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"Have you seen Morimoto yet?"

Somehow I managed to make it to school today. I was still exhausted and weak but I was determined to make it through the day. Let`s just hope I don`t pass out at some point.

"Why do you wanna see him?" Twinkie grumbled.

"So I can break up with him," I answered honestly. There was no point in lying to him.

Twinkie`s face suddenly lit up and he looked like he was about to start jumping up and down in excitement. "I`ll go find him!"

"There`s no need for that."

I quickly turned around at the sound of Morimoto`s voice. He looked...different. He looked exhausted and I`m pretty sure he was trying and failing to hide a black eye. Something about him had changed and it wasn`t just his appearance. It may sound strange but his aura had changed.

I bit at my lip, unsure of what to say to him. What could I say? 'You`re a jerk and I can`t be around you anymore'? No, that wouldn`t work. Could I tell him how unhappy I was that he never visited me in the hospital? Or ask why he never came to see me when I came home? Perhaps. Perhaps I could yell at him until I was blue in the face. But would that really do any good? No, no I honestly don`t think it would.

"How are you?" Morimoto asked.

"Does it matter?" I questioned. "If you really wanted to know shouldn`t you of visited me?"

He let out a sigh and shrugged, "I guess I could of. And I guess that`s what makes what I`m about to say that much harder. I`m sorry, Amelia. But I think we should break up."

I stared at him in utter shock. Did he really just say what I think he just said? "Excuse me?"

"I`m sorry, Amelia. I just can`t do this anymore."


Morimoto shrugged, "I can`t deal with you. You`re far too needy and I can`t handle that."

I wanted to laugh. I`m too needy? "Well, if this is something you really want..."

"It is," He murmured.

I nodded. "Fine. But can I ask you something?"

"Sure. I don`t see why not," He murmured.

"Who hit you?"

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"You have a black eye," I said while taking a step towards him to get a better look.

Morimoto immediately took two steps back. "I don`t know what you`re talking about."

I raised an eyebrow. Really? You have no idea you have a mark on your face? "You aren`t exactly doing a good job of hiding it."

He shook his head and said, "I really don`t know what you`re talking about. Goodbye, Amelia."

I watched him leave before turning my attention to a very stunned looking Twinkie. "Did that really just happen?"

Twinkie nodded, "Yeah, yeah it did."

"Good," I muttered. "That weird conversation wasn`t part of my imagination."

"At least you don`t have to deal with him anymore," He pointed out.

"True. Hey, Twink can you do something for me?"


"Can you find out who punched Morimoto?"

"Sure but uh, why do you wanna know? You aren`t together now," Twinkie said.

"I know. But a small part of me still cares about him," I replied with a shrug.

"Alright," He muttered. "By the end of the day I`ll be able to tell you who hit him."

"Thanks, Twinkie."

"No problem."

And as expected, Twinkie was right. By the end of the school day he knew who hit Morimoto. The culprit however was not who I was expecting.

"Han? Our Han? Are you sure?" I questioned.

Twinkie nodded fervently. "Positive. It happened last week when Neela and me were with you instead of at the races."

That`s right. Last Friday was a bad day for me. I was having trouble breathing so Neela and Twinkie came over to help watch over me. If I had let eiher of them call Han, Earl or Reiko they would of come over too but I didn`t want all of them to worry over nothing. It was just another side affect.

"So what exactly happened?" I asked.

"I`m not really sure. The details are sketchy," Twinkie replied with a shrug. "No one heard the conversation because Han and Morimoto were off talking. Morimoto said something and pushed Han. That pissed him off and Han punched him and Morimoto swung at him. Apparently they both got in a few punches before Takashi and his goons pulled them apart."

I nodded slowly. What could Morimoto of said to make Han hit him? He`s always so calm and collected. "Are you sure no one heard the conversation?"

"Completely. What ever they were talking about they decided to say it away from the big crowd."

"Whatever he said had to of been bad to provoke Han like that. Speaking of Han, how is he? Have you seen him lately?"

Twinkie nodded, "Yeah. He`s been nursing a busted lip. He wouldn`t say who gave it to him when I asked."

"Guess that explains where it came from," I murmured. "Hey, Twink, would you be okay with taking me to the garage?"

"Sure. But uh, are you thinking of causing trouble?" He asked gently.

"No, no not really. I just wanna know what`s going on," I said.

"Alright. Let`s get out of here then."

The ride to the garage was relatively slow and boring. Normally Twinkie would be cracking jokes and trying to make me smile but not this time. Maybe he was still worried about me causing trouble. I don`t know. Maybe it`s just me being worried about him. I just hope I`m not putting too much on him or stressing him out with our friendship. That`s the last thing I want.

"Han!" I yelled into the garage as soon as I opened the car door. I stepped out and glanced around the garage. Wow there was a lot of cars here today. "Get your butt out here!"

"Calm down. Don`t get the lace you call panties in a..." Han tried off as he reached the bottom of the stairs, "bunch." A grin made it`s way onto his face despite his healing busted lip. "Well don`t you look like the perfect school girl. All you need is stockings."

My face immediately began to heat up. How did he know I liked lace? "My clothing isn`t what I came here to talk about."

Han`s grin turned into a smirk. "Then what did you want to talk about?"

"Why you and Morimoto fought."

His smirk immediately turned into a scowl. "Did you come here to defend your boyfriend?"

"He`s my ex actually." For a split second I could of sworn his eyes lit up. "And I didn`t come to defend him. I want to know what brought on the fight and if it`s the reason he broke up with me."

"I didn`t like the way he was talking about you," Han said with a shrug.

I raised an eyebrow. I wasn`t expecting that. "What do mean he was talking about me? What could he of said to piss you off so much?"

"He was bragging about how good of a fuck you are."
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