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As Planned


"So whats up with you and that Han guy?"

I stared at my mother in shock. Where did that come from? One minute we were making dinner and the next she asks that?

"Well? Are you going to tell me or not?" Mom inquired with a smirk.

I could feel my face begin to heat up. Why did I have to blush now? "I uh, we`re friends."

"Are you sure? Because according to Twinkie you two are really close."

"Twinkie? When in the world did you talk to him?"

"When he came over last night."

I tried not to groan. Damn him. He`s gonna be in so much trouble later. "We are just friends. Anything Twinkie is telling you is what he wants to see."

"What do you mean?" Mom asked, pausing chopping vegetables to look at me.

I bit at my lip before answering slowly, "Twinkie wants me to be happy. My relationship with Morimoto wasn`t the best towards the end. Twink knows that. So he wants to make sure I have at least one good relationship before I..." I trailed off when I noticed mom wince. I forgot how much she hates it when I talk about my possible death.

"I think I understand," She murmured. "But why Han?"

"Because Han is," I paused, trying to find the right word, "I don`t know. He`s different."

"In what way?" She asked, finally going back to chopping vegetables. It wasn`t hard to distinguish the light teasing tone in her voice.

I repeatedly opened and closed my mouth, nothing coming out each time. I must of looked like a gaping fish. I let out a groan and carefully hopped up on the counter. I guess there are a few things I`m still strong enough to do.

"I`m waiting," Mom teased.

"He knows when to goof off and when to be serious. Morimoto was only serious when he was angry. Han makes me laugh and blush at the same time. I didn`t realized you could do that. He does things so effortlessly. And don`t even get me started on his addiction to sweets. I swear, if it wasn`t for Earl, Reiko, Twinkie or even myself I don`t think he`d eat real food. He got me to relax in a car! I never thought I`d do that. He`s a really good driver. Drifting doesn`t look like the safest thing in the world but it`s so relaxing if you know how to do it right. When he restock`s his supply of kid friendly drinks he makes sure to get plenty of the tea I like," I rambled.

"Go on," Mom encouraged with a grin.

"He`s so...complicated. One minute he`s trying to push everyone away and the next he`s bringing everyone together. He`s annoying and emotionless but at the same time he`s a sweetheart that wears his heart on his sleeve. He`s absolutely infuriating."

"Sounds like someone has a crush."


Mom laughed and scooped up the vegetables and put them in the frying pan before looking at me. "To me it sounds like he has a crush on you and you have a crush on him."

"Impossible," I muttered.

"Is it? Honey, you never talked this way about Morimoto. You didn`t ramble on and on about him with a dreamy look on your face. But with Han you do."

"I do not ramble with a dreamy look on my face," I grumbled, feeling my face heat up.

"And you blush constantly," Mom pointed out. "All I have to do is mention that boy`s name and your face turns red."

I pressed my hands to my cheeks and whined, "I am not."

"Then why do you look like a cherry?" She teased.

"I do not!"

"Is that so? Because what I see state`s otherwise."

I let out a squeak of embarrassment, pulled my legs up on the counter as carefully as I could and buried my face in my knees in an attempt to hide. "Can we talk about something else?" I squeaked, my voice muffled by my knees.

Mom snickered. "Sure, sure. What would you like to talk about?"

"Anything else," I suggested.

"I`m gonna keep talking about it until you suggest something better."

"My test results!" I blurted out. "When do we get them back?"

"We should get the call in an hour," Mom answered with a chuckle.

We spent the better half of this morning sitting in the hospital with my doctor and random nurses coming in and out of the room. Because we were being extra cautious this time around, my doctor advised I come in every two weeks for a check up. Blood gets drawn, they get tissue samples on occasion and do tests to see how my medicine is working or not working and how my cancer is responding to everything. Today was my first check up. Iv`e been taking my medicine and getting shots for almost a week now. And because this treatment is so much more aggressive than the last my doctor thinks it will work faster. I hope he`s right.

"By the time we finish cooking and eat it should be time for us to get the call. Now get off the counter and help me cook."

"Alright, alright."

I helped mom cook her own little version of stir fry. It included vegetables, squid, chicken and scrabbled eggs on the side. Personally I think squid is a bit too chewy but mom really likes it. She was right about one thing though, by the time we finished cooking and ate dinner an hour had past. Thankfully we didn`t have to wait too long after that for the call. And as soon as I got the information I wanted I bolted for the garage. But not without some teasing from my mom first.

"I`m going to the garage! I`ll be back later!" I called from the living room while slipping on my shoes.

"Gonna go see Han?" Mom teased from the kitchen.

"No," I squeaked. "Everyone should be there. Well, everyone but Neela. I swear, Takashi has her on a leash nowadays."

"She should dump him then."

"Yeah, she should." I wanted to tell her how complicated that would make an already complicated relationship but I knew I had to refrain from it. In trying to explain I`d have to tell her how Takashi was going to be involved with the Yakuza very soon, if he wasn`t already, and I`d have to tell her about how Neela feels obligated to be with him. If I told her all of that then I`d never see Neela again so I decided to just agree with her. Even though I honestly do already. Neela shouldn`t be with Takashi, but from what I understand it`s just not that easy.

"Well, have fun with Han!" Mom called with a laugh as I exited the apartment.

"I`m not going for just Han!" I called back before slamming the door shut and going down the stairs as fast as I dared. And even then I had to stop three times.

After finally making it down the stairs and out of the building I took a train to Han`s. Well, as close as I could get anyway. By the time I left the station it had started to sprinkle. Funny, I didn`t think it was supposed to rain today. So in an effort to not end up soaking wet I booked it the two miles to the garage. Unfortunately my efforts were in vain. About halfway there it started pouring rain. So by the time I reached the garage I was soaked to the bone. But that was probably in part to having to stop three times to catch my breath. Running was still not a good idea. Not in the slightest.

"Anybody home?" I called into the garage as I walked in.

"In the office!"

I couldn`t stop myself from grinning at the sound of Han`s voice. "Come out here. I need to talk to you."

I heard a groan and what sounded like a chair scrapping against concrete before Han emerged from his office.

"Amelia! Fuck, you`re soaked," Han said as soon as he saw me.

"I don`t care. I have the best news!" I exclaimed.

"Don`t leave me in suspense, sweetheart. What is it?" He asked.

"It`s working. The medicine is working," I gushed. "You know how my doctor insisted I have a check up every two weeks? I had my first one today. We just got the results back and the nurse assures us that the medicine is working. It`s coming along slowly but it`s working." Before I could do so much as blink I was swept into a hug.

"That`s great, sweetheart," Han grinned, pressing a kiss to my forehead. "I told you everything would be fine. You`re gonna live to see your birthday."

"Maybe I will," I laughed. "So, where`s everyone else? I wanna tell them the good news."


"Oh. I guess it is Friday, isn`t it."


"Then why are you here?" I questioned.

Han shrugged and suddenly looked a tad sheepish. "I knew your check up was today. I wanted to make sure I could here you when you called."

"Why are you so sheepish all the sudden?" I teased. "Is the famous Han becoming shy?"

He snorted. "We need to get you into some dry clothes."

"You`re avoiding the question," I taunted with a grin.

"And a shower! You need dry clothes and a shower."

"Come on, Han. Admit it, someone is getting shy."

"Just wait till your birthday. I`ll show you shy then," Han taunted with a smirk.

"Maybe I will wait," I murmured, my face heating up. I`m sure I`m as red as a tomato by now, but the look of shock on Han`s face was well worth it.