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The Hell Tour.


Arya pulled into the back lot of the Woodward Amphitheater. It was quite a drive from Los Angeles. At least to her. Just the day before she as well as three other photographers had a two hour meeting about the do's and don't's of tour life. She also got her all access laminated pass that was now dangling around her rearview mirror. The bands' tour buses were already there and there was people scattered about the parking lot. Some people were just chilling outside of their buses while some were hustling around getting stuff ready for the show.

Arya turned towards the passenger seat and gently shook the girl who was reclined back, sleeping.

"W-what?" A girl of 23 with the lightest of brown eyes, freckled cheeks and hair that was half white and half black, stuttered. Her eyes fluttered as she tried to make up the environment around her. "Are we here already?" She asked, stretching her arms and legs as much as she could in Arya's Corolla and stiffed back a yawn.

"Yeah. Guess we should see if Zack and uh..." Arya paused to think.

"Jake." The girl said. Arya laughed.

"Yeah, Jake! We should see if they got here yet. Also, I think I need to charge up one of my cameras. I'm not sure I charged it last night."

The girl, whose name was Panda, nodded and reached into the backseat of the car to get two camera luggage bags.

"Same here, let's go."


Arya and Panda wandered the grounds, snapping pictures of the roadies. Some stopped to pose and make silly faces whilst others just went on without even noticing the girls. They had eventually found the other photographers, exchanged a few words, and then went to prepare themselves for the start of the show. The guys were going to snap the two opening bands, Panda was going to take care of Sleeping with Sirens and Arya was going to close out the show with Pierce the Veil. It was part of their contract that since there were four bands and four photographers, only one could take a band each. They still had to leave room for local newspaper or blog photographers and the sort. They had decided to alternate each night on who got which band and since Arya was made the Head Photo, she got dibs on PTV tonight.

"Girl... I'm nervous as hell. I've done some band stuff before, but never anything like this." Panda said as they stood around backstage during an intermission. SWS was about to go in 10 minutes and Arya was feeling a little nervewrecked herself. She hadn't spoken one word to Kellin since the night she had called him and she hadn't seen him either. She sure didn't want to run into him before his show and make him angry.

"Hey, it's fine. You just stand right up there by security, take a few shots, do some backstage and some from above. It's not that hard. You don't even have to do the whole show. You just need enough." Arya consoled Panda. They had only just met the day before, but they already hit it off so quick that it almost seemed like they were best friends for years.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just don't know if I could do it with all the yelling and shit. Do you see those fan girls??" Panda and Arya looked towards the packed theater of people. Arya shivered at the thought of going into that crowd.

"Hey! You used to be Cruella Panda, remember? The ultimate scene queen! Don't let those kids make you nervous. You got this!" Arya said with a smirk. "You're my idol." she chuckled as Panda rolled her eyes at the mention of her scene teen days.

"Wish me luck." Panda said as some guy running around backstage called out 2 minutes.

"Good luck!" Arya said as her new friend disappeared to go down to the front of the stage. Arya made a dash towards one of the dressing rooms to avoid Kellin. Once there, she sat on one of the soft ratty couches and watched as SWS performed on the small TV screen that was on top of the vanity. She had to admit, Kellin was good. He was a very good performer and she couldn't believe this side of him. All she ever knew was the Douchebag Side of him and not this Loving side that he showed on stage.

Close to the end of their time slot, a sweaty Panda dashed into the dressing room.

"Fuckin' WOW!" she exclaimed as she removed her camera from around her neck. She began to look through her shots immediately and showed some to Arya as she talked rapidly about how amazing the band was. "A-and then, Kellin! Just look! SEE! He looked right at the camera and SNAP!! Caught him in action!" Panda squealed and pulled her camera into a hug. "I love my job."

"Same here, buddy." Arya sighed just a crewman stuck his head into the room.

"Pierce goes on in 8. Ready?" he asked. Arya nodded at him and then he scurried away.

Arya grabbed her camera from the camera bag and swung the camera strap around her neck. She stuck two different lenses into the pockets of her hoodie and gave Panda a thumbs up before heading off to the stage.

"Have fun!" she heard Panda call out to her.

Arya made her way backstage, flashing her laminated badge at security and random bodies. She showed it one more time to one of the body guards that was in front of the stage. He nodded at her and let her pass by. The space between the stage and the fans was only about five feet wide and already there was four other local photographers occupying the space. She smiled and waved at them. She turned to face the crowd and they were going absolutely insane.

She took a quick shot of some of the girls and boys in front of her. They looked like hell, sweating and tired from standing for hours, but the smiles on their faces were priceless. They started chanting PTV as their playing time came closer.

Finally, the lights dimmed and a heavy white sheet with the floating girl off PTV's third album fell to the ground showing off the now Pierce the Veil themed stage. Arya prepared her camera just as the bassist, Jaime, came jumping onto the stage and the first notes of May These Noises Startle You.... began.

Tony joined him after a few seconds and then Mike went to sit behind his drum set. After a suspenseful minute, Vic Fuentes came onto the stage and Arya almost went deaf from the screaming and crying behind her.

