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The Boy by the Window.


Jack sat cross-legged against his window and sighed at his geometry homework. He had never been too good with numbers and equations so he found it quite hard to complete his work without help of others.

Alex got off work at 6PM and made himself a cheese sandwich before going up to his room and calling for Jack. The younger tilted his head up and saw Alex munching on a sandwich and getting breadcrumbs all over his window.


"Not really, but it's the only thing I can make" Alex scoffed

"You work at a restaurant"

"I'm a waitress"

"I can always make you something and pass it over to you" Jack suggested but Alex batted his hand at him.

"I can't get this fucking homework done" Jack sighed once the conversation had ended, and so had Alex's sandwich.

"What subject is it on?" Alex asked curiously.

"Geometry" Jack stuck his fingers down his throat and chuckled.

"I'm good at geometry"

"You're kidding" Jack stood there with his mouth a gape.

"Nope. Pass it over" He made grabby hands for Jack to throw the book toward the other's window. The younger hesitated, doubting the book would get in Alex's hands in once piece.

"C'mon, I'll catch it" He reassured.

Alex grabbed the book and disappeared for a good ten minutes, leaving a dumbfolded Jack by the window.

"Done" Alex threw the book at Jack and the younger analysed the answers. He had no idea if they were wrong or right, but the answers made sense and he hoped they were indeed right.

"Woah, thank you. I didn't know you were good at this shit" Jack admitted and put the book away.

"Yeah, I give the impression of not knowing shit"

"Alex- I didn't mean that" Jack ducked his head, now feeling guilt hover over his body.

"I know, but it's the truth anyways"

"So um, how was work?"

"Jack, don't you dare try to small talk with me" Alex chuckled.

"We always small talk, Alex. It's all we do"

"Well, not anymore. I'm going for a walk" He said and started leaving.

"Wait. Can I come with?" Jack was hopeful this time because Alex seemed to be in a bad mood, but like many other times, Alex just smiled and shook his head before leaving the house.

Jack sighed and ran some errands until the time Alex came back from his walk. The elder had a cig hanging from the side of his mouth just like every other second of every day.

"Those sticks are going to be the end of you one day" Jack warned, like he did every day when he saw Alex smoking by his window.

"Live a little, Jack. Smoke, drink, get laid. Loosen up" Alex answered, the same permanent dullness still in his eyes.

"I'm not going to do something now if I'm not going to keep doing it in the future. Those habits are only temporary" Jack explained as he sipped on his tea.

"Jack, Jack, Jack. You live in a fairy-tale. You see rainbows and peace, unicorns and fairies, mermaids and talking animals, colourful skies and forests-" Jack cut him off by coughing.

"Alex? Are you high?" He asked, seeing as his neighbour was talking about ridiculous things non-stop.

"Am I high, Jack? Am I?" Alex smirked and leaned on the window holding his head up in his hands. "I am" He smirked at the younger and closed his eyes, a smile on his face.

Jack spent a while looking at Alex before he decided to close his window and start revising for his upcoming exam.

The sound of a window closing made Alex jump and he turned around to flop down on his bed. Still dressed, he closed his eyes once again and soon dozed off to sleep. His head spinning and the scent of weed in the air.