Status: Completed

As Planned


He wouldn`t even look at me. Two hours at the races and he still wouldn`t look at me. It was like I wasn`t even here. And as much as I didn`t want to admit it, it killed me. I never thought I`d crave someones attention, let alone Han`s, but I do. I crave it so damn much.

"Stop staring," Neela squeaked in my ear.

I frowned and quickly turned my gaze to her. She looked worried. "What is it?"

"You were staring at Han again. You don`t want to make Morimoto mad," She whispered.

I nodded and ran a hand through my short hair. Today was nothing but a screwed up mess. In fact, the last two weeks have been nothing but a mess. Ever since I went on that ill fated shopping trip with Neela nothing has been right.

While we were shopping Twinkie and Han came up to us and we went to the food court to sit, talk and relax. Unfortunately relaxing didn`t happen. Not very long, maybe minutes, after we sat down Morimoto walked up to us. I don`t know where he came from. He just appeared out of no where. He walked right up to us, eyed Han and kissed me. It was harsh and nothing but his lips smashing against my own in a slightly painful display. It wasn`t my first kiss, of course, but it was my first kiss with him. Afterwards he gave no explanations for it. He only smirked at Han and walked off. And since then Han won`t acknowledge my existence.

I tried questioning Morimoto about that day at the mall and he never gives me a real answer. Not only is it annoying but it`s frustrating as well. At one point I wanted to scream at him in an attempt to get him to talk. Somehow I was able to refrain and eventually gave up. And since that day he`s suddenly taken a great delight in kissing me whenever he can. Especially when a lot of people are around. I`m honestly becoming angry with him. I`m no expert on relationships but even I know that`s not right.

At this point I`m not sure why I`m even with him anymore. Everything has gone down hill so fast. One minute everything is great and the next I want to run screaming. Okay, that`s a little over the top but you get the point.

I tried emailing the girls and my aunt Lauren but they haven`t been much help. Alex suggested dumping him, which I considered quite a bit. Emily suggested I confront him and explain how I`m feeling. Kim suggested I throttle him, I`m still not sure if that was a joke, and aunt Lauren suggested I talk to him about what`s going on and possibly give him another chance.

"Everything good?" Morimoto suddenly whispered in my ear.

"Yeah. Everything is fine," I whispered back. I just want to throttle you, I mentally added.

"Good. Ready for the party?" He asked.

I wrinkled my nose. How lovely. "A party?"

"Yep. Han`s of course."

Now that`s interesting. "Han`s? Since when do you like parting with him?"

He shrugged, "I don`t. But we were invited so we might as well go. Plus I figured it would give you the opportunity to spend time with Reiko."

"Oh. Thanks." That was...just plain odd. After everything that`s been going on he suddenly wants to be around Han? What the hell is he playing at?

Morimoto patted my hip and gently pushed my towards his car. "Let`s go."

"Now?" I questioned. "But Han hasn`t even left yet."

He scoffed, "So? The club is already open."

I frowned and followed him to the car. As always it took me a few minutes to get in. But this time I wasn`t met with a look of understanding. I got a look of annoyance instead. I guess he was in a hurry.

The ride to the club was painfully silent and as soon as we got there he was all but pushing me inside. Instead of staying in the main part of the club we made our way to the side room where Han normally parties. And as soon as we walked in Morimoto made a beeline for the bar. I on the other hand followed hesitantly. I don`t know what has gotten into him tonight but I don`t like it.

When I reached the bar I heard Morimoto try to order an alcoholic drink and I actually stepped back in shock. Thankfully the bartender knew who he was and outright laughed at him before giving him some form of soda. When she saw me she shot me a big smile and handed me a glass filled with cherry flavored water and winked at me. So she remembered the joke... You see, the first time I ordered a water here Neela made a joke that it looked like vodka because of the glass it came in. So whenever I order water we joke about it.

"Hey girl."

I looked to my left and saw a grinning Twinkie walking up to me. But his grin vanished as soon as he saw Morimoto.

"Hey, Twink," I greeted.

"Hey. Han just got here with Neela. Feel like relaxing in the garage?" He asked.

I nodded with a grin. "Don`t I always?"

He chuckled and made a move to grab my hand but Morimoto beat him to it and shot Twinkie a look. I frowned at his behavior and mouthed an apology to Twink. He gave me a little nod and left for the garage. Thankfully Morimoto let me pull him along.

When we reached the garage Twinkie was already jogging up the stairs with Reiko while Neela and Han stood at the bottom of the stairs. They were having a hushed conversation that ended as soon as they saw us.

"I`m glad you made it," Neela said with a smile. She turned her gaze to Han and asked, "Aren`t you glad she made it?"

"Of course," He murmured. But he wasn``t looking at Neela or myself. He was looking at Morimoto with pure disgust.

I sighed and moved to walk up the stairs. As I walked a wave of dizziness hit me and I barely made it to the top of the stairs before I had to sit down.

"Amelia? What`s wrong?" Neela questioned while rushing up to me.

"Dizzy," I whispered, my eyes slipping shut.

"Drink some water," Han whispered in my ear.

I slowly opened my eyes to see him crouching in from of me. "When did you get here?"

He frowned. "Amelia, when was the last time you ate something?"

"A couple hours ago. Morimoto took me to dinner before the races," I murmured.

He nodded. "Okay, sweetheart. Did you have an alcohol? Anything that could react badly with you? Have you taken your medicine today?"

I frowned and opened my mouth to say something but quickly shut it when everything around me became blurry. I whined and squinted my eyes in an effort to see better.

"Amelia? Ameila!"

I groaned and covered my ears. Why was Morimoto yelling? "Make him stop!"

And he did. But his voice was replaced with a buzzing noise and it felt like I was plunged underwater. I was suddenly freezing, my head was pounding and I couldn`t hear a thing except for the buzzing. Morimoto`s yelling had stopped and so did Neela`s scream. But when I looked at them through the blur their mouths were still moving. I moved my attention to Han and he was rapidly speaking to someone behind me but I couldn`t hear him either. The buzzing noise became louder, unbearably so. And Han`s worried face was the last thing I saw before everything went black.