"So what brings Steve rogers to my humble home." I slowly stepped into the living room, Steve was standing and admiring my empty cabin and how plain it was.

His hands were stuffed into his pockets as he slowly turned his head to me and smiled, removing his hands and taking a seat on the nearest couch. My eye twitched as he did so and I placed the groceries bags on the counter.

"We've gained some Intel," He crossed his legs. "Figured I'd come and inform you."

My hands rumaged through the bags, acting like I was ignoring him. I didnt work for sheild and I didnt need their Intel on anything, slowly I placed the meat on the counter and then took everything else from the bags.

"Why? I don't work for sheild." I placed a can of beans down pretty hard, I was free for the first time. For the time I had before hydra came searching.

"Hydra is after Bucky again, we knew they would show their faces but we didnt know when." He was now standing next to me and my hands stopped moving, my heart started to beat rapidly; if they were after him then they were after me as well.

"Has Bucky even been in the area?"

I scrunched my nose as I thought about it, come to think of it I had rarely spotted him. Only at a certain time and certain days, anyt other day would be empty of his presence. My hand gripped the can tighter as I thought of Bucky on the run, I should have made a better effort, I should have made him stay here.

"No. But he should be showing up tonight." My eyes scanned the tree lines, hoping he would be there watching us speak about him. But the tree line was empty, nothing but bushes, trees and random animals.

A sigh escaped my nostrils and I felt myself get tired, just thinking of him in danger drained my energy. Or it was the fact that I was up until five in the morning, every night. I watched out of the corner if my eye as Steve walked to the door, his hand gripping the handle.

"Just be careful." With that he ducked out of the house and left silently, leaving me to my own thoughts.
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So sorry for the short chapter.