, at night it got cold and not just a normal cold, but a frosty cold. Walking into the kitchen I made sure everything worked before heading upstairs, the stairs creaked under my weight which was a good thing. I would hear him coming, the floor board in the second floor groaned as I pressed my foot down. I noted it and smiled, so far I picked the right place.

There were two rooms on the second floor, a bedroom that held a bed and dresser, then a bathroom that held the normal bathtub, sink, and toilet. A small closet was in the hallway, I could store my weapons there. Going back into the bedroom I took a seat on the bed, it let off a small squeak and I rolled my eyes. Couldn't at least have a silent bed to sleep on. Shortly after I stood and made my way back to the first floor, my eyes scanned over the fire place and I noted to myself that I had to get wood as soon as possible. But first I had to eat and set the house up for any unwanted visitors, things that Bucky could easily get past.