We had walked for what seemed like hours, the sky was getting darker each passing minute and the air was getting chillier, my arms where around my torso as I tried to contain my shivers. How ever my teeth chattering was giving away just how cold I actually was.

"Almost there." I heard Steve speak from in front of me, Bucky was walking at his side and hadnt taken notice of me. That was until he heard me stumble over a tree root, a curse flew from my lips as I held myself up against the tree.

Why hadn't I packed a jacket, sweater or even a blanket? I should have known the nights were getting colder and that I needed to dress warmer.

The moment I stood straight is the moment a cloud of warmth engulfed my body, the smell of diet, cologne and fire hit my nose as I looked over to see Bucky staring down at me.

"Выll заморозить до смерти котята"

My eyes narrowed as I shoved my arms into the heavy warm sleeves, I should have been jumping for joy that he was being so kind; but I had a nagging feeling that it was only because of Steve. Bucky couldn't remember who I was that fast, yet he used to call me kitten all the time.

Before I could respond, Steve called for us informing us of our arrival. In the deep woods there was a shack, it was small, but decent. From far it looked as if it had been abandoned for maybe thirty years or more, but we pushed forward.

I held Bucky's coat close to me, I secretly didn't want to ever return it; but I knew that in time he would need it. He may be super human, but he could still get cold.

I patted my shoes against the woods floor while taking a look around, it was larger on the inside. It was two floors with furbished wood walls, a fire place in the middle of the living room. A light in the counter and a small kitchen to the far right, as Steve started the fire I peeled Bucky's coat from my body and reluctantly placed it over the couches edge.

As I made my way to the upstairs I scanned the walls, pictures of Steve, a woman and his army squad. He was smiling in every single one, a happy soldier is a good soldier. The stairs creaked under my weight as I made it to the top, there were two bed rooms. One large with a bed, dresser and television, the window was covered by shades; while the other was the same but smaller.

In the hallway there was a small cubby for an extra person to sleep, a large bed , pillow and thick blankets. To the right was a small, blue tiles bathroom.

"Are you hungry?" Steve called up from the bottom of the steps.

"Famished, be there in a second." My eyes narrowed as I looked around, I knew exactly where everyone would sleep.

"I'm waiting on Fury," Steve stuffed a meatball in his mouth and Bucky stared at his food. I felt bad, it had been years since he ate a normal healthy meal. "He needs to update us." I scrunched my nose as a few pieces of food flew out of his mouth.

"есть что-то , я не хочу, чтобы ты голодной смерти." my voice was soft as I spoke to him, as if I would break him or cause him to snap.

His eyes narrowed as he poked the food with his fork, I was surprised even knew how to use a fork with all the brainwashing.

"W-what is it?" His voice quivered a bit in confusion. And a smile came to my face, Steve may not have been a cheif but he was a good cook.

"Try itz I promise you may like it." I hoped, that he would like it. Because this was his favorite dish on a Sunday night.
♠ ♠ ♠
Выll заморозить до смерти котята-You'll freeze to death Kitten.

есть что-то , я не хочу, чтобы ты голодной смерти - Eat something, I don't need you starving to death.