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As Planned


My day was filled with teasing, shopping, eating, and Han pulling me over to a car so he could start teaching me things. He decided to show and tell me everything there is to know about the engine in the car he was working on. He`s lucky I`m a quick learner or I wouldn`t remember half of what he told me. Hell, I`m surprised he didn`t try and quiz me afterwards. Part of me does appreciate how seriously he is taking this. But I don`t think he`s doing this just for me. I think Han is also doing it to try and get me to work in his garage after I graduate. If I graduate anyway. There`s still a chance I`ll die before that happens. Sure my treatments are working but I learned a long time ago not to get your hopes up. Or at least I thought I did.

"Your tensing up again."

"I`m thinking again," I corrected teasingly. I looked away from the window to glance at Han. He always makes drifting look so effortless.

Han smirked and murmured, "That`s not the purpose of drifting."

"And what is the purpose of drifting?" I inquired, still teasing him.

"To make you forget about your day and just relax into the feel of the road."

"Damn you and your wisdom."

"I don`t think Iv`e heard that one before," Han snickered. He suddenly smirked. "Just you wait. One day I`ll teach you how to drift."

I barked a laugh. "Me? Drift? I think You`ve lost your mind. You just barely got me to relax in a car and now you expect me to drift?"

"I got you to relax. It`s only fitting that I teach you how to drift," He said with a shrug.

I smirked. "You think this all has to do with you then?"


I snorted and rolled my eyes. Leave it to Han to think everything revolves around him. What an arrogant, walking contradiction of a man he is. He is something else, I swear. One minute I want to kiss him and the next I wanna smack the back of his head. Sadly I have yet to do either. The former keeps getting interrupted and the latter I just haven`t had the guts to do yet. Maybe some day I`ll do both.

"You`re giving me that look again," Han murmured.

"What look?" I asked curiously.

"Like you`re trying to decide if you should hit me or not," He replied.

Again I snorted. "That`s because I am."

He chuckled and nodded. "Should of known."

"Yes, yes you should of," I teased.

"You give me that look a lot."

"Do I?"

"Mhmm. At least once a day."

I chuckled. Yeah, that sounded about right. "Perhaps you tease me too much."

Han snorted and mumbled, "Or not enough."

I playfully rolled my eyes and settled back into my seat. He was teasing me. Again. I think he takes far too much pleasure in it. I swear, he doesn`t tease anyone else as much as he does me.

"Didn`t you call me a cruel tease?" He asked with a grin.

I immediately felt my face heat up, yesterday morning flashing through my mind. "Did you have to remember that?"

"I remember everything you tell me," He muttered under his breath.

"Why does that not surprise me?" I whispered.

His lips twitched and he gave a little shrug. He drove a little farther up the mountain before pulling over to the side, cut the engine and stepped out of the car. I watched him in confusion and quirked a brow when I saw him motioned for me to get out. I stared at him for a second before finally exiting the car and going over to where he was standing. I was met with a beautiful view of the sun setting over Tokyo and buildings slowly lighting up to illuminate the coming darkness.

"Is this why you took me up here?" I asked.

"One of the reasons," He answered.

"And the other reason?" I teased.

"I heard it can be romantic."


"Or so Iv`e heard."

I tore my gaze from the view to look at Han. His gaze was wavering from me, to the Tokyo skyline and back again. His brows were furrowed and he was biting at his lip. For once he looked nervous. I wonder why that would be.

"You look nervous," I observed.

"Maybe I am," Han chuckled softly. "Or maybe I`m waiting for us to get interrupted again."

"Interrupted?" I echoed.

He nodded and stepped closer. "Every time I try and kiss you someone interrupts us."

I felt my face heat up a bit. I`m not sure what I had to be embarrassed about considering it was the truth. Maybe blushing was just a side affect from being around Han. "I suppose that does happen to us a lot, doesn`t it?"

He hummed a little and nodded as he walked up to me. "But now that we`re up on a mountain..."

"Where no one can bother us," I finished for him.


"Maybe you should do what you came up here to do. You know, just in case we get interrupted again."

Han chuckled and gently gripped my hips, pulling me against him. His nose brushed against my own in an eskimo kiss that made me giggle, eyes slipping shut and foreheads resting against each other. Lips finally pressed against my own in a soft caress. It wasn`t what I had expected but at the same time it was. It wasn`t harsh and fast with a tongue shoved down my throat like I`d grown used to with Morimoto. This was slow and deliberate with an underlining passion that I could get used to. Kissing Han was so much better. Yeah, I think I could definitely get used to this.
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I`m really not that good at writing kissing scenes. I tried though.