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The Hell Tour.

One Way Ticket.

Arya watched herself in the mirror as she took slow, deep breaths. She looked down at her hands, her nails bitten into nubs and her Fairy Plum Purple nail polish chipped. They were still shaking, but not as bad as five minutes ago.

"God, you're such a wimp." she told her herself. "You can do this."

She closed her eyes, this time giving herself a mini peptalk in her head before she opened them and stared hard at her reflection. She nodded at herself and turned around to face her bed.

Her bed wasn't made and there was an array of clothes laying on top, but even from across the room, Arya's hazel-green eyes could see the manilla envelope sticking out like a sore thumb. She strode across her room in three easy steps and grabbed the envelope. She opened it for the millionth time and looked inside.

Yup, that airplane ticket was real. And yup it had her name on it. She shut her eyes quickly and threw the envelope back on her bed. How was this even possible? Who put her up to this? Who sent her photography to this guy? Who told him about her? The only person she could think if with these sort of connections was her dad, but she didn't think his connections were THAT good. She bit her lip and ran her teeth across it gently as she pulled her phone from her pocket.

She had to man up and just do it now. He had to know. There was no way she going to do this without his say first. She didn't know why she felt that she needed his approval first, but they were never... well, in nice terms, sociable.

Her thumb hung over her phone's touchscreen, waiting. Her brain kept stopping her. With another deep breath and with shut eyes, she pressed his name and put the phone to her ear.

She held her breath as the phone rang. It rang once, twice, three times. She didn't know if he had her number. Her dad always, for emergency reasons, gave her his number every time he changed it. She didnn't know why Dad bothered with it, but in this instance she was glad she had it.

"Hello?" his tenor voice finally answered the phone. Arya swallowed hard, her voice stuck in her throat. There was a lot of background noise: loud music, beers clinking, rowdy voices. She assumed he was maybe at a bar or just hanging with the guys. "Hello?" His voice came through again and Arya snapped out her thoughts.

She had to say something quick and something he's recognized her by instantly. She was sure at this point that he didn't know who was calling.

"Hey, Bostwick." She found herself saying. Her hand flew to her mouth wanting to stop her words but it was too late.

There was loud crash on his end.

"Arya?" He replied, this time in a hushed tone. The phone suddenly sounded muffled and she heard him say that he was stepping outside. WIthin seconds, the connection was clear again and there was no more noise. It was silent on the line for a moment before he spoke again. "Arya, is this you?" he asked.

Arya sighed into the phone. "Yeah... It's me."

"I- uh- what- Shit..." He cursed. "What do you want?" His voice now harsh and mean. This was the tone she had become accustomed to. This was the Kellin she knew.

"I'm sorry, Kellin." She apologized quickly. "Umm... Dad gave me your number and uhh..." she struggled to find the words. She began to pace the length of her room.

"Spit it out." he growled into the phone. Arya winced at his voice. It'd been far too long since she'd talked to him. She had almost forgot what he sounded like. The way he talked to her was very unlike the way he sang and talked to his fans.

"I got this new job and I was calling to tell you about it because--"

"What the fuck do I care if you have a job or not?" He interrupted her. "I have better things to do than hear about this, so if you don't mind, Arya, I'm going to hang--"

"i GOT A JOB AS A PHOTOGRAPHER ON THE WORLD TOUR!" She quickly blurted out, cutting him short. There was another silent pause and Arya could only imagine smoke coming out of his ears. Or him clenching his fists and gritting his teeth like she knew he did when he got angry.

"What?!" he exclaimed. "How is that-- What the fuck-- ARYA! Explain."

"I-I don't know. Someone must have shown somebody in charge of the tour my work and next thing i know is I'm getting this phonecall about offering my services and I'd be getting paid. I thought it was a hoax, but then I got a plane ticket in the mail and some information packet. I didn't know what the World Tour was until I looked it up and well... yeah. I'm sorry, Kellin. I can decline though. I have two days to give them my final answer."

Kellin didn't respond. Arya took this opportunity to keep talking.

"Look, this job will help me out a lot. I promise I'd stay out of your hair. I won't even mention what we are to each other. I don't even have to ride a tour bus. I can take my own car. All I'll be there to do is snap some pics of each band at each date and then it's over. But if you really don't want me there--"

"Do whatever the fuck you want." Kellin mumbled into the phone and then there was pure silence.

He had hung up on her.

She pulled the phone away from her ear and stared at it blankly for a few moments. What just happened. She scratched her head and debated calling him back, but didn't. His final words kept ringing in her ears.

Her eyes wandered to where she tossed the envelope on her bed. Her mind was made up. She tossed her phone next to the envelope and headed to her closet.

"See you on fuckin' tour, brother." she huffed as she pulled her luggage out the closet.
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Kellin seems like a douche sometimes. and That's what I want him to be in this story. Sorry Kellin girls :) Lemme know what you think so far. thanks .