Status: Hope you enjoy this! This is an original story that I am working on. Please let me know what you think!

Broken Soldier

This is your typical love story between a boy and a girl. Girl moves to a new house on a new street in a new neighborhood in a new county in a new state. Girl meets boy in Kindergarten in her new school when he saves her from the evil bullies in the school yard. Boy defends her honor and she graciously thanks him. Boy asks girl to go swing with him under the shade of the oak tree in the corner of the playground. Girl says yes, and that is how it all began. Boy and girl grow up to be the best of friends. Girl grows to love him as more than her closest friend but boy doesn’t share those same feelings. Like I said. Typical. At 18 boy signs up for the Marines against the wishes of his family and the girl who has grown to love him. Boy hugs her before he leaves saying that he will never die on her. He would never leave permanently. And girl believes him.

Now no longer simply a boy and no longer a weak girl man and woman are still the best of friends. Growing to accept that she cannot have him as more than a friend the woman has moved on with her life. Her best friend is currently serving on his third tour in Afghanistan when she gets the call from man’s family. Accident. Something about an accident, an IED, and in a coma. She packs without thinking and races to his side. He needed her and she needed him. And if her best friend was going to die on her she was going to bring him back from the dead and then kill him herself for lying to her. I should know, because I’m that girl. I’m the little girl on the playground. I’m the little girl who grew up loving my best friend. My name is London Prescott, I am 28 years old, and this my friends….this is my story.

Welcome to Hell.