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After a lot of thinking and avoiding I finally talked to Morimoto on Wednesday. I told him that I would give him one more chance and if he ever hurt me again I`d be long gone. He agreed whole heartdly and even spun me around in a hug. I was surprised by how happy he was. Not to mention the hug. Even though he has been a bit affectionate with me, the hug really did surprise me. I didn`t think Morimoto was the hugging type.

Today is not only Friday, but it`s also the anniversary of me being in Japan for a whole month. It`s hard to believe Iv`e only been here for such a short time. It seems like Iv`e been here a lot longer than that. The past month has been nothing short of hectic and fast paced. But I`m slowly loving it. Part of me still misses the girls though. Sometimes Neela or Twinkie will take me out to do something and I constantly catch myself finding things they would like or get excited over. I admit, it does make`s me a bit sad.

"Amelia! Come on, we`re gonna be late!"

I rolled my eyes and slipped on my shoes. The races ended about an hour ago but Neela and myself are making ourselves look extra special to go to Han`s annual party to celebrate my month here. I honestly think it`s a little silly to celebrate being here only a month but Neela insisted. And Twinkie reasoned that they were doing it because they didn`t know how long they would have me. And I immediately caved.

"I`m done," I chuckled while pulling the bathroom door open. What I saw was surprising. Or should I say, what Neela was wearing was surprising. A short skin tight black dress. The fabric actually resembled leather. And she had on stiletto`s so high that I have no idea how she could walk in them.

"Well don`t you look cute," Neela said with a grin as she looked me over: boots, deep red stockings, pleated plaid mini skirt, and a tank top. Simple and easy to walk in. And according to Twinkie, that`s exactly what I needed for one of Han`s parties.

"How can you walk in those shoes?" I questioned.

She laughed and shrugged, "Practice I guess." She grinned at me, "Are you ready to go?"

"I suppose."

"Let`s go then!"

After exiting her apartment we headed for Han`s. Unfortunately we had to take the car. But Neela actually did a bit of drifting on the way. It was a lot different than drifting with Han. Where he was completely relaxed she was a bit tense and her movements were ever so slightly jerky and his weren`t at all. I guess he`s been drifting longer than she has.

When we finally got there we used the club entrance, something Iv`e never done before. It felt weird not using the garage. When we walked into the club it was extremely crowded. Neela lead me through a door and into another room with a completely different party going on. This one was just as crowded and was filled with girls, models to be exact. I could count on one hand how many men there were in the room. But I guess it makes sense being Han`s party. He`s almost never without them.

"There she is!" Twinkie exclaimed while walking up to us.

"What are you drinking?" I questioned the second I saw the glass in his hand. The liquid was an odd color in what looked like a scotch glass.

"Some fruity punch," Twinkie grumbled.

"Han won`t let us drink," Neela assured in a sour tone.

I let out a sigh of relief and nodded. I didn`t think Han would give a teenager alcohol but you never know. Good to know he at least does that. "Good. Twink, is Morimoto here?"

He chuckled, "Nah. He`s been avoiding Han."

"And why is that?"

"I uh..I have no clue."

I narrowed my eyes at him. Now that was clearly a lie. "Twink," I growled.

Twinkie winced, "I`m not supposed to tell you anything."

"Oh you will," I assured with a glare.

"Are you the party!" Neela quickly interrupted.

I sighed and nodded, "After the party."

"Let`s go find Han," She suggested.

"That`s not very hardy," Twinkie snickered, nodding his head to the bar. Han was trying to get drinks but the models on his arms were trying to grab his attention.

"Should we save him?"

"I don`t know, he looks okay to me."

"Let`s get you a drink," Neela said while grabbing my hand and pulling me over to the bar with impressive speed considering her shoes. She ordered two of what sounded like some odd version of fruit punch.

"No alcohol," Han reminded the bartender.

"It wasn`t," Neela grumbled, though I think I`m the only one who heard her.

"Are you enjoying the party?" Han asked me.

"It`s very crowded," I confessed.

He leaned in by my ear, "Wanna go to the garage?"

I nodded and took the drink Neela gave me. "I think that would be best."

He nodded and lead us to the garage, models in tow of course. We went up to the loft and while Han and three models curled up on the big couch, Neela and myself sat in the smaller one and Reiko joined us a few minutes later, Twinkie and Earl racing up the stairs as she sat down.

"Oh come on!" Earl groaned when he saw Reiko. "I wanted to sit there."

"Too bad," Reiko groaned mockingly.

"Don`t start!" Twinkie ordered before climbing on the back of our couch, his legs by my head.

I lightly smacked his legs, "What do you think you`re doing?"

He recoiled and glared at me, "Can`t a man sit, woman?"

"He has to be a man first," Reiko snickered.

Earl eyed her with an odd look on his face. He sat down on the floor and continued to eye her. "What`s your definition of a man then?" He questioned.

Reiko smirked down at him, "Not Twinkie."

"Hey!" Twinkie yelped.

"Oh calm down," I soothed while patting his leg. He huffed and sulked but appeared to of calmed down already.

"Then who do you think is a man?" Neela inquired.

"Not Twinkie and not Earl," Reiko replied with a grin while both boys uttered protests.

"So Han?" I asked with a laugh.


"Oh I doubt that," One of the models said with a smirk.

I frowned and watched Han roll his eyes but made no protests or agreements. He didn`t appear to care what his models do or say. Well, at least it appeared that way. I kind of wonder why though.

"Then who is a man?" Earl pressed.

Reiko shrugged, "I don`t know."

"Then why aren`t we?" Twinkie asked.

"You aren`t mature enough," She answered with a little laugh.

"Most men aren`t," I chuckled.

"Han is," A model purred.

I narrowed my eyes and whispered to Neela, "I am speaking in English right?" She nodded. "Then why the hell is she answering in Japanese?" She laughed and shrugged.

"What`s so funny?" The same model asked.

"Nothing!" Neela and myself choursed, causing laughter from the rest of us and a hint of a smirk from Han.
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Update two of two. I wish I could do things in Italics on here like I can on Fanfiction to better separate what`s supposed to be spoken in Japanese and what`s supposed to be spoken in English. If anyone knows how to do things in Italics on here please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated.