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As Planned


I groaned and scrubbed a hand down my face. I had just gotten done reading Alex`s email, hoping for some good advice. So much for that. Normally she gives great advice. Unfortunately sometimes it doesn`t turn out so well. And apparently this was one of those times. This time her advice left me just as confused and frustrated as I was to begin with. If not more. Yeah, I think it`s more.

I slid my laptop closed and eased myself out of bed. I pulled on some clothes and shoes, did a quick makeup job and left the apartment. Mom and aunt Sarah were both at work for the day so instead of moping around the house all day I decided to drop by Han`s. Sometimes I think I spend more time at that garage then my own home. But I don`t really mind all that much. I enjoy that garage a little more than I probably should. But that`s okay. Right? I mean, everyone needs a place they feel safe. Even if its only a second home. Come to think of it, that`s probably a good idea.

I actually haven`t spent that much time at the garage on Friday`s. Mom and aunt Sarah asked me to stop going to the races. Well, the latter forbid it while mom looked on in amusement, so I decided to humor them for a while and not go. I know they can`t not let me go, being a legal adult and all, I have power over my own life. Sort of. But still, it makes them happy. So no races for a while. Though according to Reiko I`m not missing much. But part of me kind of misses it, oddly enough.

Earl wasn`t very happy about it but he got over it. I have no idea what Reiko did to make him get over it, but he did. And for some reason Han finds endless amusement out of it whenever Reiko tells Earl to shut up if and when he brings it up. Whenever she says something his jaw snaps shut. Literally. I swear Iv`e heard his teeth clank together at least once.

My walk to the garage was shorter than last time. I`m slowly pushing my body to go faster. Whether it`s running or jogging I always try and go faster. My doc apparently likes the idea too. He keeps swearing that I`ll be in remission by graduation and I need to slowly build my body back up.

I don`t want to believe him but it`s getting hard not to. Even after all the times Iv`e been let down, you`d think I`d be better at not getting my hopes up. But he`s a firm believer in this treatment and it`s hard not to want to believe too.

"Anybody home?" I yelled into the garage.

"Look who finally decided to show up," Earl snickered from the loft.

"And you know why I haven`t been here. Or does Reiko have to remind you?" I teased.

"What`s with all the yelling?"

I snorted the second I saw Twinkie coming down the stairs bundled up in a blanket looking like he just woke up.

"Good afternoon sleeping beauty," I teased.

"Is it not morning?" He asked with a yawn.

"No. It`s been the afternoon for at least an hour."


"Stop teasing Twink. He was up all night finishing a car for me," Han called out from under one of the cars on a lift.

I playfully rolled my eyes and made my way over to him. "What are we working on today?"

Lips pressed against my own in a quick kiss before he answered, "Why? You wanna help?"

"Sure. I haven`t done anything in a few days."

"Alright. Then go to the car on my left and replace the head gasket."

"As you wish."

A head gasket lead to a filter, a filter lead to breaks, breaks lead to putting seats in a car and somehow that lead to putting a new engine in the same car. I`m not sure how but by the time I was done I had grease all over my arms and even a little in my hair. A shower was definitely needed. Thankfully I still had a clean change of spare clothes.

After a quick shower I curled up on the couch with Han and ate burgers. I know McDonalds isn`t exactly the most healthy dinner but it would work for tonight. I wouldn`t be going home til late anyway. And the garage kitchen wasn`t stocked right for me to cook. Maybe next time. If Han gets around to restocking everything that is.

For a few hours we lounged around and watched movies, carrying on small conversation all the while when we felt it was needed or decided to make a snarky or sarcastic comment on whatever we were watching. It was nice to just relax for a little while. But apparently it wasn`t going to stay that way for long.

I came back from the bathroom expecting a movie to finally be picked. Instead I found Earl being pulled down to the garage by Twinkie and Han.

"What`s going on?" I asked slowly, kind of afraid of the answer.

"Twink is gonna strap Earl to the hood of his car and drive around an abandoned mall," Reiko answered with a grin.

"Excuse me?" I laughed.

She grinned at me. "He said something stupid so we`re punishing him."

"I thought you liked him."

"Oh I do. But this is still fun."

I laughed and shook my head in amusement. "Are you really gonna strap him to a car?"

"Oh yeah," Reiko laughed. "Wanna watch?"

I shrugged, "Sure, why not?"

Tonight just got a whole lot more interesting. And probably a lot more fun. Oh yeah, I decided, this was gonna be fun.
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The last official chapter. I know it`s short but I hope you all like it. All we have left is the epilogue. The reference I made to strapping Earl to a car is to a deleted scene in Tokyo Drift where Reiko and Twinkie actually strap him to a car and drive around what looks like an abandoned mall. It was a really funny scene. I kinda wish they had left it in the movie.