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"Wake up, sweetheart. It`s time to get up."

I let out a groan and curled up on myself as much as possible as I began to wake up. Whoever was waking me up was in big trouble. If it wasn`t for the hand pressing on my shoulder I would of tried to roll over and go back to sleep. But this person was persistent. Begrudgingly I peeled my eyes open. "Mom?" I groaned. Why was she waking me up?

"Good morning my little dove."

"Whats going on? You only call me your dove on..." I trailed off as realization hit me. "..on my birthday."

"Happy birthday, Amelia!" Mom squealed. "How does it feel to be eighteen?"

"I`ll let you know when it sinks in," I chuckled. I slowly sat up and ran my hands through my short hair.

"I have a few things for you."

"Morning cake?" I asked with a grin.

Mom chuckled and nodded, pulling out a small chocolate cake from behind her back. It was just big enough for two. "And I have someone special here."

"Happy birthday," Han spoke up while walking through my bedroom door.

I squeaked and tried to pull my blankets up to my chest as discreetly as possibly. Why oh why did I have to sleep in a lacey black tank top last night? "H-Hi," I stuttered out after somewhat collecting myself.

"I found this nice young man at our front door this morning and I thought I`d let him in," Mom teased with a grin. She placed the cake in front of me and handed me two forks. "Have fun." And with that she exited the room, firmly shutting the door on the way out.

"Is your mom always so..." Han trailed off.

"No," I groaned.

"She must like me then," He teased while walking over to my bed and plopping himself down in front of me. "Nice room. I like your ceiling," He said, referring to the night sky and giant moon painted on it.

"Thanks," I murmured. "Would you like some cake?"

"Always. You know how much I like sweets," He murmured, taking a fork from me. "Birthday girl gets first bite."

I rolled my eyes and quickly took a bite of the cake and damn near moaned. "I forgot how good mom`s cakes are."

"It is good," He agreed after taking a bite. "So do you always have cake for breakfast on your birthday?"

"I do actually. It`s kind of a tradition. Ever since I was little, mom would make this little birthday cake for just the two of us. And then at my birthday party I`d have a regular cake with my family and friends. Dad never did find out about that morning cake. After a few years the tradition changed a little. Every year my friends would stay over the night before and in the morning we would all eat cake with mom, all of us somehow curled up in my bed. I swear every year that cake got a little bit bigger so we could all share it better."

"Sounds like a nice tradition."

"It really was. So you should feel very privileged," I teased. "Your the only person besides my three friends and mom to eat morning cake with me."

Han chuckled and nodded. "I`ll remember that."

While I ate the last piece of cake, Han looked around my room. It was a little weird having someone inspect my room in such a way. After a few minutes he started looking at the pictures on my bedside tables, chuckling at a few of them.

"Whats the story behind this one?" He asked, handing me a photo and sitting back down in front of me.

"Oh that`s kind of an old one," I chuckled while looking it over. It was of me and my three friend. Kim and Emily were on either side of me and Alex was sitting in front of me. "This was actually a very special day. I got my head shaved just minutes after this photo was taken. Doctors warned that I would lose my hair due to chemo, that was before they knew it made me sick. So we figured I might as well get rid of it all at once instead of watching it slowly go away. The girls cut their hair as short as they could get away with to show their support. They wanted to shave their heads too but their parents thought it was a bit much and the school wouldn`t allow it."

"They don`t sound like friends, they sounds like family."

"Yeah, they really are."

"Do you have any family here?" Han asked.

I nodded. "Yeah. I think I do."

"Amelia? Are you okay?" He questioned gently. "You`re starting to cry, sweetheart."

I cursed under my breath and began wiping at my eyes. I started crying and I didn`t even realize it. "Sorry," I apologized. "I uh, I just never thought I`d make it to eighteen, you know?"

"I know, sweetheart, I know," He whispered, gently pressing his forehead against mine. "I told you, you would," He whispered teasingly.

I let out a watery laugh. "That you did. You were right for once. Just don`t let it go to your head."

He chuckled. "I won`t." He furrowed his brows for a second before muttering, "When was the last time you were kissed properly?"

I immediately felt my face begin to burn. "Never," I squeaked.

"What about Morimoto? Does he not count because he`s an ex boyfriend?" He teased.

"No. Kisses with him were very...forceful. And not in a passion filled way."

Han snorted and said, "There is nothing forceful and unwanted when it comes to passion."

"I never said it was unwanted," I pointed out.

"You didn`t have to."

I pouted a little. "Cheeky. And no, I have never been kissed properly."

"Would you like to be?" He asked.

"Depends on who would be kissing me," I mumbled, blushing furiously. I have got to be as red as a tomato by now.

He smirked a little and murmured, "How about the guy sitting in front of you?"

A squeak escaped my lips before I could stop it. He has to be messing with me. He`s messing with me, right? Just more of his teasing. Han likes to tease and make me blush. That has to be it. But is it wrong that I don`t want it to be?

"Amelia? I didn`t break you, did I?" Han teased. "Or are you just gonna leave me hanging?"

