Status: Completed

As Planned


On Monday my date with Morimoto went surprisingly well. If I wasn`t so tired it would of lasted longer. Who knew sitting at a table could be so draining? Thankfully he understood and didn`t have any problems taking me home a little earlier than mom asked for. On Tuesday I was still too drained to go to school but I was able to go Wednesday. And as I figured, I had to give each teacher a note that talked about what happened over the weekend and what to do if certain side effects happen or if I get too drained to do anything to just send me home. Giving those notes is always annoying. But it`s not only doctors orders but the school principals orders as well. On Friday Morimoto somehow talked me into going to the races, despite how tired I am. And that brings me to where I am now, walking around with Neela at the races. I think she`s making me walk around on purpose to tire me out faster so I can go home. She knows I`m not really well enough to be doing all this tonight.

"Is this necessary, Neela?" I asked as we walked down a line of cars.

She looked at me with a grin, "Of course. Plus you`re dating Morimoto now. You`re kind of obligated to go to these things. It doesn`t hurt to look around for good measure."

"What, does it make me look good or something?" I joked.

"Pretty much," She answered rather seriously.

I frowned and continued to follow her, pausing occasionally to look at a car. The more I thought about it as we looked around, the more I realized she was right. Image is a big deal here. Whether it`s with cars or people.

"Oh, Amelia!" Neela spun around to grab my hand and started tugging me in a different direction. "There are two people I want you to meet."

I followed her, stumbling slightly along the way, through crowds of people until we reached a much bigger crowd and we had to push through to get to the center of it all. Turns out everyone was surrounding a car and the two people working on it.

"Reiko! Earl!" Neela shouted, catching the attention of the boy I assumed was Earl.

"Neela! It`s good to see you," The boy said with a British accent that surprised me a bit.

"Earl, I want you to meet Amelia," She introduced.

"Nice to meet you," He said.

I nodded, "Like wise."

"So you are the famous Amelia," The girl, Reiko, said as she walked up to us.

"Oh I don`t know about that," I dismissed.

"Are you kidding? Twinkie won`t shut up about you!" Reiko exclaimed and Earl nodded in what appeared to be agreement.

"That`s surprising."

"Not really," Neela laughed. "Twinkie adores you."

I couldn`t help but smile at that. I adored him too. He really was a sweetheart. "I adore him too. He`s a good kid."

"You sure about that?" Earl snickered. "He sure sells a lot of shit to be a good kid."

I frowned. "He`s one of the best Iv`e ever known."

Neela gently patted my arm and grabbed my hand. "Let`s go find Han."

"You`re a real wanker," Reiko hissed at Earl as we left.

"Sorry about him. He can be a bit much sometimes," Neela apologized.

"It`s fine," I muttered."I just couldn`t help but defend Twinkie. He may be bratty on occasion and sometimes he sells things he probably shouldn`t but he really is a good kid."

"He is," She agreed. "You don`t have to try and convince me of that."

We walked in silence after that. On our way to find Han we stopped a few times to look at some cars. But when we found him it was pretty easy to spot him. He was leaning against a car a little ways away from Takashi and Morimoto. And he was swarmed with models.

"Do you ever get used to it?" I asked.

"Get used to what?" Neela asked.

"The models."

"Oh," She murmured before letting out a sigh and shot me a sad look, "Unfortunately. And to tell you the truth, I think Han has too."

I nodded as a frown made it`s way onto my face. "Why are they with him anyway?"

"Parties, money, sex.." She trailed off while casting a glance at me. Why did she look at me when she said that last word?

"Neela! Amelia!" Han called. "How are you two doing?"

"We`re good," Neela answered with a smile.

He nodded and turned his attention to me, "Feeling any better? Twinkie said you`ve been pretty drained."

I nodded as I replied, "I`m doing better. Being drained is pretty normal for a while."


I spun around at the sound of Morimoto`s voice. He was leaning against a car with Takashi at his side. Neither one looked very happy. I wonder what was wrong.

