Status: Completed

As Planned


At the end of school I planned on marching up to Neela and Twinkie and telling them no. I planned on telling them I didn`t want to go to the races. And if they questioned my answer I planned on making up an excuse. They didn`t need to know about what`s waging a war inside my body just yet. Right? I had planned all those things and then it happened. Or should I say he happened? I apparently share my last class with Morimoto and he was all too keen on telling me about the races.

I admit, when he mentioned that the girls get to dress how they want and get to have fun, it caught my attention. These school girls don`t have to act all sweet and innocent like they normally have to. Oh no, they get to be free for the night and act as they like. No one to tell them how to act or dress. They get to be themselves for the whole night. Now how can that not catch your attention? Especially when you are one of those school girls. At least for a few months anyway.

So after school I met up with Neela and Twinkie at the school`s gates and agreed to go. Just as long as Neela helped me pick out my clothes. I didn`t want to stick out more than I already do. So she went home with me to pack my clothes for the night and then we went to her place. After an interesting explanation to my mom of course. But then again, she`s probably happy that I made a good enough friend on the first day that I was invited to stay the night at her place.

Neela lived in a nice little apartment, surprisingly by herself. She didn`t give an explanation for it other than her Guardian was okay with it. That was all I needed to know for now. Guardian usually meant dead parents and no one likes to talk about that or have the subject brought up in any way. Especially if it happened not too long ago. I would know.

After we got to her place we made quick work of what little homework we had and made ourselves a little dinner. After we finished eating we did our makeup to our liking and got dressed. I`m actually surprised the clothes she picked out for me fit. Because of all the treatments and the disease itself I lost weight very fast and very easy. Most of my clothes don`t fit half the time because Iv`e lost too much weight. It`s definitely not something I enjoy.

"So how are we going to get there?" I asked as I put on my shoes. Thankfully we both agreed on my Doc Martins. I don`t think I could take running around in heels all night. Especially when it`s been so long since Iv`e worn heels. My feet would be nothing but aches and pains before the night was up.

"Car, unfortunately. But Morimoto will be picking us up," Neela answered and glanced at her phone, "He should be here in about ten minutes actually."

I nodded, "Is a car the only way to go?"

"Yes. I`m sorry," She apologized. "But you get to meet my boyfriend."

"How long have you been together?" I asked in an effort to distract myself.

"Just over a year," Neela answered. "We were both kind of hesitant about getting together since he`s older than me. But we worked it out."

I raised an eyebrow as I asked, "How much older?"

"Just two years," She replied. Just as she put her shoes on someone began honking outside. "That must be Morimoto. He sounds impatient again."

"Impatient?" I questioned as I followed her out of the apartment.

"Oh yeah," She snickered. "The girls there love him."

I found myself frowning at her words. I figured he was a bit of a lady`s man after the conversation the two had when I met him but I didn`t think it could be that bad. The way she talks, it`s like girls swarm him or something. I mean, they`re just school girls right?

I followed Neela out of the apartment and right onto the sidewalk. That`s one of the things I love about her place. No stairs! I walked over to a dark grey sports car with her and found myself smiling a bit when the window rolled down to reveal a grinning Morimoto. Oh my did he look excited. If what Neela said was true then he must be excited to see all those girls.

"Ready to go?" Morimoto asked with a grin.

"Of course. Why? Anxious to see your girls?" Neela teased as she walked up to the car.

Morimoto snorted, "Just get in the damn car so I can deliver you to Takashi."

Neela grabbed my hand with a grin and lead me around the car and pulled the car door open as she asked, "Back or front?"

"Front," I murmured. "I like to feel as less enclosed as possible."

She nodded and pulled the seat back, climbed into the back seat and pushes the front seat back into place. I took a deep breath and got into the car and shut the door. I didn`t realize I had my eyes squeezed shut until I felt Neela pat my shoulder and I had to open my eyes to look at her. She gave me a small apologetic smile and gently squeezed my shoulder. I did my best to smile back at her before turning back around so I was properly seated. I cast a quick glance at Morimoto from the corner of my eye to see him frowning.

"Should I be worried?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

I shook my head as I replied, "No. I`m just not too fond of being inside cars."

"And you`re going to the races?" He questioned, disbelief clear in his voice.

"I don`t mind looking at them," I protested. "I just don`t like being inside them." When he continued to frown I huffed, "I`ll explain eventually."

"Do you know Japanese?" Neela asked suddenly, effectively changing the subject.

I grinned to myself as I answered, "Fluently."

"Eh? How?" Morimoto asked.

I let out a laugh. "I have a friend back in America that`s half Japanese. She taught me everything she knew."

"What was her name?" Neela asked softly in Japanese.

I sent her a grin as I replied back in Japanese, "Alex. Her, Kim and Emily were my best friend`s. We grew up together. Did everything together."

"You miss them," She observed.

"Very much," I murmured.

"You got us now!" Morimoto declared with a grin.

I felt myself smirking at his words. "You both are going to talk to me in nothing but Japanese now, aren`t you?"

"Yes," They answered together.

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the road in front of us. I admit, those two were good at distracting me from my dislike of being in cars. I turned my attention to the lights and buildings. It was starting to get dark and everything was coming alive. Though I suppose that`s how a lot of places are. A lot of people too. The night always seems to bring a sense of peace and calming energy. Though something tells me tonight is going to be anything but peaceful.