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The Boy by the Window.


Jack got the results of his exams the following week, and he had indeed failed geometry. His parents shouted at him, saying he hadn't studied enough and that he was grounded until the day he had passed that damn exam, which was in two weeks time. Jack stayed dull and steady, already expecting the yelling and humiliation from this parents. He had been raised to succeed, and that meant being the one who got the best grades until he had finished his education. 

He locked himself in his room, laid down and stared at the ceiling above him. 

Something hit his window and he rolled his eyes knowing it was Alex. He wasn't in the mood, so he got up, looked at the other boy who was staring back at him with the same dullness that was covering the younger's face, and shut the curtain. 

He felt guilty for a second but relaxation washed over him as he thought of what a huge of an asshole Alex really was. 

Half an hour later, his dad was at his door telling him that they were off to go grocery shopping, anger still on his face. 

Once they left, Jack made himself some mac and cheese and sat by the TV in the living room. 

"Wanna hang out?" He got a text from Zack. 

"Sure. Come over?"

"Be there in 15"

He did the dishes and tidied his room so it wouldn't look so much of a mess. 

"Hey man" Zack greeted and walked himself to the living room to make himself at home. 

"How were your results?" He asked once he was comfortable. 

"I've failed geometry"

"Awesome. I've failed geometry, maths and physics"

"Yehah well, I'm grounded until I take the test again and pass it"

"Woah, harsh parents"

"You know them"

They watched TV and chatted until Jack's parents got home.

"Jack, I told you you're grounded" His father growled. 

"Right. Erm, I'll see you tomorrow Zack"

"Yeah, bye everyone"

Jack's parents were arguing about him so he thought going up to his room would be the best idea. 

His curtain was still shut, so he opened it to let the evening light come into his room. Alex's lights were off but his window was open and gray smoke came out of the room. He rolled his eyes and went to sleep. 


Saturday rolled around and Jack found himself at the grocery store with a bag of crips and candy under his arm. 

He walked slowly through the aisles, not really looking for anything in particular, when he walked into a familiar blonde guy. He stared at him for a second until Alex turned around to face him. 

"Oh, hi Jack" He said as he picked up toasted bread. 

"Hi. Why aren't you at work?" The younger asked. 

"I technically am. We've run out of bread and milk"

"Oh, fun. I'll see you around"

"Wait!" He shouted, grabbing him by his arm. 

"What? Let go of me" He faced him. Those brown eyes looking back at him.

"I just wanted to ask how your exams went?"

"Pretty bad. I've failed geometry"

"Oh, that's not too bad, is it?"

"Well, try telling that to my parents"

"I can help you with your resit?"

"Maybe. I have to go, don't want you to be seen with me in public, you know"

"Jack, don't say-"

"It's okay" He offered with a smile. "I get it. I'll see you after work"


With that, Jack paid for his food and walked home. 


He watched two movies and heard Alex calling his name at 10:30PM. He opened his curtain and saw Alex leaning on the dinow. 

"Hiya" He said at the younger. 

"Hi. How was work?" He asked. 

"Good. thanks. How was class?"

"I have no idea. I skipped"

"I thought you never skipped?"

"Well, there is a first time for everything"

"True" He chuckled. "So what have you been doing?"

"Not much. I ate and watched movies, you?"

"You sound like a sad girl. I saved a kitty's life" Alex said shrugging his shoulders like saving a living being's life was no big deal. 

"What?" Jack laughed, not believing any of it.

"Yep. He was behind the trashcan across from the restaurant. I picked him up, he was freezing"

"Woah, who would have thought bad boy Alex would save anyone's life?" Jack gaped at him and chuckled.

"For your information, I care about animals more than I care about people" He said rolling his eyes.

"That's why you eat them?" Jack scoffed, judging the other boy.

"I don't" Alex said steadily.

"You're a vegetarian?" Jack wondered, furrowing his eyebrows. This doesn't make sense.

"Vegan" He replied.

"What's the difference?" Jack asked, actually intrigued about it.

