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The Hell Tour.


Come by the bus after the show! :) BYOB! JK. –Mike

Arya glanced at her phone screen again, making sure that she was seeing correctly. She had already checked it almost a million times and yet, she still couldn’t believe that Mike Fuentes had asked her to hang out. She had thought about it over and over ever since bumping into him two tour cities ago, but she didn’t think he was serious. Maybe he was being nice because he had witnessed the argument with Kellin and he felt bad. She shook her head. That could not be the reason. Maybe Mike really was just a nice guy. She peeped at her phone again.

“AGH!” she groaned and then angrily shoved the device in her pocket. She inhaled deeply to clear her mind. After exhaling, she still felt the same. Aggravated. Scared. Confused.

She occupied herself with touching up her makeup and gathering some of her camera stuff to take with her. She didn’t want to show up to their bus right after the show, but she also didn’t want to show up too late. She had asked Panda to come along with her, but Panda decided to sit this one out. Panda had did a majority of the driving for the past couple days and she was exhausted.

“Next time, I promise.” Panda had said. She had even pinky promised before Panda took the car and drove it to their hotel for the night. Their hotel was conveniently across the street from the stadium and even though Arya told her friend she would walk back to the room, Panda chastised her and told her to call whenever she was ready if PTV could not give her a ride back.

Finally with another deep breath, Arya gathered her courage, walked out the restroom she was hiding out in, and went to find Pierce the Veil’s tour bus.

It didn’t take long to find the only bus with a mustache. She stood at the side door for what seemed like hours, before knocking. She wasn’t done knocking twice when the door swung open, almost hitting her face. She stepped back, glaring up at the person who had threw the door open. It was Mike, a bottle of Patron in his right hand.

“ARYA!” he yelled. He stepped aside and beckoned her in with a wave of his hand. Arya couldn’t help but grin at the tall guy. He looked so goofy standing there in what appeared to be floral swimming shorts, a bright pink tee-shirt, and flip flops.

Once she was fully inside the bus, he closed the door behind her.

“You didn’t bring your friend?” he asked as he led her further into the bus. They stopped just inside the living area of the bus. There was a leather couch against one side of the bus, a table in front of that and huge flat screen on the opposite side of the couch. Past the living area was the bunk area and Mike then described another little section of the bus beyond the bunks that was like a recording booth to work on music while they were on the road.

“She was tired. She’s been driver for two days. It gets quite tiring.” She had explained to him. He nodded in agreement. They chatted for a few minutes before the bus door opened and two guys stepped in. Arya recognized them as the bassist and the guitarist of the band.

“Whoa! Hot chick alert!” the one with the soccer jersey said as he ribbed the one with the stretched ear lobes.

“Oh calm your balls, Jaime!” Ear Lobes said, rolling his eyes. He covered the space between himself and Arya in two seconds. He extended his hand out for a handshake. She kindly took it and shook his hand with a strong grip. “I’m Tony. And that pervert over there is Jaime. Don’t pay too much attention to him, he gets out of control.”

She laughed. “I’m Arya. Mike invited me to hang out. I hope that’s okay. I’m the head photographer for the tour.” She patted her camera case that was still hanging around her shoulder.

Tony made an ‘O’ face and nodded.

“I knew I recognized you.” He said before plopping down on the couch. Jaime came over to Arya next and studied her face by squinting at her very closely. She squirmed, a bit uncomfortable. Mike shoved Jaime back.

“Personal space, dude. Do we really need to remind you?” Mike asked him. Jaime shrugged.

“Arya, huh?” he asked. He narrowed his eyes again, suspiciously.

“Yes! Arya like Game of Thrones. Stop looking at her like that. You’re gonna make her go away.” Tony scolded. Jaime stuck out his tongue at Tony.

“How do we know it’s not Aria like Pretty Little Liars?” he challenged. Tony groaned in frustration.

“Only you watch that show, Jaime!” Tony told him. “I don’t know why. It’s such a lame show! They’re always leading you on and shit. It makes you so mad.”

