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"He was bragging about how good of a fuck you are."

"What did you just say?"

"Don`t make me say it again."

I couldn`t believe this. Morimoto actually said we slept together. No, excuse me, he bragged. "How could he brag about something that never happened?" I questioned, not realizing I said it out loud until it was too late.

"You never slept together?" Han asked.

"N-No," I stuttered. "No um, I made a rule that I didn`t want to do anything until I was healthy enough."

"For a while you were," Twinkie pointed out.

"Not exactly. I wanted to be as close to remission as possible," I explained.

"Dammit," Han muttered.

I quickly turned my attention back to him. "Thank you for defending me even though you really didn`t need to."

"Like I said, I didn`t like the way he was talking about you," He said with a shrug.

"Still," I murmured. "You got a busted lip for nothing."

"It wasn`t for nothing."

I bit at my lip. I`ll probably regret asking this. "Who...who was he bragging to?"

"Just me and Takashi," Han assured. "It`s a miracle no one else heard."

I nodded and almost sighed in relief. "That`s good."

"Now I see why you punched Morimoto," Twinkie grumbled. "I would of punched him too."

"That`s over now. We`re over now and it`s never happening again," I said.

"What made you end it?" Han asked.

"I was going to end it because it became clear to me that he didn`t care," I answered. "However, I wasn`t the one to end it. He did. Apparently I`m too needy for him."

Han actually snorted. "Sure, sweetheart, you`re too needy." He shook his head and pulled a little bag of candy out of his pocket. "Anyone hungry?"

"That`s not really good," I chuckled.

He shrugged, "It works for me."

"Well not for me. I have to start eating healthier food now. Doctors orders."

"Let`s go eat," Twinkie suggested.

Han shook his head and said, "Order in."

"Any suggestions?" Twinkie asked.

"As long as it`s not sushi," I replied while wrinkling my nose. "I think I got burned out on it."

"Sure," Twinkie grunted. "Make it a challenge for me." Without bothering to ask Han what he wanted he got in his car and drove off.

"And then there were two," Han murmured.

I smiled a little. "Can I use your kitchen?"

"Go ahead. You might not find anything to drink other than beer. I haven`t restoked up on anything," He warned.

"That`s fine." I patted my bag with a slight grin. "I brought tea."

"I forgot how much you like that stuff."

"I haven`t got to have much of it lately. They don`t exactly serve tea in hospitals, you know?"

I started making my way up the stairs after that but a little tug on my bag stopped me. I glanced back at Han. His hand was on my bag and he was staring at the floor.

"Amelia. I uh, I know I didn`t visit as often as I should. I just," he paused to swallow thickly and let out a sigh, "it was hard for me to see you like that. I don`t want you to think I feel like Morimoto did because he wouldn`t come see you."

I smiled a little. Oh, you confusing and sweet man. "I know, Han. Your actions may be small at times but they speak louder than anything he ever did." I leaned down and quickly kissed his cheek and made my way back up the stairs. It wasn`t until I reached the kitchen did my actions finally sink in and I began to blush. At least I only kissed his cheek. That`s nothing to be embarrassed over, right? Oh who am I kidding, I`m gonna turn bright red as soon as I look at him.

In an attempt to prolong the inevitable blush I took my own sweet time making a cup of tea. It wasn`t until I was done did I dare to venture back down stairs. And even then I did it slowly. When I got to the end of the stairs I spotted Han working on one of the many cars in the garage and I hesitantly walked over. In all the time Iv`e spent here I never actually watched him work on cars. I guess I just never wanted to interrupt or somehow be a distraction.

"Tea finally done?" Han asked as soon as I sat on a little chair by the car.

"Yes," I squeaked rather than spoke like I had intended.

Han chuckled and turned to face me, as I predicted I turned bright red, and he carefully took the cup from me. He took a few sips before handing it back to me. He made a move to turn back to the car but paused to glance back at me. "Next time you kiss me, don`t do it on the cheek. I`d rather kiss your lips."

My mouth fell open in shock and my mind went blank. Well, except for the flashing neon sign that said, "Neela was right". Before I could attempt to pull myself together and utter a retort, Twinkie pulled into the garage. Thank you, Twink for saving me from stuttering out something and possibly making a fool of myself.

"I got a little bit of everything," Twinkie announced as he exited the car. He grabbed four big bags from the vehicle and jogged over to the stairs.

I carefully got off the chair to follow, smoothing out my skirt in the process. I cast a glance back at Han to see if he was coming and he was. He was just watching me with a smirk the whole time.

Immediately I began to blush and made my way up the stairs as fast as I dared. I quickly sat on the couch next to Twinkie. It was only when I heard a chuckle that I finally looked up. Han was smirking at me and eyeing me in a way that made my blush worse and made me want to squeak. Morimoto gave me similar looks all the time and each time part of me felt uncomfortable. But for some reason when Han did it I didn`t feel that way and I didn`t have the sudden urge to shrink away. Damn him.
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