"Really?" Alex rolled his eyes and Jack raised his eyebrows. "I don't comsume anything that comes from animals. No milk, eggs, dairy, nothing" He explained.

"Woah. I couldn't do that, I love eggs and cheese" Jack laughed but put a straight face once he felt that he had offended the elder.

"Erm. If you think someone's suffering and death is worth a few seconds of your life then sure" He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head smiling at himself.

"Will you help me with my exam?" Jack asked, hoping to change subjects since it was making him uncomfortable.

"Only if you watch a documentary" Alex fought.

"Eh, nah I'm okay thanks"

"Then I guess no, I won't"

"Why do you care so much of what I eat, anyway?" Jack glared at him.

"I don't. I just want everyone to be aware of what's happening in the world. Then you decide what to do about it" Alex challenged.

"C'mon I don't have time to watch it" Jack whined, now desperate for help from the other boy.

"Let me know if you change your mind" Alex stepped aside and closed the window but didn't walk away. He stared at Jack for a second. The younger sighed visibly and nodded rolling his eyes.

Alex gave him a thumbs up and laid on his bed, suddenly feeling proud of himself.

"Watch Earthlings tomorrow. Tell me what you think. We'll discuss if you get me to help you or not then"

He closed his eyes and went to sleep. He was soon awaken by his dad banging on his door and asking what happened at the restaurant.


"I've watched it. Can we meet up now?"

Alex read the text and rolled onto his back. Groaning, he debated whether he should reply to him or roll around in bed and go back to sleep. Sighing, and intrigued about what Jack to say about the documentary, he texted him back asking what he thought of it.

"I'm never eating animals again" It read. Alex smiled to himself, feeling proud of having that impact on someone.

He got up from bed and looked at Jack's window where the younger was at. He was looking down at his geometry book and didn't notice Alex as he walked across his room to go downstairs to make breakfast.

Oatmeal, fruit, toast and milk. Done. He walked upstairs with his bowl in his hand and threw a pen at Jack, who frowned and glared at Alex as he touched his forehead.

"You just woke up?" Jack asked rolling his eyes and looking at his watch. It was 11:30AM. "Lazy ass" He muttered.

"Excuse me? Who's the one who is going to help you?" He asked taking a spoonful in his mouth.

"Not going to lie, I cried during the whole thing" Jack confessed blushing, staring into Alex's eyes, who just nodded and kept eating, letting Jack talk.

"It's just- we aren't taught what they go through and- we have no right to harm them" Jack frowned, images of thr documentary coming and going to his mind.

"You have a lot to learn still. Should we get on with geometry now?" Alex raised an eyebrow, still in his pj's and having breakfast. Jack thought he was being ridiculous.

"I have a question first" Alex nodded. "What do you eat?" Alex chuckled.

"Fruit, legumes, starches, grains, seeds, veggies. Everything that comes from the earth" Alex said and shoved his last spoonful intk his mouth.

"Right, right" Jack had a confused look on his face. "Erm. I have more questions"

"Let's make a deal. I'll help you with geometry and answer to all the questions you have as long as you never come to my restaurant" Alex suggested seriously. Jack wondered why Alex had such a problem with him going to his restaurant. He had never been to it because he feared what Alex would do if he did, but he wanted to know the reason behind it. Most of all, Jack wanted to pass his exam.

"Deal. Want me to come over or?" He asked holding his book in the air.

"In your dreams, Barakat" He scoffed. "I'll be right there, open the door. Oh, I'm going on my pajamas by the way" Alex left his window open and walked downstairs wearing his sleepers.

"Asshole" He heard Jack say as he closed his bedroom door.

He grinned and walked into Jack's house. It was nothing new, he had been there plenty of times when they were younger.

"Make me a cup of tea. No sugar" He ordered Jack as the younger closed the door behind them.

"The fuck?" He shouted at Alex, who was now making his way into Jack's room as Jack stayed downstairs.

"Be quick, I want this to be over soon" Alex smirked at him and Jack wanted into the kitchen sighing.

"I'd better pass this fucking exam"
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