Deciding he was only teasing I replied as confidently as possible, "And what if I said yes to the guy sitting in front of me?"

"Mmm. I don`t know. How sure are you, sweetheart?"

"You are a cruel tease," I muttered, not realizing I had said it out loud until he crooked a brow at me.

"Cruel, huh?" Han grunted. "I`ll show you cruel."

I tried to sputter out an apology but stopped short the second he seized my chin and made me look at him. Oh dear, I never noticed how dark his eyes are. I felt my face heat up again when I realized we were staring at each other. As soon as he rested his forehead against my own I let my eyes slip shut. If he`s going to kiss me then he`s going to kiss me. If not, then there`s nothing I can do about it. I just hope I don`t somehow embarrass myself.

I peeked up at him just in case he was messing with me but quickly shut my eyes when he began to lean in. Unfortunately nothing happened due to the damn knock on my door. We all but jumped apart just in time for mom to open the door.

"Han? Can I speak with you?" Mom inquired.

"Sure," Han murmured and scrambled off the bed.

After they left I flopped back down onto my bed with a groan. Why? Why did mom have to interrupt? It wasn`t until I started to get bored that I finally climbed out of bed and went to raid my closet for the perfect birthday outfit. I settled for ripped jeans and a tank top cut so it was very swishy and spun around my body if I were to twirl. I slipped on a few simple pieces of jewelry and some Doc Martens. After I brushed my teeth and did some quick make up I grabbed grabbed the plate and forks from my room and headed down stairs.

Han, Mom and aunt Sarah were standing in the kitchen discussing something but they shut up as soon as I walked in. What could they be plotting?

"Should I be worried?" I asked while putting my dishes in the sink.

"Never," aunt Sarah said.

"We were just discussing some arrangement," mom explained. "You`ll spend the day with us and the night with Han and your friends."

"You better pack a bag tonight," Han grinned. "We get you for two days."

"Two days with my friends? Oh this is going to be interesting," I playfully groaned.

"I`m gonna get going, sweetheart. I`ll see you later tonight," Han said. He gave me kiss on the cheek and left.

"Your blushing," Mom teased.

I squeaked and looked away. Mom was right. My face was hot and there was no telling how red I was. "Aren`t we supposed to be going somewhere?"

"We are," Mom chuckled.

"I don`t think Iv`e ever seen you blush so much," aunt Sarah muttered as we left the apartment.

We spent two hours shopping before grabbing a bite to eat. Then we went to a little salon. We got our nails done, hair styled and I got my hair colored and trimmed. My inky black hair now had deep blue streaks and even darker highlights. Somehow they made my brittle hair look healthy again. It was a nice change. After that we did some more shopping, including a nice little make up haul, did a little sight seeing, went out to eat for dinner and headed home to open presents and eat cake. By the time we got home it was almost six.

"Should we be worried about you tonight?" aunt Sarah asked while doing dishes.

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"You`ll be spending two days at that place with your friends."

I frowned and furrowed my brows. "We`ll probably be in the garage the whole time. And I have my own room there. Han made sure of that so I would be comfortable. I`ll be perfectly safe."

Aunt Sarah whirled around with wide eyes. "You have a room there?"

"Yes," I said slowly. "He didn`t think I`d be comfortable in a bunk."

She opened and closed her mouth a few times before finally speaking, "Do you plan on moving in with him?"

Now it was my turn to look like a gaping fish. "Are you crazy? Mom! Come knock some sense into aunt Sarah!"

"What is going on?" Mom laughed as she walked into the kitchen.

"I told her that Han gave me my own room at the garage because he didn`t think I`d be comfortable in a bunk. And now she thinks I want to move in with him!"

"Well do you?"

"What?" I squeaked.

"After you graduate, if Han asked, would you move in with him?" Mom asked.

"I...I don`t think so," I answered. "I mean, the man absolutely infuriates me. He`d drive me crazy in a week."

"We`ll see," Mom teased. "You may just eat your words."

I groaned. "I may not even live till then."

"We`ll see about that," aunt Sarah grunted.

"I`m going to go get ready," I huffed. "Han texted me and he`ll be here at eight."

"Have fun!" Mom called after me.

"Yeah, yeah," I groaned, heading up to my room. I packed two days worth of clothes and went back to raiding my closet for tonight. Jeans and tank top are most definitely not Han party material. Even if it is just my birthday party. Besides, this gives me a reason to dress up. After all, birthdays are the best excuse.

I changed into a purpleish red velvet knee length dress. The straps criss crossed across my back and had three cut outs in the front. A small triangle on each shoulder and an upside down half moon just over my chest, all the while still exposing my collarbone. It was fitted around the waist and flared a bit at the bottom. I slipped on some simple flats that resembled the velvet fabric of the dress. I put on a simple black choker and a long chained necklace with a half moon pendant. I darken up my make up just a bit, including putting on my darkest red lipstick and then headed back down stairs with my bag.

As soon as my foot hit the last step on the stairs there was a knock on the door and before I could even attempt to cross the room aunt Sarah raced out of the kitchen and jerked the front door open, revealing Han.