“It’s suspenseful, asswipe! And it leaves you with cliffhangers so you could watch the next week. Gosh! Don’t talk shit about my shows. You watch Once Upon a Time.” Jaime sneered at his bandmate before turning back to Arya. “So tell me, dearie, are you an Arya or an Aria?”

Arya raised an eyebrow at him, but let out a giggle anyways.

“Actually Tony’s right. I’m Arya with a Y like GOT.”

“BOO-YAH! In your face, Hime-Time!” Tony flicked him off with both his hands, a smirk planted on his face.

“Whatever. If Vic were here, he would have defended me.” Jaime said. “Hey, where is Vic anyways?”

The mention of the lead singer made Arya suddenly nervous. She gulped and took a look at Mike. Mike was looking at her curiously, as if he knew something, but he didn’t say anything. He only gave Arya a kind smile that made her beam back at him.

The three guys and the girl hung out for almost two hours, drinking, playing video games, eating pizza, talking like old friends, before Arya stood up to reach into her pocket for her phone. It was getting a phone call. She furrowed her face at her phone. Mike noticed.

“You okay?” he asked her. She nodded.

“Yeah. I’m just gonna take this call outside.” She gave him, Jaime, and Tony a reassuring smile before heading off the bus. She walked down the steps and closed the bus door behind her. The phone had already stopped ringing by the time she had made it outside, but he didn’t fail to leave a voicemail. She swiped at her smart phone and then put the phone to her ear to hear the message.

“Arya…” Kellin’s voice said into her ear. “I knew it. I knew you were messing around with one of the guys from PTV. You’re such a slut. You need to stop this now. I will not have you whoring around trying to ruin my rep and exposing us. You do whatever it takes and end it. Now!”

The phone clicked and then there was silence. Arya pulled the phone away from ear and looked at it strangely; Kellin’s name still blinking on the call screen.

“What. The. Fuuuuuuck.” She drawled out. She grunted and deleted the voicemail. With another couple touches, she deleted and blocked Kellin’s number. She didn’t need him butting into her life like he really gave a crap about it. She did not need him to be calling her about everything that seemed unconventional to him. “Asshole.” She muttered.

“Who’s an asshole?” a voice said suddenly. Arya jumped, dropping her phone immediately and put her arms out, ready to punch the hell out of whoever spooked her. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stand down! Sorry!” The voice stepped out of the shadows around the bus. It was Vic. Vic Fuentes.

Arya’s already quickened heart began racing more. Her palms sweaty. She dropped her fighting stance and began to bend down to reach for her phone, but the vocalist/guitarist beat her to it. He handed it back to her, a grin on his face.

“Well you’re the asshole now for scaring me.” She told him, a smirk playing on her lips. Vic took a step closer to her. She backed up, her back bumping into the bus.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to.” He said. Arya didn’t believe him, but she didn’t tell him anything. She just looked at him. Their eyes locked and Vic found himself coming closer to her. “You’re the photographer girl, right?” he asked. Arya nodded.

“Arya.” She said. “Uh, Game of Thrones Arya, not PLL Aria.” She added quickly. Vic snickered, confounded by her statement. “Oh… uhh, sorry? It’s just something Jaime… uhh. It’s nothing.” She stuttered.

Vic chuckled.

“Are you nervous?” he asked her. Arya nodded. “Why?” She shrugged. “Don’t be.” He told her. Arya gave him a weary smile.

Their eyes never tore their gaze from one another as the space between them went from 3 feet to 3 inches. Arya didn’t even notice it until Vic’s nose was almost touching hers. She swallowed hard. This was not the same jumpy Vic that had bumped into her last week. What was different? Suddenly he was confident and smirky and so, so, oh so handsome. Their faces were so close. Arya found herself intoxicated by his sweet smell. Her eyes stared dreamily at him and her mind wandered off.

“Kiss me.” She found herself whispering.

Before she could take the words back, Vic attached her lips.
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