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From what Twinkie, Neela and Morimoto told me about the races I was expecting something big and extravagant. What I got was an abandoned parking garage full of cars, dancing, girls wearing clothes that barely covered their ass, and people racing their cars throughout the whole garage. Definitely not what I was expecting. I have a feeling this is either the worst decision I have ever made by agreeing to come here or it`s the best. Lets hope it`s the latter.

"Have you ever seen anything like it?" Morimoto sighed blissfully as he drove up through the first level of the parking garage and onto the second level where everything seemed to be taking place.

"I can honestly say no," I answered with a slight laugh while looking out the window at everything in an attempt to take it all in.

"You`ll get used to it," Neela chuckled.

"I don`t think so," I replied honestly.

"You will after a while," Morimoto agreed. "But not enough that you won`t still love it."

I nodded and continued to look out the window. Cars were lined up everywhere and people were either looking at or leaning against cars. And if they weren`t doing either of the two they were dancing. This place was incredible. I`m going to have to email Alex about this. She`d love it here. And Emily would love the fashion while Kim would love the boys.

"What`s with the face?" Neela asked.

"Hmm?" I hummed as I half turned around to look at her. "What do you mean?"

"You made a face like you were upset or something," She answered.

"I was just thinking about how the girls would love this place," I explained.

"You must really miss them," Morimoto commented while parking the car.

"I grew up with them," I chuckled.

"You`ll forget about them eventually," He snickered while turning off the car and getting out.

I frowned as I got of the car and helped Neela pull the seat up so she could get out as well. I may or may not of slammed the car door before she took my hand and lead me down a row of cars, passing ten of them before stopping in front of one with about ten or eleven people standing in front of it. Most of them were girls.

"Neela," A guy greeted as he pushed off the car and walked up to us. He was kind of tall, sort of cute, had short inky black hair that kind of looked shaved around his ears, and his face looked like it was caught between a permanent smirk and a smile.

Neela let go of my hand to meet the guy half way and hug him while he seemed all too happy to hold onto her waist and spin her around while she laughed. So this must be her boyfriend. They were kind of cute together and they seemed happy. That`s usually a good sign.

"Takashi, I want you to meet my new friend Amelia. Amelia, I want you to meet my boyfriend Takashi," Neela introduced after he put her down and she caught her breath.

"It`s nice to meet you, Amelia," Takashi said with a smile as he shook my hand.

"It`s nice to meet you too," I murmured.

"Have you known Neela long?" He asked.

I shook my head as I replied, "No. I actually met her at school today."

He chuckled and looked back at Neela, "And you already decided to take the poor girl here?"

"Twinkie started talking about the races and we got her curious," Neela defended with a slight grin. "And I think Morimoto talked her into it."

Takashi nodded, "I see." He turned to me with a look on his face that almost looked like sympathy. "Be careful with Morimoto, alright? He may be my best friend but he likes his women. I`d rather not see one of Neela`s friends get hurt."

"I already warned him," Neela interjected. "He knows not to mess with her."

"Good. Good," Takashi breathed as he walked over to Neela. He whispered something in her ear that made her frown and duck her head. He then turned back to look at me, "Let`s go meet some friends."

Instead of following him while he walked back over to the cars I immediately went to Neela who seemed to be frozen in place. "Is everything okay?" I whispered.

She jerked slightly and blinked a few times like she was coming out of a trance before finally looking at me. "I`m fine. Takashi was just reminding me of something. Everything`s fine."

I nodded slowly and grabbed her hand. She gave it a little squeeze and lead me over to the cars. I don`t believe her. That little exchange between them was odd and just plain off. A complete one eighty from what I had seen just moments ago when they greeted each other. I wonder if this kind of thing happens often.

When we got to the cars Takashi started naming people off. I admit I pretty much zoned out. I mean, I`ll probably only end up hanging out with Neela and Twinkie anyway. And maybe Morimoto. I`m still undecided on him. So as he named off all the girls and the guys, that I briefly heard the word "crew" mentioned before they were named off, I zoned out until the last guy, no man, was mentioned. He was cute. Actually, I`d even go so far as to say handsome. He was tall, clean shaven, had black hair that brushed his broad shoulders, and he seemed to have a permanent frown on his face despite the model like twins that seemed all to happy to hang off him like he was a trophy. That definitely threw up a few red flags. This guy seemed to embody the reputation Morimoto`s said to have.

"And this," Takashi grinned, "is Han."

Han. That`s a different name. Of course all I got from the man was a nod. Not even the once over I got from Morimoto or even Takashi. He`s definitely different. It was sort of a pleasant surprise. Sort of. But along with being different there`s something off about him. Not in a bad way. It`s just...there. I can`t seem to place my finger on it and unfortunately it`s bound to bother me until I figure it out.

"Nice to see your doing good, Neela," Han drawled in a slightly deep monotone voice that I had to strain to hear. But the nod and soft smile from the girl he addressed told me she heard him just fine. He must talk like this often.

"Amelia. Isn`t that the name of a flower?" A guy I didn`t catch the name of suddenly asked.

"No," I deadpanned. Huh. Who knew I could channel Alex.

Neela snickered from beside me. "Wanna go find Twinkie?"

"Please," I replied. As we turned around to walk away I muttered, "You would think people could come up with better pick up lines. You`d be surprised how many times Iv`e heard that one." That got a laugh out of Neela. Perhaps the races were a good idea after all.
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