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What's Your Name Again?

i'm glad you like my name.

This was so unlike you. Even though you worked in sex shop and handsome customers did come through, it was rare that you would talk to them beyond the mandated ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’, and here you were, having sex with one in the back in the storeroom.

“Oh, God.” You were murmuring as his lips were practically lunching on your neck. He was doing merciless things with his teeth and tongue, some of which you had never given thoughts to, his hands teasing the hem of your short, tight dress you had decided to wear today. “Oh God…god… wait, what did you say your name was?”

He pulled away looking at you, biting his lip as he smirked. “Namjoon. And you are?” He looked down at your nametag pinned to one of your dress straps, flicking it. “Carese. I like your name.” His smirk turned into a smile.

“I’m glad you like my name.” Though you felt your answer was elementary, it was becoming harder to think as you anticipated him taking you. As if he would completely collapse if he weren’t glued to you, Namjoon went back to your neck. You knew there would be purplish bruises there tomorrow, but you didn’t care. The feelings of pleasure he was currently giving were currently outweighing what you thought other people would think of you.

You gasped as he ran his hands over your backside, suddenly gripping your ass to crush your lower bodies together. You could feel his erection pressing into you wantonly and you saw multiple colors. You managed to slide your hand in between the two of you, getting under his shirt, and were surprised. The shirt he had been wearing looked almost two sizes too big and you could see his skinniness, however you hadn’t been expecting him to have definition. You grabbed his shirt, pulling it up to remove it. Separating minutely to fully take it off, his lips quickly moved back up to yours.

“You think maybe we could speed this up a little bit?” You asked him, your hand resting on the waistband of his jeans.

“Whatever you want.” He grinned. You returned the gesture, working on the button of his jeans. Your other hand reached around him for a box on the shelf. Skillfully, you opened it with one hand and pulled out a glow-in-the-dark condom. You saw his questioning stare.

“What? I’ll pay for it like everyone else.” You said before tearing the package with your teeth, reaching down to put it on him. Namjoon pulled your dress up forcefully; helping you out of the string you considered underwear. Shortly after fingering you, he thrust into you, forcing your back to hit the shelving.

“Fuck!” you moaned, completely taken with him being inside you. His voice has been so smooth and sweet-talking when asking to use your phone; you hadn’t expected Namjoon to be so rough in bed. His thrusts seemed to hit you through your spine, fearing you might just split into two. However, it felt so good to have him filling you all the same. You met his thrusts, your fingers clawing him in the back, teeth marring his neck.

“Say my name,” he ordered, slapping your thigh you were sure it would turn red.

“Namjoon!” You could hear the shelves rattling behind you as he continued to slam in you, plastic digging into your back. Euphoria overwhelmed you so much that you were losing the strength in your legs.

Both of you ended up toppling over onto the cold cement floor, him falling on top of you. He seemed to continue as if nothing had happened and after a few more thrusts, you both were spent. Your chests heaved visibly as he moved over to rest beside you.

You were about to say something witty when your phone vibrated on the floor beside you. Picking it up, you looked at the caller id, not recognizing the number.

“Who is it?” Namjoon asked, already shed the used condom and moving to fix his jeans. You showed him the device. Realizing the number, he took it from you and answered it. You watched him grab his shirt and get up, walking to the front of the store.

After fixing your own appearance, you met him up at the counter. He shoved your phone back to you. “They said the tow truck should be here in 5 minutes.”

“That’s good.” You started drawing imaginary circles against the countertop. You looked up at him, seeing him grinning at you. “What?”

“You know I’d like to see you again,” he said biting his lip flirtatiously. “How about going on a date with me?”

“Shouldn’t you have taken me out first before fucking me, Namjoon?” You teased, leaning forward.

He put his hands together as if praying. “Please Carese?” he pleaded, staring at you seriously.

You reached out, quickly grabbing his forehead and pressing a hard kiss to it, smiling. “Fine, but you better go all out and treat me nicely. I’m delicate.” You smirked, fluttering your eyelashes at him playfully.

He leaned forward. “I’ll be sure we go nice and slow next time,” he told you before he kissed you slowly.
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Why am I a mess today? Hope you liked it, Carese! :)