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It`s been almost a week since things ended with Morimoto. My mom and aunt Sarah weren`t very happy about it but they`d apparently been expecting it. Now that I`m single, Han has decided to flirt with me whenever he gets a chance. And most of the time it ends up with me blushing and stuttering while he either smirks or grins at me. I swear, he takes far too much pleasure in making me flustered.

Iv`e talked to Alex about it and she agrees with Neela. As does Emily and Kim. The three of them insist that he likes me despite me telling them about only a handful of our encounters. Part of me thinks he just likes flirting with me and making me turn as red as a tomato. But the other part of me wants to believe Neela is right. That he actually likes me.

I don`t know. My head is nothing but a jumbled mess. I mean, I know that Han has a reputation. Most of which involves just about every model that has ever been in Tokyo. If he really does like me, do I want someone like that in my life? Could he stay faithful? And would I want to possibly destroy our odd friendship? Yes and no. Maybe. Oh, I don`t know. Like I said before, my head is a jumbled mess.

And to add to that jumbled mess, I start my new treatments today. I`m worried beyond belief about it. If this doesn`t work then I`m done. There won`t be anything else for me to try. My life is depending on five little pills. And I hate it. Not having any real control over your life really messes with you. Especially when it all rests on pills.

Twinkie suggested I do something mildly dangerous to feel in control again but I`m not so sure that`s a good idea. And even it it was, I doubt I`d think of something. What could I do that would be considered dangerous? Even of the mild kind? Each time my brain draws a blank. It feels like I`m taking a math test or something.

While we`re on the subject, I`m currently sitting in the hospital with my mom and my doctor. Once again we`re going through my schedule. On this plan I have to take five pills simultaneously throughout the day and get two shots once a week. In the past I never took so many pills during one treatment plan, but this being my last hope they definitely upped the ante.

"If you like we can have the shots done on the same day," My doctor spoke up. "It would be less of an inconvenience."

I shrugged a little and said, "That`s fine with me. The less bruises the better."

He let out a soft chuckle. "I`m afraid that can`t be helped."

I nodded and muttered, "I figured as much."

"I want you to take these pills every two hours. Take them with breakfast, lunch and dinner if you can. I`d prefer you have something in your stomach whenever you take them. I don`t care if it`s something as small as a rice ball. Just eat something. I know you might not be able to do that while at school but if you can then please do so."

"You`re not trying to fatten me up, are you Doc?" I teased.

He chuckled, "No, just trying to get you healthy again. Speaking of that, this new treatment shouldn`t affect you badly but if anything seems off, anything at all, I want you to come see me immediately. Is that clear?"

"As crystal, Doc."

We chatted a bit more on the side affects that I shouldn`t have and then mom and I left. It wasn`t until we made it home that I finally let myself stress out and internally fall apart. I didn`t allow myself to cry, however. Even though I did feel the familiar sting of tears prick at my eyes. I made sure not to shed them. I needed to relax and let myself go. So I dug out my phone and called the one person I knew that would help.


"Hey, Han. Are you busy?"

"No. I`m just finishing up a car."

I bit at my lip and took a deep breath before speaking again, "I`m sorry to do this to you but um, I really need you. Can you come get me?"

"What`s going on?" Han asked, alarm clear in his voice. "Are you okay? Did someone hurt you? Was it Morimoto?"

"No, no. It`s nothing like that," I breathed. "I just got my new treatment. I just, I need to get away for a few hours and relax. I`m so stressed out right now. I just, really, really need you."

"Don`t scare me like that," He groaned. "I thought you were hurt."

I winced. "Sorry, sorry. I didn`t mean to."

"It`s alright. So, car or motorcycle?"

I let mom know I was going with Han and probably wouldn`t be back for a while, while I tried to destress. I sat on the apartment building steps to wait on him but thankfully I didn`t have to wait long. About thirty minutes later he pulled up in front of me on his motorcycle.

"Hey," I breathed. I made my way down the steps as quick as I could and went up to him. "I`m sorry for taking you away from the garage. I`m just so stressed and I feel like I`m gonna go crazy if I don`t find some form of relief."

Han smirked at me, slipped off his leather jacket and held it out. "You`ll get cold."

I took it and slipped it on before straddling the back of the motorcycle and wrapped my arms around his waist. "I don`t care where you go. Just as long as it`s anywhere but here."

"Alright," He murmured before he started chuckling. "So I`m your relief, huh?"

I blushed and tried to resit the urge to curl up on myself and hide. "Don`t flatter yourself. Motorcycles have always made me relax. Your just a bonus. Now drive."

He chuckled. "Whatever you say."
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