Meet the Lunatic

Running through the woods was a teenage girl. She had just escaped from
Woodstock Asylum. It is where the worst of the worst go if prison can not do anything
about them. She was sent there after the police found her in her parents
room mumbling that she had to do it over and over. She was covered in their blood.
The weapon she used was a butcher knife from the kitchen. When the police investigated
the scene they realized that parts of the bodies were missing. They
searched for them and found out that the girl had ate them. When she was at
Woodstock, she would always sit in a corner smiling like a madman while rocking
back and forth. When she escaped she had no weapon but she did kill some people
trying to get away. She used her hands and teeth. While she is running through
the woods she is laughing like a maniac. She is covered in blood from the men she
killed. Her hair is messy and she has a Cheshire Cat smile on her face. She is
looking for more people to kill. She finds bliss in killing people. She makes it
through the woods and sees a house. She goes to it and finds it unlock. When she
is looking through the house she finds a happy sleeping couple. She goes into the
kitchen and grabs a knife and advances on the couple. The man's death is quick
cause she slices his throat. The woman heard the man gurgle and woke up. She
saw the girl covered in blood holding a bloody knife with the dead man next to her.
The woman did a blood curling scream. The woman got up and started running but
the girl tripped her. The girl pinned down the woman and tried to stab her. The
woman knocked the knife out of the girl's hand but not before she got a cut on her
arm. They fought but the girl was back on top. Before anything else happened the
girl leaned down and tore the woman's throat out. The girl smiled with pleasure
and left the the house. She continued walking, looking for more people to kill. She
couldn't find anyone so she wondered around aimlessly. The police found her but
she reacted like a wild animal. They tried to grab her but she fought back. One
police man grab her and it ended with his throat being ripped out. There was no
other choice, the other police man grabbed his gun and shot her in the head. When
he walked up to her, he saw a look on her face that surprised him. The look was of
one saying thank you.
♠ ♠ ♠
I'm new here so please go easy on me.