"I think your boyfriend wants you," Neela teased.

"Boyfriend?" Han questioned.

"Since Monday," I replied.

"Wouldn`t want to keep him waiting then," He sighed.

"Han`s right," Neela said as she grabbed my hand and started to lead me over to our boyfriends.

We only got a few away from them before someone yelled, "Cops!" at the top of their lungs, immediately followed by sirens.

"Go to Han!" Neela ordered as Takashi grabbed her other hand and started pulling her away. When did he get here?

"What about Morimoto?" I called.

This time it was Takashi that yelled, "Go to Han, now! He`ll take care of you!"

I turned to run to Han but he was already pulling up beside me in his car.

"Get in."

I eyed the car with a wince. Why does it always have to be cars? Why couldn`t it of been a motorcycle? I`m comfortable with those!

"Get in the fucking car, Amela!" Han yelled. "Now!"

I jumped a little in surprise but got into the car, slamming the door and squeezing my eyes shut while gripping onto the seat for dear life.

"Hey, relax. We`re not gonna get caught," Han tried to sooth after a few minutes of silence.

I shook my head and only squeezed my eyes and seat tighter, only to have something warm and slightly ruff start to lightly run over my fingers. I slowly opened my eyes and to my surprise, Han was running his fingers over mine. I bit my lip and eased off my grip on the seat.

"There we go," He murmured.

I completely let go of the seat and did my best to relax. I quickly put on my seat belt, mentally wincing at not having put it on in the first place. Such a stupid move! When I finally looked out my window I did wince. Everything was going by so fast.

"I`m guessing you don`t like cars," He chuckled.

"I`m fine with looking at them. I just don`t like being in them," I corrected.

"And why is that?" He asked.

I bit at my lip. Should I tell him? I haven`t told any of my new friends yet. Not even Morimoto and I`m dating him now. "My dad died in a car crash when I was six." Wait, did I say that out loud? I looked at Han from the corner of my eye and by the look on his face I did indeed say it out loud.


"Drunk driver crashed into him. Supposedly he died instantly."

"Supposedly?" Han questioned.

I shrugged, "Doctors said that with the way he was hit, he died on impact and didn`t suffer. But sometimes I wonder if they only said that to make it easier on us."

"So that`s why you don`t like being in cars."

"I normally try to avoid them but it`s kind of hard to do here."

"Has Neela taken you drifting yet?" He inquired.

"No," I answered with a slight frown.

"How about Morimoto?"


Han nodded, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. "I know just how to make you relax."

I raised an eyebrow but didn`t question him. Iv`e heard about drifting from Neela and Morimoto. They seem to love it and Neela says it`s the best feeling in the world. But from what Iv`e seen of it at the races its extremely dangerous. Iv`e seen people crash into a wall more than once while doing it. But supposedly they weren`t doing it right. Well, that`s what Morimoto says.

Before I knew it we were driving up a mountain. It wasn`t a huge mountain but it was still a mountain. The danger of it seemed to melt away the second I looked out my window. The view was amazing. There were so many lights I couldn`t even begin to fathom how many there were. But I was even more amazed when I looked up. You could actually see the stars up here. Down in the city you could only see the man made lights.

"Close your eyes." Han ordered.

"What?" I asked with a slight laugh. Why in the world did he want me to close my eyes?

He smirked, "Trust me on this. Close your eyes, Amelia."

I raised an eyebrow in question but closed my eyes anyway. I didn`t understand until I felt it. I suddenly felt calm and I was able to slowly relax. I opened my eyes just to peak at what he was doing. Imagine my surprise when I realized he was drifting. The car wasn`t jerking around like I thought it would and his movements weren`t either. He did it so effortlessly.

"This is drifting?" I whispered.

He smiled a barely there smile and nodded. "This is drifting."

I caught myself grinning as I closed my eyes again and leaned back into my seat. I couldn`t believe it. For the first time since I was six years old I was in a car and I was relaxed.