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The Boy by the Window.


Alex got the younger home safe and sound after they came down from their highs. Jack thanked him for the pleasant experience and closed the door behind him after Alex turned and started walking away, rolling his eyes and smiling when he turned around so the younger wouldn't catch him smiling at himself.

Jack sighed contently and went up to his room. His mum appeared at his door shortly after.

"Have you spent the afternoon with Alex?" She asked squinting her eyes as if the idea of it was suspicious for whatever reason.

"Yeah, why?" Jack gasped when he remembered that Alex had lied to his parents about being ill. He was supposed to be in bed and Joyce knew Alex wasn't at home since Isobel had checked on Alex earlier and asked her if he was with her son.

"Well, Alex sneaked out, apparently, and Isobel didn't know where he was at. Where have you two been?"

"Why are you interrogating me? Didn't you want us to hang out and spend more time together? That's what we did" Jack argued and flopped onto his bed looking dully at his mother.

"Yes, but that is not a fair reason to lie and-"

"Mum, make up your mind! You want us to hang out, we hang out, you complain about it. You want us to hang out, we don't hang out, you complain about it. I don't care if he has lied to his mother, that's not any of our business" Joyce sent him a death glare and left the room.

Jack turned on his side and stared through the window thinking of nothing in particular. He could hear Alex's dad threatening him to take out his bedroom door if he were to do something like that again. Although he couldn't see what was happening inside his neighbours house, he could picture Alex in his head, rolling his eyes at his father and laughing on his face, then going up to his room and getting high for the second time that day, but he didn't hear Alex get up to his room or shut his door, which made him get up from bed and lean against the window.

Just like he had predicted, Alex's curtain was drawn shut and no light came through it. The house looked empty due to not being able to hear a sound coming from inside it.

He looked down when he heard swearing coming from underneath him. The elder kicked at bushes and cursed at their stiffness as he lit a cigarette. Jack thought the scene was quite funny, but he bit his lower lip to stop himself from laughing.

Jack couldn't help but notice how weird Alex's hair looked from above him.

"You will end up setting those bushes on fire" Jack half whispered and earnt Alex's attention. He looked up and stopped moving around.

"Get inside" Alex ordered, but Jack shook his head and kept staring at the elder as grey smoke came out of his mouth and faded into the cold air.

"I'm serious, it's going to start raining soon" Alex's reason to make Jack get inside and stop looking at him sounded so dumb in Jack's head that he made a face.


"I bet you don't want your pretty neat hair to get wet, you flamboy"

"I don't care, Alex" He rolled his eyes.

"Sure you don't" Alex chuckled. Just then, little droplets of rain started hitting their heads and the ground, and Alex looked up at Jack giving him a look that said "I told you so" and he looked so damn proud of himself that it kind of annoyed the younger.

Jack flicked him off and ducked his head inside, closed his window so the rain wouldn't get inside and tried looking down at Alex again. He was nowhere to be seen, the scene from the closed window wasn't exactly very big either.

He watched as the elder's lights got turned on and the curtain was drawn open. Jack stared through it until Alex stood in front of it and looked back at him.

The younger thought of waving at him but he knew Alex wouldn't return the gesture back, so he just stared at him through the dotty window and so did Alex.

Once Alex got tired of standing there, he visibly sighed and shit the curtain once again, leaving Jack standing there like an idiot, watching rain hit the window.

He felt a pang of discomfort hit his chest and he thought it was time to call it a night.

He thought smoking wasn't that bad, but he would only ever do it with Alex, although he knew the elder wouldn't want to do it with him again because he was only there for his first time. Jack fell asleep at the thought of the elder being a weird one.
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