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"You`re cheating."


I pouted and looked up from my cards to see Han smirking at me. Hmm, I guess he`s not completely emotionless after all. He just doesn`t show any other look very often. I`m learning that. It makes me all the more curious about him though. But will I dare ask? Hell no. I`m not going to intrude on anyone`s personal life or be rude when I barely know them.

"How are you feeling?" Han asked as he placed another card between us on the bed.

"Tired and achy," I answered with a yawn.

I started my new treatments today and everything is going good so far. My body hasn`t decided to reject the pills or shots so that`s a plus. I can`t tell you how many times Iv`e gotten sick because of some medicine doctors put in my body that was supposed to help or my body just decided to reject it for no real reason. And the worst part of today? You know, besides all the needles. I`m tired and my whole body aches. And I was right yesterday. My arms are nothing but bruises and they hurt. It`s hard to find a spot that`s not purple and green. But on the bright side, Han got here about an hour ago and we`ve been playing card games ever since.

"I hope I can go home tomorrow," I mumbled while placing a card between us. "But then I have my date with Morimoto."

"Date, huh?" Han questioned, his face once again emotionless. "With Morimoto of all people?"

I shrugged, "He found out I only had one boyfriend and probably won`t be having another one so he wants to show me what having a real boyfriend is like."

"You only had one boyfriend?"

"Mhmm. He left after I got sick. He couldn`t handle all that at fourteen. I don`t blame him though. It was a lot to deal with at such a young age. We weren`t together that long anyway."

"You miss him?"

I scoffed, "Hardly. I miss my friends and aunt."

"What are they like?" Han asked.

I grinned, "Alex is a tough little cookie. Being Japanese and Latino got her picked on a lot. Even as a kid. She`s only five four but I heard she packs a mean punch. She`s a real sweetheart though. Loyal too. She`s never left my side. Emily loves just about anything fashion. She`s a little spitfire. Any time one of us got insulted or talked down to she was always the first to step in. She`s amazing with computers too. She`s planning on going to some big technical collage after high school. And then there`s Kim, Emily`s twin. She`s a tad boy crazy. And she has this wild side despite how innocent she seems. I can`t begin to tell you how many times she`s snuck us into clubs. She`s an amazing girl though. She actually cut my hair for me when I was first diagnosed."

"You really miss them," He observed.

I nodded, "I wish they were here. They`ve always been by my side while going through this stuff. Not having them here is really hard." I frowned and placed the rest of my cards on the bed and leaned back. "Don`t get me wrong, I really like it in Japan and I really appreciate you guys. If I didn`t have anyone besides my mom and aunt I`d go crazy. It`s just that.."

"It`s hard being without them," He finished for me.

"Yeah. I grew up with them."

A throat clearing jerked me from my thoughts and conversation with Han. I looked at the doorway to see Morimoto standing there with a few flowers in hand. Now that was a surprise.

"I can come back later," He murmured.

"No, you stay. I was just about to leave. I have work to take care of," Han said as he collected the cards and got off the bed. He slipped on a jacket and turned back to me, "Get some rest."

I nodded and watched him leave while Morimoto slowly waked into the room and over to me. Well that was odd.

"Sorry, I didn`t know Han would be here."

"I didn`t either."

He nodded and held out the flowers, "I wasn`t sure what kind you liked."

I smiled and took them, "Thank you. I haven`t gotten flowers from someone in a long time."

He smiled a little and nodded, "So uh, you getting out of here tomorrow?"

"I think so. Everything has been going good so far."

"That`s great!"

I chuckled, "Yes it is."

"Do you know where you want to go for our date?" Morimoto asked.

"Not really," I answered.

"I could surprise you," He suggested.

I nodded, "That sounds good."
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