"You ready to go, sweetheart?" Han asked as he walked through the door.

"Absolutely," I breathed.

"Then let`s get going."

I quickly bid mom and aunt Sarah goodbye and followed Han out the door. Unfortunately he did drive his car instead of his motorcycle but he did promise to drive the latter tomorrow. After a struggle to get in the car we finally drove off.

"You look very nice, by the way," Han complimented after a few minutes of silence.

"Thank you. You don`t look so bad yourself," I flirted. Or at least attempted to. Thankfully he chuckled and and grinned a little. I guess my attempt worked.

"Has your birthday been good so far?"

"It has."

"That`s good," He murmured. "I like what you did with your hair."

I grinned. "Thanks. I`m quite happy with it myself."

He nodded and hummed softly.

"Han? Are you okay?" I asked gently. "You seem nervous."

"I`m okay," He assured. "Just trying to decide if I should do something or not."

I nodded. "Well if it`s not bad and you don`t foresee any sort of horrible repercussions then you should go for it."

"Is being slapped and possibly losing a friend considered a horrible repercussion?"

I stared at him in surprise for a second before slowly answering," It can be. I suppose it depends on the friend. Why? What are you wanting to do?"

Han shrugged and licked his lips, looking a tad more nervous than before. "Would you hit me if I put my hand on your leg?'

I blinked. Was he really asking? I think I`m in shock. "You`re really asking instead of doing?"

Again he shrugged. "I remember you ranting about Morimoto doing it and pissing you off."

"Morimoto tried sliding his hand up my leg as high as possible despite me telling him it made me uncomfortable. I had to slap his hand to get him to stop."

"Exactly why I`m asking."

For a second I could of sworn I melted into a puddle of goo. Sometimes this man is far too sweet for his own good. "As long as you don`t do what he did then I don`t see why not. How high were you thinking?"

Han suddenly looked sheepish. "Your knee."

I couldn`t help it. I started laughing. There goes that puddle of goo feeling. Han, the famous womanizer, was asking if he could put his hand on my knee! "Han, that`s nothing. I wouldn`t hit you for that."

"You hit Morimoto," he said.

"Because his hand was under my skirt."

"It was where?"

I laughed at how alarmed he became. I definitely was not expecting this. "Are you always this hesitant with girls?"

Han snorted. "Not even close."

"Just me then?" I teased.

"Just you."

I grinned and carefully propped my feet up on the car dashboard. I received a grunt of displeasure and a glare but no other forms of protest. I took that as a sign the action was an annoyance I probably shouldn`t do in the future but this time it seemed he was letting me get away with it. Probably because it`s my birthday. "Well? Are you gonna do it or not?"

Han eyed me for a second before slowly placing his hand on my knee. He continued to eye me for a few minutes until he finally relaxed. I guess he wanted to make sure I really wasn`t going to hit him.

I couldn`t help but feel a bit surprised by a couple of things. For some reason the main one being how much Han seemed to care if I was comfortable or not. I mean, I know he wants me to be comfortable. He`s proved that several times. But for some reason it still surprises me. The other was how comfortable I actually was. When Morimoto would put his hand on my leg, before trying to put it up my skirt, I would always feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable. But for some reason when Han did it, I didn`t feel the need to push him away or rather slap him away to get my point across. It was nice to know someone was going out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and okay before doing something. But then again, isn`t that how it`s supposed to be?

I all but jumped in surprised when Han started slowly rubbing soothing circles on my knee. It took me a second to realize he wasn`t going to do anything else and I let myself relax.

"This okay?" Han asked.

"Yeah. You just surprised me a little," I confessed.

He nodded and seemed to relax. The rest of the car ride was spent in comfortable silence with Han rubbing circles on my knee. Not only was it soothing but it was a good distraction from my anxiety about being in a car. It didn`t take too long for us to pull up to the garage. I guess we talked most of the way.

"Welcome to your party," Han announced as we exited the car and made our way into the garage.

Much to my surprise, the garage had been turned into a toned down version of the club next door. Music was blasting and everyone was up in the loft. Thankfully there wasn`t a ton of people. Just Reiko, Earl, Twinkie and...

"Neela!" I squealed, all but running up to her and pulling her into a tight hug.

"Iv`e missed you so much," Neela whispered in my ear.

"Iv`e missed you too." I slowly pulled away to get a good look at her. She was still just as beautiful as the last time I saw her. "How did you manage to get here?"

"Han. He talked to Takashi," she confessed.

"Thank god for Han," I laughed. "It feels like ages since Iv`e seen you."

"It really does."

"Stop hogging the birthday girl!" Twinkie called over to us.

"Other people wanna hug her too," Reiko added with a laugh.

"Maybe we should join everyone," Neela laughed.

I nodded, "That would probably be best."

I was pulled into hug after hug before being shuffled over to the bigger couch and sat down next to a smirking Han. I was given a few small presents which resulted in even more hugs and laughter. After that cake was eaten and I swear I was on a sugar high. But I didn`t really mind. I was happily curled up on the couch with Han and surrounded by my friends. This has got to be the best birthday I have ever had.
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