Status: completed; for lee jung jae (Nikki)

Garden Party Delight

there's a party going on upstairs.

You gripped the headboard, looking down at your boyfriend’s face in between your skirted thighs. “Are you sure about this, Yunho?”

Of course this hadn’t been your first time having sex with him, however having sex in someone’s guest room while a party was going on underneath you—a garden party, at that—seemed both awkward and exciting to you.

Yunho smiled at you, squeezing your thigh encouragingly. “Nikki, it’ll be fine, I promise.”

After a moment of consideration, you shrugged. “Alright, go ahead then.”

He disappeared underneath the skirt of your sundress. A few moments later, you felt one of digits slide into you causing you to moan very loudly. You felt his finger retract from you and looked down at him again.

“Babe, we’re bound to get caught if you keep screaming like that.”

You rolled your eyes. “Well, if you weren’t so good at this, I wouldn’t be so loud, would I?” You smirked teasingly at him.

“You haven’t even experienced the best part yet, but I’m going to need you to bite that lip of yours to keep quiet.” He winked, tossing your skirt back up and becoming invisible again.

You continued to let him work your folds, prepping you with his fingers, heeding his directions to keep your mouth closed. It was getting very difficult as with each press on your clit, one after another, your desire heightened. You could feel yourself dripping, knowing you wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

“Yun, I think I’m-” Your eyes rolled shut as another sensation suddenly took you over. Something wet, you believed to be Yunho’s tongue, shocked you, almost causing you to lose your balance and fall backwards. Luckily, your boyfriend’s hands were quick to resolution and shot up to steady you by the ass.

Yunho.” You fought the urge to move your hips as he played with the pressure of his tongue against you, sometimes pressing hard, other times his licks were as light as the touch of a feather.

“Tell me how good it feels, babe.” You could feel his breath against you, giving you new feels.

“So…fucking…good.” You couldn’t restrain yourself any longer and began to ride his tongue. You could sense his shit-eating grin beneath you just letting you do it, knowing he had done something good. Your hips would move back and forth, and in little circles, guided purely by what felt right.

After a while, he sensed you getting close. “How about we bring this home?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“You’re definitely gonna love this.” With his tongue pressed back against your clit, you heard him let out a muffled call, causing your clit to vibrate back and forth. The vibration traveled up your spine and fried your brain, leading to your release on his tongue. You couldn’t help but let out an exalted moan. You fell forward on the bed frame exhausted from rapture.

The bed creaked as Yunho moved from underneath you. “So?” He placed his hands against your shoulders, pulling you back to kiss your cheek.

You took a deep breath, pressing your dark shoulder length hair off of your forehead before looking back at him, smiling. “We’ll have to do that more often.”
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for lee jung jae. Hope you enjoyed it. ☺