I felt like I was floating, the wind hit my skin like whips as I ran, leaves, grass and branches crunched under my feet; my lungs burned like fire touching skin. My bag slung over my shoulders to make it easier for me, above in the sky I could hear the low rumbles of thunder.

Mother nature was hopefully in my favor.

Coming to a slow pause, I could hear the agents not far behind; the ones that were sent to either kill me or capture me alive. I was pushing more towards killing me, or attempting to once again. Shifting my bag, I got my self ready to run once more, but this time a hand found its way over my mouth and yanked me behind the largest tree. For a moment I struggled before I realized who it was.

Steve stood tall with his sheild on his arm, that was wrapped around my chest. His other hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming it even speaking for that matter, I couldn't see his face but I knew that he was keeping an eye out for hydra agents.

Thus gave me a chance to take my own look around, broken trees, bushes and just loads of woods surrounded us. I couldn't see any roads from where we were or even hear any cars, but I could see the silhouette of Bucky in one of the trees. He was in his normal attire, blue jeans, boots and jacket with his hat.

His blue eyes were watching the agents pass us by, my eyes narrowed as I felt Steve's grip coming lose allowing me to rub my mouth.

"Thanks." I mumbled as I shifted the weight of my bag, I could hear Bucky making his way towards us which put me on slight edge. His mission was to kill Steve and myself, even though he hadn't made any move to do so, he could still be plotting.

"Вы находитесь на краю"

My body stiffened as i heard Bucky speak, it had been weeks since he had spoken to me or even acknowledged that I was alive really. But I kept my focus in Steve, biting my bottom lip as I fiddled with my bag string, he was right. Again, I was on edge.

"Да, последний раз я был изгнан ты пытался убить меня." My voice was soft as I spoke and I could see his mind was reeling behind his eyes, as if he had forgotten what had happened. But before I could comment on it, Steve grabbed my arm and yanked me away calling for Bucky to follow.

"Where are we going?" I yelled as I tried my best to keep up with him, Bucky hot on our trail.

"Some where safe."

Rolling my eyes I groaned internally, they always said someplace safe, but I ou always end up in danger.
♠ ♠ ♠
Вы находитесь на краю- You're on edge.

Да, последний раз я был изгнан ты пытался убить меня.- Yes, the last time I was chased you tried to kill me.