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My night out with Han helped me a lot. We rode on his motorcycle for hours, only stopping at random places to eat and sight see. By eleven we were ready to head home. We were both starting to get cold and hungry. But the most important thing was, I was relaxed. Before we went home I called mom and ended up talking her into letting me stay with Han for the night. I didn`t have to go to school in the morning, per doctors orders so we could watch for side affects, and I wanted to keep my mind at ease and relax as long as I could. Mom only agreed because I made it out to be like a sleepover. I told her Twinkie, Reiko and Earl would be there with us and it wouldn`t be just Han and myself. And I told her we were having this "sleepover" so they could watch over me and make sure my new medicine didn`t bother me.

So I spent the night in Han`s garage. I watched him and Earl fix cars and curled up with Twinkie and Reiko on the couch watching movies. And, just like I knew they would, every time I took one of my pills I was watched closely. Throughout the night I was tempted to call Neela but it was late enough as it was and I didn`t want to chance bothering her while she was with Takashi. Ever since my breakup with Morimoto, Takashi hasn`t exactly been nice to me. At first he just gave me these disappointed looks but now its disgust. I can`t really think of any explanation for it other than him being friends with Morimoto.

I ended up sleeping until noon. But I think that might have to do with Han giving me my own room. Not a bunk like Twinkie, Earl and Reiko. But an actual room like Han has. The room is smaller than my bedroom at home but it`s still big enough for me. The bed was a little difficult at first since its a twin rather than the queen I`m used to sleeping on. But how comfortable it was definitely made up for the size. I think what really surprised me though was the fact I got a room and not only that, it`s mine to keep. Han told me the room would always be mine and I could use it any time I liked. He could be such a sweetheart sometimes.

"Good morning. Or should I say good afternoon?" Han teased as soon as I walked into the little kitchen.

"Very funny," I teased, moving to lean against him.

"Still tired?" He asked, sounding a bit worried this time.

"A little. I`m not used to sleeping on such a small bed," I replied with a yawn.

"You have bigger?"

"A queen."

"I have a king."

And just like that Han was teasing me again. I pouted at him and said, "That`s not much bigger than mine, is it?"

Han shrugged. "You`ll see my room after I see yours."

I frowned and thought for a minute. Had he not been in my room yet? I tried to think back but kept drawing a blank. Huh, I guess he hasn`t been in my room.

"Not my fault you don`t come over," I retorted.

He chuckled and shook his head. "You want lunch?"

I nodded, "Yes please."

"Then start making something."


He chuckled at my squeal and I punched his shoulder for it as hard as I could. Which, in retrospect, wasn`t very hard at all. In fact, it made his chuckles turn into full blown laughter.

I pouted. "You`re no fun."

None the less I walked over to the fridge to look for something while he continued to laugh. I grabbed some eggs and cheese and went over to the stove to start cooking.

"Can you make me some too?" Han asked after his laughter died down.

I shot him a look but made him eggs anyway. "I shouldn`t be making you anything for the way you laughed at me."

"Aww come on," He teased. He walked up to me and lazily wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his face in my neck.

I`m fairly certain by the time I was done cooking his eggs I was as red as a tomato. I never realized having someone wrapped around you could cause such a thing. But I think my choice in clothing had a small hand in it. I was wearing one of Twinkie`s over sized shirts and a pair of Reiko`s sleep shorts. But because the shirt was so big it was almost a dress so you couldn`t see the shorts so it looked like I was only wearing the shirt.

"Thanks, Sweetheart," Han breathed in my ear while taking his now full plate. He lightly nipped at my ear before walking out of the kitchen.

My face got impossibly hotter and I`m pretty sure I stumbled a bit when I moved to follow him with my own plate of eggs. I have no idea what this man is doing to me. One minute we`re having a normal conversation and teasing each other and the next he`s...doing that.

I am single now, I contemplated to myself. So our flirting isn`t exactly a bad thing. But I don`t turn eighteen for another two weeks so Han doing anything but flirting is out of the question until then. But I may not be alive in two weeks.

"Why do you look so down?" Han asked as soon as I sat down.

"My birthday is in two weeks," I blurted out. "I...I`m worried I won`t be alive to celebrate it."

"You`ll be alive. I`ll make sure of it," He promised. "Now eat. You need to take your medicine."

I nodded and started eating. I forgot how good scrambled eggs were with cheese melted on top.

"When do you want me to take you home?" He asked.

"Why? Do you want to get rid of me already?" I teased.

He snorted and said, "No. But I`d rather not worry your mother too much."

I nodded. "Alright. After breakfast, I guess."

He nodded and went back to eating. It took me a second to notice it, but he was eating slower now. So I did too. I guess he didn`t want me to leave yet. But I needed to. I didn`t need to make my mom worry more than she probably was. I never did tell her what time I`d be back from this little sleepover.

After we finished eating I changed into one of Han`s tank tops and a pair of Reiko`s pants. How we`re able to fit in the same bottoms is beyond me.

"Ready to go?" Han asked from the couch.

"As I`ll ever be I guess," I answered with a little shrug.

"Let`s go then," He murmured.

I followed him down the stairs and climbed onto the back of his Motorcycle. Han drove around for a while, taking the long way instead of short cuts and he even took the long route to the apartment. I guess he really didn`t want to take me home. I don`t blame him. I didn`t want to go home yet either. If it was`t for my mom worrying I would of stayed with him longer. A lot longer.

When we finally got to the apartment building, Han turned off the bike and ran a hand through his hair. He looked nervous all the sudden.

"Everything okay?" I asked while getting off and moving to stand in front of him.

"Yeah. Uh, can you do me a favor? If anything happens and you have to go to the hospital, call me. I wanna be there, okay?" He requested.

I nodded. "Of course. I`ll always call."

He nodded. "Thanks. You better go. Don`t want your mom freaking out."

"Yeah," I breathed. "Um, I`ll see you later?"

"Yeah. Remember, call."

"I will. I promise."

"Good. You better keep that promise."

I smiled and shook my head at his light teasing. I don`t think I`ll ever understand him. "Goodbye, Han."

"Hey, Amelia!" He called.

I paused on the stairs to look back at him. "Yeah?"

He smirked at me. "You look good in my shirt."

I blushed and watched him drive away before hurrying up the stairs. Once I was safely inside the building I leaned against a wall and pressed my hands to my face, wishing away my blush. Unfortunately it didn`t work. How does he manage to make me blush to easy?
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