Arya did her best to keep up with the band members as they played through their set. She was definitely working a sweat as she went from the front of the stage to the back of the crowd to the top of the venue and backstage and then back to the front of the stage. Of course, she too, sang along with the crowd. She was big fan of the band and now she was going to be photographing them through an entire tour. Most def a dream come true.

PTV was in the midst of Bulletproof Love when she went to stand directly in front of the stage. She aimed her camera up to get a floor shot of Vic and it was in that moment that he bent down to sing into her lens. She could smell his cologne and his sweat off him from his closeness and she admitted to fangirling internally as she took multiple shots of him singing directly into her camera. When she had enough, she lowered her camera and looked up into his face and everything stopped.

Vic looked at Arya, his guitar dangling off his shoulder and neck, his microphone at his mouth, but he had stopped playing and his throat closed up in the middle of a lyric as he peered into Arya's eyes.

Arya smiled shyly at him and then turned away to get back to the dressing room.

"VIC!" Jaime said, concern for his friend dripping heavily in his tone. "Whoa, are you okay?"

"Y-yeah" Vic stuttered. Arya turned back to see that Vic was still looking at her. "I think it's just the nerves." Vic broke his gaze as Arya turned around a corner, but she could still hear him as he composed himself. "Alright, sorry about that folks... Now... WHERE WERE WE?"


Arya and Panda trudged slowly to Arya's car after the show closed out and everyone was almost gone. Panda was carrying five camera bags and Arya was carrying five more.

"I can look these over in the morning on our way to the next city. I think I'm too tired tonight." Panda said as they arrived to the car. Arya unlocked the car and they tossed the bags into the backseat.

"Yeah. I'm gonna head directly to the shower as soon as we get to our hotel." Arya stated as she opened up her car door.

"Fuck ye---"

"ARYA!" a loud voice hollered in their direction, startling Panda in the midst of her sentence.

Panda quickly got into the passenger seat as Kellin jogged up to the car. Arya stiffened up and held her breath a little before Kellin stopped two feet away from her. He was fuming. He was red in the face, she couldn't tell if from running to her or because he was so mad, but by the looks of his furrowed brows and sour face, he was pissed.

"What do you wa---"

"What the fuck was that?!" Kellin exclaimed without giving Arya a chance to speak. She looked at him, confused.

"What?" she asked. "What are you talking about?"

"You fucking him or something?!" Kellin accused. This made Arya step back and hold herself against her car.

"Kellin, you need to calm down and tell me what the hell you're talking about." Arya said as calmly as possible, but he wasn't having it.

"Vic! I'm talking about Vic!" he screamed, almost for the whole world to hear.

"Vic? Why would I be sleeping with him? I don't even know the guy, asshole!" Arya said, her voice suddenly high pitched from false accusation.

"You sure about that? Then why did he stop singing when he looked at YOU? There has to be something there!"

Arya laughed. This only made Kellin angrier.

"God, you are so paranoid, aren't you, Kellin?" she asked. "Get over yourself. I don't know the damn guy and I don't know why he stopped... like he said, it was nerves." Arya shrugged him off and put a leg into her car to get in.

"Fuck you, Arya! Why are you such a bitch?" Kellin said, stopping her from putting her entire body in the car.

Arya took a second to check on Panda. She was looking lost and confused by the yelling, no idea that Kellin was her brother. She gave Arya a quick, sad smile and pretended to do something interesting on her phone. Arya stepped out of her car and slammed the door to save Panda from hearing anything that was about to be said.

"I don't know what the fuck your problem is, Kellin, but honestly, I don't think you're mad at me. I think you're mad at Dad. So you need to stop being fucking childish and hunting me down and accusing me of fucking band members I don't even know and do your job! I'm here to do mine so you do yours." She yelled at him.

"You think you're so special, don't ya, Arya?" Kellin started as he paced side to side, his fists clenching at his sides. "You're nothing but trouble."

"Oh! I'm trouble, aren't I?" Arya asked. "No! You're just an asshole! I've done nothing but try to be nice to you, but ever since Dad told you about me, you've had it out for me and you've made my life fuckin' hell!

"I only wanted a sister and brother to love and hang out with. Kailee was okay with it. But not poor ol' Kellin! Because of you, I don't even know anyone on Dad's side of the family. Kailee was so nice to invite me to her wedding, even make me a bridesmaid, but once you got your chime in, I was disinvited. I wasn't invited to your gorgeous wedding on the beach. Kate was nice enough to send photos though. And don't even let me get started on Copeland! You won't even let me see her not even once!

"Why? Because I'm Dad's bastard child? Get the fuck over it Kellin! We are in our 20's and it's been 15 damn years of nothing but hate! If your mom can accept it and accept me, then so can you!"

Kellin stayed silent and then suddenly, turned his back to Arya. It wasn't something she expected. She expected him to yell back at her, but he didn't. He only began walking away. Arya watched him, but she was still hyped up from her rant. When he was still within earshot, she yelled out his name.

He turned around.

"And why does it matter who I fucked anyways, douche?!" she called out, but he didn't say anything. Only kept walking.
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