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I am hungry… so hungry that I can’t bear it. My eyes turn red and black, and all rational thoughts leave my mind. The only thing my brain makes me feel is the need to kill in order to feed.

Man, woman, child, flesh… human flesh.

Being unable to eat is unbearable. Humans can’t understand, even though we are so similar.

I am starving to the point of insanity; a mad killer I have become.

Minutes pass and the starvation is gone. The human is dead.

He was my friend, but I am no longer human. I am a ghoul.
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I am in the middle of watching the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, so this drabble was inspired from it. By the way, Tokyo Ghoul is GRAND, no kidding. I should have watched it sooner but I was waiting for the second season to come out.

Even though it belongs in the fantasy genre, it’s really realistic and with good use of words and thinking. My favorite scenes so far were when Kaneki realized he had turned to a ghoul, when he and Touko-chan went against the ghoul inspectors in order to save the little girl and at the end when his hair turned snow white.

What’s your opinion of my drabble and the manga/anime? One thing’s for sure, I’m addicted.